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yard, enclosure, patch, area, lot, quadrant, plot

meaning: enclosure | Genre: noun

enclosed area

meaning: place | Genre: noun

house of worship, unearthly, scope, pale, motor inn, urban area, obverse, farm, salon, centre, metropolitan, hovel, subject to, chamber, protectorate, country, organize, there, inside, retreat, prow, seat, peak, lavatory, deep, hearth, market, Far East, patio, length, order, fix, spot, park, jib, showroom, summit, abroad, breakwater, wrong side of the tracks, outlet, public house, arena, remoteness, nearby, flank, below, livery, esplanade, corridor, yard, external, foundation, open, strip, village, grill, airfield, lay down, indigenous, not far from, study, establishment, floor, sepulchre, surrounded by, plot, suburb, section, over, environment, realm, aboard, cabaret, plant, base, ward, hole, carpet, dwelling, domicile, off-planet, field, aloft, landscape, city, exterior, faraway, parlour, settlement, urban, den, confine, colony, cosmos, arrange, limits, road house, nest, foreground, holding, apartment, bath, hold, homestead, berth, Asia, United States, province, systematize, situate, interior, plaza, rostrum, depot, apex, sauna, port, haven, ghetto, emporium, saloon, ring, continuance, about, edge, situation, stable, lay, passage, out, removed, exposed, bedrock, town, indentation, battlefield, drop, provincial, near, verge, house, hutch, vault, anteroom, lot, sector, stage, area in garden, café, plat, dive, point, anywise, county, firm, deck, barrow, prison, hamlet, belt, upper, view, bounds, front, far, settle, station, borough, cove, cage, residence, temple, infinity, range, barrier, lodge, metropolis, facade, ranch, reception room, garrison, civil, shelter, booth, cubicle, dependency, nation, classify, beyond, within, hangout, stem, locale, pinnacle, shower, keep, abode, store, orient, forum, spaciousness, array, retail store, locality, green, bowsprit, hall, vertex, away, harbourage, bottom, surface, corner, pub, deposit, local, circa, rim, under, pen, boulevard, entrance, enclosure, outer, scene, frame, community, hamburger joint, airport, locate, regional, everywhere, library, company, bottom surface, mound, pertaining to, tract, outlying district, territory, above, out-of-doors, circuit, loaded, coffee shop, install, camp, division, cave, corral, cabin, church, extraterrestrial, margin, roofing, motel, municipality, anterior, remote, mezzanine, post, municipal, tunnel, beneath, crib, colonial state, universe, organise, paling, resort, haunt, forehead, grassland, top, bathroom, dungeon, birthplace, Middle East, court, continent, divide, discover, location, common, beak, repository, acme, shower room, harbour, fireside, slum, mart, lounge, rink, expansion, around, border, down, barn, grounds, foyer, area, outside, bed, extraneous, row, vicinity, niche, terrain, set, parochial, nigh, wing, business, girth, mausoleum, in, quadrant, stockade, zone, setting, nature, circle, parcel, night club, whereabouts, on every side, precinct, corporation, rug, roof, space, district, covering, seascape, compass, frontage, outlying, public room, headquarters, playing field, burrow, stall, lodging, tabernacle, outer space, operation, fence, hotel, capital, bow, plantation, room, terminal, civic, home, cell, east, state, fatherland, systematise, yonder, inside of, square, nose, stop, crest, spa, tower, family, shop, bar, circus, expanse, form, side, position, market place, lie, entry, zenith, distant, anchorage, groundwork, outward, nook, tavern, rest, native, close to, fringe, underneath, coop, grave, lobby, patch, extrinsic, region, theatre, garden, diner, land, put, insular, anyhow, studio, partnership, ground, tomb, jail, neighbourhood, domain, overtop, scenery, sphere, on board, beer garden, infix, site, government, cavern, penitentiary, habitation


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