synonyms for:

comport oneself


meaning: act | Genre: noun

deed, dramatize, skit, emote, conveyance, sketch, dramatise, stunt, quality

meaning: action | Genre: Verb

surround, challenge, attach, title, stomp, slash, put away, wave, humble, play, meet with, commend, down, hazard, attenuate, flee, recognise, will, expect, sting, storm, try, blanch, get, link, substitute, drive, shape, trespass, advertise, act, abet, escape from, languish, gain, hoodwink, slight, endow, retaliate, utilise, master, jerk, scale, turn down, disoblige, eject, cool, muffle, tickle, repel, curve, dispose, moderate, pull in, ostracise, tie, droop, finish, swat, cleft, measure, delight, lend, confront, enshroud, stirring, streak, smell, chain, allocate, knock out, char, bear in mind, bend back, plummet, bite, inform, target, raid, reproach, insert, acquire, bring together, void, display, prefer, align, performance, scratch, dent, make, fleeing, entrap, ignore, make liable, project, drill, foil, press, invest, ease, uproot, contract, vest, zoom, outfit, acquit, go into, counterfeit, bare, waive, deliverance, advance, heel, receive, violate, step, rouse, credit, fortify, salute, diverge, tinge, mate, disgust, screen, lure, stripe, beam, patent, alienate, etch, guide, vote, go with, lacerate, impart, accord, rob, vacate, transmit, examine, explain, sear, pierce, hide, compel, deliver, set free, err, betray, apperceive, exchange, espouse, quiet, shed, permutation, outline, tranquillize, slow, prohibit, incarcerate, clear, shun, mend, default, slice, release, descry, hurt, flavour, transgress, desert, heave, glance, strengthen, recur, fit, die, transfer, offend, jar, suck, cap, roll, exclude, bring about, defraud, repeal, prod, vent, shred, enable, dirty, ruin, efface, board up, acidify, waylay, singe, water down, shelter, melt, zone, increase, jostle, debunk, whack, latch, impede, cackle, order, pack, postpone, decline, categorise, beacon, attract, outdo, fancy, correct, pass out, rive, accurse, penalise, roll up, originate, disrupt, submerge, suppress, countenance, inspirit, waken, provide, brand, pay, accommodate, moisten, bring in, consummate, overturn, fuss, duck, fling, inflame, crawl, mollycoddle, do, confuse, smut, slay, place, brag, decide, extinguish, torrent, louse, brandish, watch, bend the knee, puncture, give up, frighten, concentrate, achieve, rhyme, hit, resist, package, cram, disclaim, ensnare, unlock, single, secure, pen, fault, affect, go down, swipe, denounce, trip, yawp, startle, enervate, assist, point, forfeit, linger, suffer, clasp, flow, requite, captivate, deject, pin, nominate, admonish, upset, shackle, redress, glower, sneak, fondle, sock, litter, tangle, delude, set, crow, reserve, throw out, hook, name, observe, knife, inhume, sign, humiliate, trust, discover, commit, impact, venture, diminish, foam, dig, come forth, cost, gore, rape, sample, tremble, act out, surrender, smooch, strand, bungle, fly back, post, graze, uphold, depart from, relax, appease, net, include, ooze, pay off, adopt, determine, twinge, curtail, spurn, inconvenience, tarnish, return, silence, case, retire, bow, flop, bound, forbid, close, sway, intermit, clobber, break, halt, christen, disembark, meet, engulf, stir, blemish, render, collide, delegate, fell, harden, remember, escape, lunge, leave, alert, prickle, set upon, assess, muddy, procure, combine, cancel, pressure, lock up, station, exploit, penetrate, forbear, mail, signal, bilk, scorn, jeopardize, sell, tap, balk, cramp, exfoliate, recline, detach, fling down, assuage, forgive, arm, absolve, take on, represent, pass away, resign, bind, buckle, heed, derive, rupture, manoeuvre, enthuse, loan, come upon, toast, branch, colour, marry, wrap, disguise, invite, tag, grin, double, cut off, eat away, aim, derange, chaperon, tear, confer, bestow, progress, neutralise, show, gauge, answer, flame, incise, peck, execute, free, clear up, disregard, lay open, discern, perforate, apologize, purvey, authorize, rook, substitution, define, pacify, solicit, shoot up, apprehend, exculpate, elude, delineate, strip, ward off, liberation, locate, damage, season, infract, end, ejection, intertwine, invigorate, react, discharge, flood, skim, nauseate, comprise, allure, pile up, flatten, limit, exert, beguile, revoke, poll, ventilate, cleave, award, restrict, molest, undo, cudgel, ferment, abduct, blister, dissolve, protect, people, manumit, set loose, elbow, make known, pare, shut, hinder, roar, decree, burden, defer, compose, classify, draw back, nab, relieve, labour, amend, go bankrupt, dissect, damn, fine, swathe, begin, interrupt, immerse, introduce from abroad, eye, excite, arouse, implement, stamp, fade, tailor, invade, produce, crown, plane, distress, make twice as much, gull, light, run away, baby, respond, suppose, poison, assassinate, erase, paper, shake up, kill, gust, bumble, waggle, gentle, punch, abstain, daunt, scrutinize, kick, make up, obstruct, rise, pocket, lade, deny, fall upon, unclose, misbehave, engage, surpass, envision, assume, keel over, filch, proscribe, amerce, gape, arise, dispirit, baptise, blame, unfasten, stay, shoulder, grasp, label, guerdon, accept, speculate, extract, appoint, hasten, harass, dull, repair, kindle, inch, humour, strap, mix, clog, trick, lay, glory, maintain, genuflect, blast, designate, comply, prostrate oneself, inter, gesture, shame, trap, reach, arrange, rap, gamble, maim, shake, keep back, emit, wake up, scuttle, assault, close in, shrink, simulate, go under, kiss, beach, misstep, recoil, bolt, touch, foster, go, loaf, tarry, collar, purchase, gush, reimburse, charm, date, squeeze, extricate, volunteer, trouble, soften, reproduce, threaten, lawsuit, reverse, twist, forage, circle, bombard, hang, discontinue, encompass, defy, hesitate, term, land, stick, sepulchre, call, spot, operation, crash, promise, bring down, bake, expand, rush, recognize, bequeath, necessitate, smart, charge, sip, quail, take, unite, supplant, impel, bear down, jail, publicise, accomplishment, help, cease, loll, win, grab, disdain, grace, punish, utilize, mock, compress, peel, renounce, earn, unload, abate, smother, itch, fasten, deflect, temper, store, ostracize, padlock, incline, relinquish, smack, crack, proceeding, electrify, contribute, face, address, course, taint, sniff, connect, cloak, tackle, parch, avenge, pleat, disappear, corrode, apprise, distract, attend, reprove, eliminate, share, transit, invalidate, broadcast, pick out, straighten, transaction, gash, break up, give rise to, running away, select, neglect, endanger, sense, spear, defend, serve, empower, ease off, excuse, put on, calm, tempt, ascend, arrest, reprieve, go in, forge, reveal, repulse, salvation, refine, obey, salt, contravene, drop, toss, debit, brace, pledge, fire, stall, pass, revolt, comprehend, magnetise, bank, smoke, copyright, disunite, cheat, sight, cast a ballot, follow, rip, offer, cabin, victimise, overrule, utter, sour, work, flare, thin, conceal, staff, loosen, unchain, mistake, bring to light, feel, interchange, justify, laugh, cast off, trade, delay, still, curb, preclude, detain, vindicate, exercise, improve, dishonour, chisel, redemption, expose, enfold, preserve, dismiss, divorce, launch, gaze, vitalize, recover, equip, quit, convey, outrage, jolt, drain, culminate, iron, bother, cause, dupe, rescind, abscond, purify, behave, hand out, besmirch, abuse, expunge, plank, acerbate, seduce, wound, miss, cloud, relent, gird, sky-rocket, shove, see, thrash, embrace, stop, giggle, demand, load, table, descend, categorize, omen, absorb, beat, imagine, set right, collapse, carve, curse, mulct, shroud, set forth, divulge, plunge, attribute, loose, encourage, carry, hold, imprint, compensate, adjust, wet, pick, perfect, upend, disturb, crouch, throw, set afire, creep, pamper, conduct oneself, mix up, soil, bump off, deposit, revel, conclude, do away with, explode, skip, agitate, bow and scrape, prick, avoid, weaken, greet, accomplish, comb, thump, rebel, notch, fluff, disallow, stab, reopen, soak, attack, corral, fear, pretend, keel, intend, condemn, stumble, splinter, jump, impair, aid, subject, sacrifice, wait, lob, clench, spurt, recompense, fascinate, dismay, fix, save, suit, pain, dim, repeat, frown, process, spoil, slug, jumble, unfairly, bomb, impose, triumph, have, circumscribe, brave, suspend, dub, strike out with the foot, impale, plant, beckon, mortify, commission, happen upon, entrust, stroke, dare, reduce, fly, understand, flow out, obligate, stifle, assail, savour, quake, buy, join, squash, force, true, overrun, announce, smooth, sustain, withdraw from, sprawl, steal, lasso, admit, bless, kick back, appropriate, defeat, pull, lessen, rebuff, discommode, dump, redo, hush, trial, withdraw, crook, vault, park, outlaw, tighten, lean, desist, slap, fracture, waver, thrill, arrive, encounter, cover up, direction, discolour, scent, butt, consign, conquer, scorch, recollect, fold, leap, devise, notify, unearth, beset, accuse, peg, pay for, consolidate, annul, demonstrate, intern, dress, feat, score, let alone, send, flight, con, snub, jeopardise, disappoint, bore, disconcert, crimp, skin, unwind, remove, employ, dampen, rocket, cock, condone, enter, paraphrase, pass on, forgo, rescue, better, regard, obtain, division, procedure, enrapture, oblige, nerve, salute with a drink, divide, tint, match, shock, mask, entice, identify, smirk, gather, disjoin, disintegrate, direct, infuriate, accompany, split, donate, yield, mug, neutralize, spread, rule, resolve, blaze, lance, shade, practice, liberate, let go, slip, disclose, appreciate, change, assert, satisfy, qualify, conversion, delimit, tranquillise, brake, dispense, bust, exonerate, evade, depict, disrobe, parry, ransom, uncover, harm, cure, infringe, break off, pitch, look, steel, reconsider, hurl, choke, skim over, appall, embody, induce, dike, even, safeguard, put forth, deceive, recall, wake, fan, rend, assign, foul, murder, omit, board, curdle, snatch, scald, water, veil, guard, exempt, climb, push, muck-rake, scrape, bash, seal, prevent, snigger, deem, heap, retard, fall, specify, buck, seize, head, toil, ameliorate, faint, mangle, consign to hell, penalize, bandage, commence, abbreviate, dip, establish, peep, animate, awaken, man, mark, vanish, adapt, damp, bear, climax, capsize, annoy, grow, slam, ignite, worm, coddle, deal, mess, pollute, do in, put, boast, judge, destroy, outpouring, blow, flourish, sweeten, fissure, refrain, intimidate, inspect, buffet, invent, deter, oppose, bag, saddle, disown, snag, unbar, do wrong, rivet, pound, picture, feign, totter, purloin, banish, confiscate, gap, depart, subdue, baptize, impute, lose, remain, stand, clutch, bleed, indemnify, take in, dash, pluck, elect, put to use, persecute, deaden, atone for, lower, insinuate oneself, indulge, cincture, clutter, entangle, swindle, seat, exaggerate, retain, curtsy, dangle, entitle, mind, stoop, lay away, gesticulate, embarrass, ambush, find, disentangle, knock, chance, mill, leaven, withhold, emerge, get up, depress, defilement, taste, cringe, fake, submit, greeting, put aground, lurch, rebound, twitch, rub, nourish, abandon, idle, sojourn, snare, contain, exude, repay, enchant, register, nip, spare, proffer, perturb, blunt, revert, darken, patient, retreat, warp, plunder, encircle, boot, deviate, restrain, clap, court, demur, denominate, leave the ship, bayonet, inundate, prompt, blot, use, clash, confide, knock down, anneal, think, dart, dive, bequest, warn, goad, strike, tax, track, pick up, couple, replace, propel, thrust, imprison, publicize, achievement, cut, terminate, slouch, flag, gyp, insult, grant, revenge, perform, baffle, confine, flake, slacken, chalk up, empty, allay, mute, torment, lock, hire, copy, part, interdict, clinch, swerve, hear, bang, rift, move, titillate, supply, front, tally, movement, dye, pair, lash, hood, draw, band, smile, crease, disconnect, erode, level, infatuate, escort, censure, sift, give, activity, nullify, exhibit, sound, solve, burn, claw, indent, occasion, avoidance, discriminate, overlook, imperil, perceive, spike, apologise, cater, authorise, deprive, pardon, repose, urge, soar, capture, remit, set foot in, cartoon, undress, withstand, recovery, detect, injure, add salt, disobey, separate, cast, bar, innervate, salutation with a drink, shoot, kill the engine, pass over, sicken, incorporate, magnetize, heap up, light a cigarette, license, estrange, bamboozle, lift, enact, air, sever, present, enclose, victimize, delete, batter, turn, kidnap, incinerate, dilute, obscure, garrison, emancipate, unfetter, blunder, show up, shave, mutation, advocate, block, chortle, take off, switch, put off, rest, reef, shy, catch, disencumber, exertion, rectify, repudiate, bisect, emancipation, notice, envelop, start, negate, drown, import, stare, vitalise, unveil, furnish, fail, go away, horrify, intrude, inhale, top, grade, pester, effect, fool, dismantle, decamp, freshen, conduct, devote, defile, mar, obliterate, cover, envenom, spirit, burst, fumble, flap, mollify, girdle, tower, unsettle, scrutinise, flail, coin, check, hee-haw, sack, fill, procrastinate, subside, open, sin, occupy, excel, conceive, meliorate, swoon, hijack, doom, exact, yawn, set out, unfold, sink, ascribe, disengage, instil, support, grip, impress, refund, conform, stake, cull, choose, invert, perplex, dodge, plump, set fire to, slither, cosset, belt, muddle, stain, refrain from, settle, gloat, keep, kneel, blow up, forego, hold back, grovel, bury, motion, enfeeble, treat, attain, untangle, bump, risk, deface, pat, refuse, issue, awake, swamp, violation, shut in, cower, bluff, succumb, mean, reject, tumble, hop, spring, brush, favour, surprise, lounge, pause, sling, clamp, trickle, disburse, interest, chill, pinch, salvage, tender, grieve, benumb, duplicate, scowl, litigation, back, bend, smear, foully, attack with bombs, levy, style

meaning: behaviour | Genre: adjective

unalterable, aspect, unpretentious, unmerciful, bent, insolent, dangerous, compassionate, brazen, well-bred, rude, assured, frivolous, puritanical, testy, civilized, sidestep, iniquitous, gracious, dastardly, selfish, unfamiliar, deport, exacting, corrupt, gay, easygoing, friendly, abstemious, despicable, respect, exculpation, mimic, lust after, rigourous, legal, refined, short, comportment, merciful, cantankerous, spiteful, abominate, alive, imprudent, rigourously, skilful, sharp, considerate, immodest, sociable, operate, take up, matured, impetuous, irregular, frank, anxious, lavish, negligent, extravagant, demure, inclement, wickedness, plain, quick, heartless, sentimental, shrewd, watchful, consider, audacity, stiff, strut, modify, grown, unreasonable, trend, wild, reverence, tempestuous, raucous, stupefy, witless, barbarous, debauchery, magnanimous, put up with, crazy, cloying, contrite, profane, behave toward, presumption, firm, tractable, promote, disinterested, shouting, hard, exposed, ill-natured, obstreperous, love, sluggish, abase, enthusiastic, disobedient, inanimate, satirical, reasonable, dishonourable, ask, informal, solid, favourable, propose, clean, manner, decent, rough, penchant, stern, absurd, kind, niggardly, polished, fervid, certain, stupid, pointed, peevish, outspoken, cautious, wicked, sweet, inflexible, blushing, unjust, bizarre, seem, austere, dishonest, impudent, mild, good, temperate, disagreeable, admire, exoneration, undoubted, begrudge, prudish, acrimonious, well-behaved, genial, manners, affectionate, angry, quarrelsome, hate, exotic, uncivil, harshly, bully, dissolute, nice, gross, affable, carry on, praise, indulgence, mime, capricious, sincere, rightful, complaisant, excessive, bashful, cranky, dour, despise, swarming, cold, unkindly, apt, attentive, particular, lascivious, hospitable, show off, arrogate, adult, uncontrolled, conformity, above-board, heedless, turbulent, disorderly, amaze, coy, barbarian, immorality, bounteous, tolerate, mad, mushy, remorseful, low, deal with, cheek, resolved, obedient, simplify, impartial, happy, tendency, jesting, frigid, bitter, loud, dazzle, inactive, inexorable, warm, bad, apathetic, sarcastic, judicious, unfair, request, familiar, resolute, kindly, endeavour, dispassionate, modest, harsh, inclination, rancorous, unsound, show affection, stingy, courtly, zealous, confident, expressionless, keen, prudent, forthright, entreat, ill, unwavering, uncompromising, demeanour, shabby, alien, retiring, unrelenting, disposition, audacious, reckless, humane, forward, base, unpolished, cocksure, blank, righteous, touchy, civilised, agreeable, perverted, lovable, actions, ugly, assurance, unknown, impolite, relentless, mistreat, licentious, clement, nasty, ascetic, grovelling, esteem, amnesty, impersonate, covet, self-righteous, legitimate, mannerly, abrupt, pitiful, churlish, vicious, anathematise, bustling, contemptuous, roughly, astute, eager, delicate, indelicate, convivial, succeed, imitate, intelligent, hasty, whimsical, straightforward, agog, flashy, slack, liberal, reticent, unkind, corruption, artless, active, glacial, nauseating, sorry, vulgar, approach, brass, stubborn, relish, concern, thoughtful, irrational, custom, stormy, aloof, furious, unrefined, overwhelm, fatuous, incisive, iniquity, munificent, further, listless, over-emotional, penitent, scurrilous, beg, discourtesy, pertinacious, dutiful, bolster, equitable, cheering, pure, cruel, guileless, resentful, obtrusive, adulate, remiss, prostrate, excited, mischievous, placid, humorous, just, underhanded, desire, unceremonious, tough, obliging, strive, affectation, proper, severe, proclivity, discourteous, nonsensical, good-hearted, parsimonious, respectable, crude, convinced, foolish, blue, short-tempered, civil, wary, wrong, pleasing, rigid, shrinking, mercenary, foreign, appear, callous, depraved, shameless, amiable, sympathetic, abstinent, contemptible, look up to, allowance, ape, grudge, squeamish, lawful, respectful, suave, response, responsive, cynical, bad-tempered, abhor, outlandish, unmannerly, cruelly, discriminating, lecherous, careful, immoral, gregarious, keep up, honour, old, blind, fanciful, candid, deserved, big, lax, generous, reserved, fractious, vice, detest, brisk, unfriendly, mawkish, perspicacious, vigilant, tactful, sordid, soft, swagger, influence, sensible, rash, conventionality, ingenuous, violent, riotous, astonish, silly, grim, depravity, bountiful, endure, barmy, tear-jerking, repentant, obscene, act toward, temerity, unyielding, heedful, facilitate, even-handed, laughing, revere, smiling, raw, embittered, obnoxious, adore, slothful, emulate, emotional, naughty, heavy, biting, rational, cheating, seek, easy, stalwart, beneficent, attempt, principled, appearance, becoming, oppressive, routine, hostile, senseless, be fond of, tight, cultivated, ardent, positive, trifling, subtle, irritable, open-hearted, safe, evil, vehement, unbending, cowardly, thoughtless, strange, unassuming, adamant, crooked, impertinent, perilous, benevolent, sober, ribald, absolution, indisputable, envy, moral, grouchy, courteous, pleasant, action, cross, surly, rudeness, different, ill-mannered, hardly, maltreat, dissipated, indulgent, indecent, social, hold up under, venerate, forgiveness, burlesque, crave, honest, due, polite, inconsiderate, ostentatious, poor, complaining, sullen, anathematize, lively, curt, severely, indirect, observant, discerning, shameful, informative, govern, take over, sedate, headlong, fashion, unreserved, careless, relaxed, impressive, timid, fierce, lechery, fair, allow, inimical, maudlin, regretful, coarse, look upon, impudence, obstinate, deportment, alter, experienced, undiscerning, formality, frenzied, indifferent, boisterous, uncultured, awe, lazy, bloodthirsty, open-handed, endorse, flat, dry, apologetic, smutty, appeal, effrontery, strong, decorous, accelerate, objective, sparkling, spotless, grinding, habit, antagonistic, showy, cherish, small, give in, fervent, sure, languid, arcane, sane, bold, beseech, unconstrained, tenacious, well-disposed, attitude


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