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Meaning: behaviour [v]
love, adulate, cherish, show affection, be fond of, adore
  1. 2
    Meaning: admire [v]
    esteem, revere (formal), honour {Ü|en|}, regard, love, adore, reverence (formal), respect
  2. 3
    Meaning: revere [v]
    adulate, honour {Ü|en|}, adore, venerate (formal), reverence (formal)
  3. 4
    Meaning: reverence [v]
    adulate, honour {Ü|en|}, adore, venerate (formal), revere (formal)
  4. 5
    Meaning: respect [v]
    regard, esteem, reverence (formal), adore, honour {Ü|en|}, revere (formal), worship, venerate (formal)
  5. 6
    Meaning: activity [v]
    glorify, adore, bless, praise, exalt (formal), honour {Ü|en|}, hymn
  6. 7
    Meaning: religion [v]
    glorify, adore, bless, hymn, exalt (formal), honour {Ü|en|}, praise
  7. 8
    Meaning: feeling [v]
  8. 9
    Meaning: love [v]

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