synonyms for:




angry, cynical, cantankerous, churlish, complaining, cranky, fractious


frustration, opposition, thwarting


burden, affliction, misery, trial, misfortune, trouble


mixture, mongrel, half-breed, mutt, hybrid




intersect, cut, bisect, meet, traverse, span


crossbreed, mix


travel, passage, sail, voyage, navigate, traverse, ply, ford

meaning: activity | Genre: Verb

fondle, quell, erase, include, riot, coast, shiver, avert, visualise, envelop, spare, crowd, flee, conceal, equilibrate, look at, lunch, hunt, suckle, experience, fool around, overtax, soothe, dive, molest, intercept, enliven, learn, disport, ground, crackle, draw up, apply, infect, transfer, waver, secede, divulge, toil, impair, abound, proportion, tree, demit, encampment, float, rip, atomise, fail, blister, trim, skip, purpose, incinerate, mow, forge, exploit, stabilise, vacate, partake, skylark, breathe in, shudder, entitle, pilot, attend to, awaken, arise, throng, plaster, renew, cite, trudge, take a break, quicken, compress, use up, josh, urge, know, solemnise, satisfy, smuggle, ignite, close in upon, grieve, swell, pileup, farce, sharpen, patrol, variation, discourage, circulate, rotate, tune, pervert, sweep, put forth, deliberate, pacify, grease, induce, chastise, disseminate, restore, mete out, vomit, practise, fine, perseverance, particularize, chafe, shear, assay, cut down, clear, overshadow, turn in, surmount, gloss, jolt, pass away, regulate, patronize, bankrupt, inspect, lament, beget, relate, pay, exertion, bulldoze, torment, pitch, conclude, shroud, leap, scribble, sublet, plague, hearten, implant, palpitate, bleach, surmise, suffocate, tragedy, make full, interview, vary, powder, come, expire, wriggle, secure with an anchor, darken, retreat, cease, standardize, rape, track, rage, smirk, parcel out, sicken, coach, extenuate, afflict, gaze, take back, eviscerate, tingle, squander, congeal, referee, pick out, imprint, decrease, torpedo, articulate, prove, cogitate, ramble, mark down, yowl, purvey, boil, recline, care, quarter, pet, besiege, evolve, crash, swamp, enjoy, derange, weave, hew, engage in, scandalize, terrorize, predicate, dare, haul, stand in, remedy, resolve, utilize, acquire, rue, exchange, verve, corkscrew, lapse, negotiate, alphabetise, deceive, seethe, enter upon, fall short, gulp, sully, infringe on, oblige, make a call, rouse, entail, desolate, employ, ransack, pant, combat, perturb, tame, work out, frost, mention, meditation, kill, snivel, explore, chill, descend, vet, feel, interrupt, stimulate, aggrandize, convoy, evaporate, tire, be unoccupied, drivel, censor, feed in, display, occur, budge, adulterate, derive, infiltrate, scour, ponder, lengthen, refine, counteract, cut short, benefit, chomp, numerate, deviate, ascertain, jest, promotion, crystallise, misfire, tipple, testify, bray, extort, superimpose, wax, usher, enact, concoct, attract, invent, reason, wont, subjugate, minister to, welcome, loop, thought, ransom, deluge, tighten, engross, illuminate, throw off, decorate, yank, aggrieve, distend, institute, bake, go for, investigation, detect, bowdlerize, put in, submit, shed, detain, break up, interpolate, summon, creep, route, fortify, conceive, invest, shut, thwart, co-ordinate, plump, equalize, variegate, discriminate, lather, give rise to, share, ebb, strike, harmonise, assort, fit, spew forth, fire, allure, romp, handcuff, drench, subdue, categorise, baby, bequeath, scruple, revolt, overdo, compare, stop by, surge, accustom, typify, depress, swim, rely, rend, rob, devise, transact, rive, designate, criticise, oxidize, lop, dance, fornicate, strengthen, disencumber, scrutinize, carouse, detect by nose, vibrate, characterize, imagine, imbue, lay away, herd, encounter, rectify, gape, motivate, sup, search for, rationalise, go, interfere, compel, purge, instigate, spoil, crib, burn, come near, discommode, gather, decode, drama, deposit, contaminate, modification, dip, flatten, disentangle, do housework, mutilate, fleet, afford, equip, assuage, oil, violently, perforate, enlarge, run away, be distressed, penetrate, castigate, industry, make clear, bury, pare, intensity, douse, flare up, go up, convene, climb, vaporize, startle, incommode, enlist, burrow, unclothe, pry, cramp, farm, reiterate, approve, immure, drive, race, mill, run through, foster, fall, familiarise, dock, answer, inhibit, kiln, accumulate, blanch, guess, stifle, emotion, fill, civilize, mutation, sadden, spurt, call up, intertwine, cheapen, becloud, communicate, broadcast, deal out, bewilder, cede, smile, disjoin, be nauseated, teach, penalize, diligence, make fast, re-establish, disembowel, demonstrate, cleansing, benumb, instruct, launch, saunter, mollify, blast, exhume, verify, sell, dismantle, write down, tears, nourish, recite, demolish, fret, elbow, pat, cache, assess, leaf through, flood, populate, quilt, bedevil, fell, mend, disgrace, frighten, hypothesise, bob, drag, pump up, ameliorate, transform, give off, win, depart, contort, overcome, wind up, earn, dissolve, arbitrate, put up, con, scream, assume, monopolize, page throughChrIl, consume, palliate, intrude, lust, thicken, dislocate, imply, misspend, devour, coin, puff, clash, unnerve, hasten, behave, ice, publicize, roam, seize, weep, gorge, parch, pick up, irritate, wield, pause, bestow, unravel, shatter, submerge, encumber, enjoy life, salivate, decontaminate, clench, expose, parade, calculate, splash, prepare, filter, mourn, invert, attenuate, sift, exclude, commission, dynamism, gnaw, number, modernise, tell, dawdle, heave, hire, falter, toss, asseverate, pulverize, call for, still, ring, import, profit, lease, perpetrate, wheeze, conflict, activate, soften, doctor, entertain, wind around, cogitation, deliver, bewail, systematize, reduce, disembark, pantomime, execute, tow, smash, bloat, set up, swab, retrieve, amble, spy, edit, introduce, uncloak, use a razor, buff, moot, inject, contribute, decree, transport, defend, fantasize, stow, strafe, baffle, equate, flay, tally, diverge, differentiate, cream, engender, streamline, regress, incite, heal, consist of, clothe, eject, achieve, lure, contend with, reflect, journey over, defeat, classify, put on, pour out, fill in for, render, belabour, peruse, redeem, whirl, rip-off, epitomise, illume, throw down, furnish, jerk, pillage, contrive, constitute, dissect, palpate, ease off, find out, flush, hop, cuddle, suppress, blank out, instil, brawl, drift, shake, render precisely, visualize, enshroud, set aside, troop, abscond, enclose, heat up, witness, eat, poach, contemplate, receive, tamper, overwork, disinfect, foment, assault, reach, inform, unearth, frisk, found, craze, formulate, submit an application, fester, assign, query, mutiny, lay bare, travail, lacerate, pour, sun, fool, let down, camp, vigourously, disjoint, atomize, forsake, scorch, shave, gild, itemise, volley, reap, emit, saturate, stiffen, cut away, extract, revel, smoke, tremble, interpret, steer, tend, undress, wake up, squeeze, happen, repeat, applaud, trek, push, hustle, condense, exhaust, chaff, trickle, befriend, solemnize, gratify, curtail, inflame, approximate, daub, guard, roar, showmanship, abrade, sleek, movement, dishearten, distribute, gyrate, attune, debase, take off, utter, strew, allot, pine, bring about, torture, reconstruct, detach, retch, rehearse, trounce, zeal, reveal, massage, hollow out, corroborate, refer, disengage, pommel, slide, march, tranquillise, start, pass on, calibrate, patronise, dispossess, search, lamentation, breed, recapitulate, let, moil, impel, smite, stash, price, veil, ooze, indict, align, tease, refresh, correct, shame, scope, theorise, prance, pull, fill up, question, convert, mop, proceed, decease, squirm, moor, obfuscate, draw back, attain, recede, umpire, ravish, cheat, rant, sneer, dominate, labor, indoctrinate, mitigate, pique, gawk, encrust, arouse, glow, throw away, solidify, whitewash, prefer, inscribe, gloss over, barrage, partition, decide, collude, wend, transcribe, bawl, provide, mull, lay off, be vexed, manipulate, dab, deck out, expand, crush, engulf, sense, disarrange, spit, scrub, celebrate, bleed, stampede, solve, endanger, trail, permeate, regenerate, substitute, make use of, percolate, eliminate, swap, animation, glide, fade, redo, alphabetize, delude, yell, bribe, flounder, quaff, tarnish, transgress, postulate, allay, encircle, signify, water, engage, go over, exhale, resist, disconcert, domesticate, defraud, embellish, boost, contemplation, rescue, bemoan, grope, lessen, come down, parody, supervise, get ready, singe, augment, increase, soak up, fetch, loll, slobber, expurgate, type in, exhibit, take place, displace, mingle, infer, vandalise, ship, weigh, pull out, amass, decorticate, graze, go into, munch, sum, digress, discern, joke, hike, crystallize, disappoint, booze, oversee, triturate, wrest, cart, polish, convey, personate, create, overspread, overthrow, opine, look for, enslave, nurse, depict, stray, consideration, release, immerse, victimise, illustrate, brighten, slough, adorn, wrench, disfigure, put together, organise, haggle, finger, slacken, descry, sanitise, tuck in, volunteer, hinder, wipe clean, break in, usher in, loot, consign, garrison, conjure up, enfold, jail, crossbreed, equipoise, fatten, equalise, behold, reckon, churn, allocate, participate, subside, overburden, harmonize, fathom, make ready, overtake, inspirit, convince, caper, imprison, splinter, plans, categorize, envenom, return, stagger, rebel, disclose, sweat, call on, spout, habituate, personify, droop, plunge, hover, sprain, disperse, abandon, react, carve, trip, criticize, leave, burn up, lop off, frolic, milk, stabilize, remove obstructions, view, rollick, sniff, quiver, elucidate, patch, listen, set apart, swarm, refinish, remodel, superintend, tramp, ingest, inquire, rationalize, spend, squirt, constrain, purify, commemorate, fulfil, play false, kindle, draw near, disquiet, improve, clatter, acting, grind, police, alteration, deject, publish, spread out, time, degrade, flit, pronounce, escort, lull, lubricate, cripple, punish, stretch out, divide, inhale, dig, chasten, enterprise, particularise, embed, prune, traction, matriculate, relieve, overcast, assemble, aspire, smoulder, stun, perish, enroll, barter, deprive, examine, cry, run a farm, echo, flatter, drudgery, propel, mar, true, terminate, obscure, dribble, familiarize, set down, discharge, gladden, catch fish, pluck, etiolate, conjecture, extinguish, tension, supply, poll, modulate, sprinkle, flow, ring up, plait, flog, befog, impart, darn, standardise, overpower, chase, give over, leer, dissociate, gag, train, reprove, assiduity, stare, requite, excavate, thrill, ablution, become solid, prompt, elect, stroll, better, bombard, delve, determine, brew, denude, enter, howl, nurture, cook, destroy, be troubled, install, caress, attack, rate, skim, inundate, savour, embroider, spin, whack, pursue, scandalise, terrorise, hypothesize, cavort, purchase, replenish, revise, vacillate, utilise, obtain, disappear, replace, energy, entwine, wane, adjudicate, tabulate, cozen, storm, undertake, flunk, imbibe, pollute, obtrude, ask for, telephone, excite, involve, lay waste, exercise, mint, gasp, scramble, fluster, accept, decipher, decorate a cake, advertise, rove, nab, whine, perceive, parboil, hold up, sew, adjust, hesitate, confer, aggrandise, make obedient, wipe, overload, delight in, drool, clean up, clinch, show, flaunt, evaluate, splatter, write, seep, repine, argue, draw out, filtrate, redress, shorten, use, nibble, add up, modernize, deduce, dally, loft, become, founder, swill, aver, pulverise, exact, cover with carpet, revolve, presuppose, amount to, befit, woo, fabricate, comprehend, inure, tone down, administer, accommodate, meander, rumination, liberate, blubber, dabble, refrigerate, alight, cast off, lynch, tug, oppress, dilate, construct, drain, bring, perusal, discover, bowdlerise, insert, proffer, barber, burnish, speak up, surround, leak, remit, protect, fantasise flash, sever, blitz, frustrate, measure up, shuck, even, contrast, compute, spume, propagate, sculpt, relapse, goad, salve, mother, accoutre, spatter, do, seduce, bet, shackle, rain, put down, pigeonhole, get into, hand, doubt, describe, elaborate, read, set free, jet, rummage, epitomize, humiliate, cause to fall, depend, strain, despoil, erect, officiate, mangle, point out, review, hit upon, clarify, truncate, jump, kiss, restrain, extricate, scrutinise, fight, copulate, quake, characterise, daydream, infuse, lay aside, flock together, decamp, amend, be astonished, wake, dine, investigate, analyse, stick together, meddle, run, cleanse, stir up, defile, sneak around, inspire, marshal, gambol, collect, figure out, delineate, petition, canker, transmit, plunge into water, smooth clothing, unroll, tidy up, sabotage, teem, bask, adapt, take down, keep on, energetically, pump, widen, give up, oxidise, berate, pave, itemize, salvo, snip, stress, bathe, blaze, clamber, absorb, ascend, vaporise, scare, bog, navigate, take care of, disrobe, get up, cram, turn out, restate, compliment, shut off, shove, expedite, lade, expend, banter, drip, acquaint, drop anchor, comply with, impede, enkindle, cull, whiten, be careful, abate, climax, level off, civilise, transformation, dispirit, dispatch, phone, braid, vitiate, dim, give out, scatter, apportion, eat one's heart out, procure, retire, grin, disconnect, choke, discipline, penalise, hard work, enumerate, reinstate, excise, certify, bathing, rid, thump, thrust, flounce, tranquillize, daze, dig out, judge, shop, divest, jot down, weeping, procreate, reproduce, raze, worry, prod, lambaste, stockpile, appraise, thumb, drown, people, line up, provoke, cut off, emend, dishonour, purview, theorize, jig, hale, inflate, reform, fluctuate, give forth, originate, cash in, writhe, tie up, befuddle, gain, vanish, mediate, violate, mislead, fume, simper, monopolise, belabor, swallow, justify, invade, require, harden, agitate, experiment, dissipate, consume food, enamel, select, battle, aggravate, rake, carry out, confirm, publicise, wander, capture, sob, please, coddle, uplift, fidget, manage, pat on the back, bang, unfold, fracture, overflow, tax, mess up, spew, launder, grasp, get rid of, hang wallpaper, estimate, make bold, compose, make a motion picture, regret, commute, evacuate, understand, distil, jettison, alternate, hardihood, soar, count, recreate, rearrange, dupe, explode, pay off, blunder, suck, assert, mob, rule, appease, encompass, denote, irrigate, empower, commit, whisper, buffet, spur, repress, swindle, receive guests, build up, reflection, save, moan, systematise, freeze, get down, exaggerate, advise, persuade, devastate, amplify, manufacture, wither, go after, bum, splutter, expunge, indicate, uncover, make amends, stir, debate, donate, vandalize, send, discuss, dream, hoard, exfoliate, browse, perform data entry, adumbrate, tale, differ, distinguish, play, cultivate, grow, displease, guzzle, precede, squash, wring, remove, accomplish, entice, compete, glance, travel, vanquish, put on file, look around, tap, double, portray, labour, attention, recover, gush, victimize, embody, lighten, cast down, drape, grab, plunder, build, organize, chisel, toy with, loosen, glimpse, sanitize, interject

meaning: angry | Genre: adjective

incensed, mad, irked, fierce, murderous, insulted, upset, cranky, irate, sore, resentful, ferocious, in a huff, provoked, cantankerous, furious, wrathful, irritated, flaming, offended, outraged, complaining, fractious, raging, irritable, distressing, infuriated, huffy, churlish, enraged, indignant, vexatious, savage, annoyed, exasperated, cynical

meaning: animal | Genre: noun

baby cat, ram, drone, sea creature, living thing, vertebrate, mongrel, baby goat, cow, brutal, deer, horse, gnat, pest, fish, boar, dog, pigeon, creature, hunting dog, goose, hound, hack, full-grown, puppy, viper, expecting, jackass, mortal, ruffian, caterpillar, nib, prey, bee, orang-outang, yearling, mammal, insect, youth, black, carcass, carnal, idler, hybrid, family, turkey, hog, fawn, nag, beast, crustaceans, chicken, bitch, voting, gathering, reptile, pregnant, jennet, poultry, having life, young fox, worm, beak, drake, gorilla, cattle, calf, kit, sheep, worker, cadaver, quadruped, large black bird, half-breed, lion, bull, beastly, doe, mount, hawk, leech, seafood, piglet, canine, dove, gang, bird dog, crow, donkey, salmon, grown-up, whelp, feral, with child, burro, primate, aborigine, maggot, kitten, quarry, flying insect, jellyfish, one year old animal, invertebrate, mixture, kid, bovine, corpse, sire, baby sheep, fly, louse, lamb, sow, stag, pony, brute, molluscs, duck, pup, jade, clique, serpent, gravid, mule, breathing, young wolf, grub, mandible, game, chimpanzee, livestock, baby bovine, organism, kitty, young, queen, carrion, rooster, mutt, cat, longhorn, bestial, buck, charger, grizzly, bloodsucker, pig, bird, cur, squab, crew, snake, skate, ass, trout, being from outer space, young dog, untamed, enceinte, water fowl, monkey, cannibal, parasite

meaning: behaviour | Genre: adjective

heavy, rigourous, penitent, refined, seek, comportment, obstinate, thoughtless, alert, humble, exacting, frigid, dissipated, obstreperous, good, silly, grovelling, sway, debauchery, crude, counterfeit, impetuous, expressionless, straightforward, reasonable, lavish, cautious, barbarian, resolute, rudeness, stirring, retiring, rigourously, guileless, observant, absurd, indecent, slothful, keep up, encourage, fuss, exoneration, try, forgiveness, unreasonable, envy, wild, acrimonious, extravagant, escape from, inexorable, vehement, anathematise, bear, deport, sentimental, bent, foul, mild, lascivious, stingy, boast, brazen, deportment, intend, sedate, shouting, crave, tempestuous, deserved, astonish, pleasant, emulate, admire, cowardly, spurn, uphold, uncivil, cloying, injure, scurrilous, indulgent, cheek, discerning, easy, abstemious, decorous, affectation, experienced, hard, whimsical, rancorous, heedless, awe, inconsiderate, surrender, commend, surly, bountiful, disobedient, cold, satirical, discriminating, underhanded, outspoken, look upon, evil, sociable, well-disposed, unfamiliar, objective, rough, formality, insolent, disorderly, cherish, poor, polished, embrace, dour, emotional, certain, barmy, pointed, perspicacious, prudish, repentant, well-behaved, appeal, manners, stiff, unalterable, alive, spotless, austere, aloof, gay, loud, humane, timid, contemptible, influence, immorality, ardent, undoubted, apathetic, burlesque, languid, sincere, judicious, complaisant, beseech, inclement, pertinacious, selfish, brisk, proper, harshly, blunt, sharp, unsound, friendly, lazy, sustain, aid, distress, pardon, harass, amnesty, uncontrolled, foolish, above-board, prudent, excessive, elude, incisive, tenacious, scorn, tolerate, comport oneself, unkindly, penchant, awake, reckless, indelicate, remiss, work, accelerate, relish, propose, matured, happy, lust after, turbulent, legitimate, amaze, smooth, conform, gracious, curse, suffer, impolite, mushy, depraved, obscene, easygoing, brass, parsimonious, discourtesy, temperate, tractable, demeanour, grown, jesting, fanciful, embittered, loose, overwhelm, short, abase, esteem, dastardly, fair, bad, contemptuous, sarcastic, abuse, cheating, considerate, consider, unconstrained, affable, favourable, bizarre, disinterested, harsh, trend, cool, slack, love, merciful, courtly, take up, spiteful, open-handed, confident, glacial, keen, indirect, free, regretful, civilised, behave toward, iniquitous, hospitable, inflexible, exotic, clean, unrelenting, revere, impudent, unrefined, good-hearted, demure, dirty, arrogate, corruption, fervent, cocksure, dull, righteous, inanimate, self-righteous, apologetic, mannerly, ask, actions, resolved, unjust, lively, becoming, relentless, raw, dissolute, obtrusive, sympathetic, witless, hold up under, get, annoy, rude, mimic, allowance, hasty, trifling, open, just, flashy, wary, grim, stalwart, hate, active, unassuming, roughly, inclination, attentive, nonsensical, immoral, sluggish, act, simplify, disturb, endeavour, indulgence, irrational, begrudge, stormy, lawful, liberal, shun, observe, sweet, anathematize, indulge, perform, nauseating, crooked, vulgar, tender, sordid, tight, show off, forward, obedient, attitude, adult, cheering, fancy, boisterous, anxious, stupefy, genial, obey, look up to, blushing, plain, abet, unmannerly, over-emotional, mistreat, smutty, nice, temerity, tactful, informal, ascetic, kindly, alien, impartial, cruel, conformity, hostile, lax, dazzle, affectionate, give in, regard, quarrelsome, magnanimous, mischievous, unfriendly, humorous, skilful, bold, shrewd, civil, deal with, wicked, convivial, uncompromising, unknown, dispassionate, severe, tendency, audacious, riotous, show affection, shy, respectable, appropriate, vice, enthusiastic, convinced, crazy, blue, squeamish, contrite, respectful, request, response, stubborn, shabby, bustling, modest, callous, indifferent, licentious, obnoxious, benevolent, coy, despicable, modify, depravity, fervid, ape, slow, mime, empty, candid, rational, big, entreat, unkind, strong, assurance, quick, unpretentious, cruelly, direct, eager, senseless, nasty, inactive, carry on, ease, bother, absolution, aim, persecute, excuse, rash, frivolous, ingenuous, short-tempered, generous, evade, bloodthirsty, unwavering, abominate, endure, appear, mawkish, proclivity, watchful, perilous, shameful, small, govern, smart, flourish, strive, intelligent, laughing, covet, violent, rightful, daunt, agreeable, heed, lovable, detest, humour, ill-mannered, tear-jerking, corrupt, profane, clement, impudence, effrontery, abstinent, dutiful, manner, thoughtful, smiling, irregular, antagonistic, careless, intimidate, abrupt, prostrate, venerate, ugly, bounteous, naughty, curt, biting, bully, dishonourable, delicate, open-hearted, approach, ill, gregarious, obliging, foreign, equitable, oppressive, custom, discourteous, relaxed, adulate, pitiful, cultivated, imitate, vicious, warm, positive, inimical, subtle, apt, remorseful, courteous, beg, perverted, soft, rigid, outlandish, pure, adamant, reverence, shameless, uncultured, compassionate, reticent, ribald, affect, lechery, zealous, indisputable, listless, moral, placid, honest, sound, polite, desire, angry, unyielding, mercenary, swarming, decent, hardly, exposed, lecherous, showy, gentle, fatuous, shoulder, alter, pester, unpolished, impersonate, exculpation, headlong, stupid, unreserved, sane, ostentatious, avoid, barbarous, tough, abhor, allow, seem, severely, routine, vigilant, dangerous, immodest, idle, operate, facilitate, perplex, swagger, attempt, old, undiscerning, grudge, frenzied, legal, impressive, sidestep, comply, pleasing, despise, put up with, practice, maudlin, dishonest, coarse, amiable, audacity, niggardly, sober, heedful, look, sensible, sparkling, capricious, bitter, agog, shock, suave, crawl, respect, shrinking, artless, further, imprudent, dry, maltreat, unfair, careful, presumption, treat, unceremonious, social, beneficent, strange, even-handed, grinding, conventionality, stern, negligent, adore, responsive, grovel, adopt, bad-tempered, munificent, sure, heartless, arcane, astute, forthright, sorry, civilized, act toward, wrong, informative, unbending, different, principled, unmerciful, fear, impertinent, raucous, be fond of, bashful, well-bred, take over, wickedness, excited, assured, confront, puritanical

meaning: burden | Genre: noun

nuisance, inconvenience, chore

meaning: challenge | Genre: Verb

contest, bravado, pledge, dilemma, defy, disprove, litigate, deny, questioning, argue against, defiance, contend, brave, disagree

meaning: cranky | Genre: Verb


meaning: crosswise | Genre: adjective

transverse, diagonal

meaning: deny | Genre: Verb

challenge, controvert, refute, keep back, contradict, gainsay, oppose, disown, disclaim, dispute, belie, withhold, repudiate, rebut, negate, disallow, dissent, impugn, contravene

meaning: encumbrance | Genre: noun

affliction, grievance, trial, onus, hardship, burden, ordeal

meaning: grouchy | Genre: adjective


meaning: ill-tempered | Genre: adjective

ill-natured, testy, crabby, disagreeable

meaning: irritable | Genre: adjective

excitable, reserved, petulant, grouchy, morose, splenetic, bothered, peevish, sullen, sour, ill-humoured, critical, silent, irascible, touchy, moody, crabbed, ill-humored, edgy

meaning: joining | Genre: Verb

collaborate, merge, go in with, marriage, connected, choose, fasten, uniting, marry, stick on, connective, annex, show up, associating, follow, allied, unite, knot, cooperate, fuse, combined, match, united, endorse, junction, associated, affix, fusion, add, visit, connecting, converge, yoke, confederate, touch, akin, mix, consolidate, affiliate, commingle, favor, espousal, linked, help, bind, blending, give, attend, vinculum, append, accompany, ally, bonding, attached, associate, knit, join together, admix, side with, union, joined, espouse, attach, combination, wed, join, unification, subjoin, haunt, combining, come together, conjoin, combine, relation, familiar, amalgamate, coupled, pervade, incorporate, team up with, bring together, related, incline towards, connect, admixture, mate, frequent, linking, take on, serve, integrate, tying, affecting, league, pool

meaning: mark | Genre: noun

disfigurement, dub, indication, earmark, wheal, scar, shred, identify, evidence

meaning: mixture | Genre: noun

composite, knead, solution, hotchpotch, miscellany, moisten, pot-pourri, farrago, concoction, melange

meaning: position | Genre: object

to the rear, afar, toward, private, halfway, heart, basis, class, away, following, gist, middling, spot, estate, lie, occupation, majestic, beside, uppermost, put, outside, close, category, in back of, height, centre, foremost, round, lean, charge, highborn, end, stub, dispose, lowest part, nearly, nether, earlier, supporting, circling, locality, greatest, horizontally, slope, right, low, disassociated, ingress, in contact with, underside, echelon, periphery, bound, aloft, paramount, principal, project over, minimal, rise, cessation, aerial, previously, covering, peak, concluding, hindmost, distinction, superior, significant, hunker, meet, placement, succeed, on all sides, trade, airy, present, farther, to the side, in reserve, off, renown, isolated, equidistant, crux, base, trimming, van, in circumference, elevation, medium, poise, subsequently, employment, royal, along, highest, fix, tail, grade, with, next, nucleus, median, rank, office, primary, responsibility, kingly, back, nip, lay, outline, neighbouring, under, advancing, apex, bisect, tilting, chief, stratum, tilt, service, impending, separated, entree, next to, underneath, stage, confine, leading, abut, above, zone, head, nigh, most inferior, upper, notch, before, prior to, upon, top, last, fame, beyond, major, perch, stick out, order, be promoted, chair, towering, roofing, past, aside, latest, second of two things, note, apart, intervening, core, foot, disposition, area, nearby, exalt, average, inside, stance, laterally, herein after, up front, facing, in isolation, medial, set, footing, degree, hence, behind, quintessence, intermediate, station, appointment, site, situation, regal, adjacent, out, establish, border, abutting, lower, infra, pinnacle, cut, inaugural, mean proportion, incline, province, immediate, posterior, access, on, depths, intimately, extremity, progressing, obedient to, encircling, location, champion, at the hand of, list, outward, beneath, disconnected, until, adjacent to, authority, step, adjoin, fringe, on top of, capital, sit, jut out, left, advance, point, high, in advance, great, summit, closing, extreme, eminence, alone, influential, seat, traverse, array, thrive, about, raise, tall, reverse, across, abreast, obliquely, far, to, removed, mid, hub, foundation, grouping, outpost, after, status, moderate, post, standing, angle, business, imperial, by, topmost, appoint, edge, hierarchy, among, since, pith, midpoint, beat, front, performance, princely, rear, cap, settle, bounds, adjoining, less, more advanced, apogee, first, obliqueness, arch, flat, cant, function, deep, distant, entry, close to, nadir, level, limit, preceding, define, higher, field, main, beetle, lowest, obverse, rung, in front of, beforehand, touching, acme, final, ultimate, acclaim, over, important, squat, overhang, arrangement, prosper, around, profession, lofty, proximate, through, to one side, late, praise, detached, central, focus, bottom part, ranging, vanguard, circuitously, elevate, mediocre, inside of, pose, alongside, later, berth, as far as, remote, midst, arrange, bottom, classification, thence, below, essence, middle, state, assignment, lead, job, sovereign, at, tip, place, boundary, near at hand, inferior, ahead, zenith, intersect, leaning, initial, sphere, bend, duty, imminent, hind, entrance, against, sole, closely, frontier, surpassing, surrounding, domain, prime, along with, least, outer, subterranean, special, ahead of, bordering, command, plane, skirt, name, overhead, cardinal, roost, protrude, port, progress, closure, elevated, overtop, grand, crest, conclusive, latter, honour, separate, intermediary, eye, span, ordering, capacity, near, promote, mean, within, stand, sideways

meaning: religion | Genre: Verb

anoint, reverential, communion, religious, fiend, saintly, Christendom, act of devotion, consecrated, oratory, observance, diocese, pastor, revelation, god, bible, new testament, preaching, cleric, heavenly spirit, doctrine, sanctify, dignify, sacrament, devote, satan, church holidayChrIl, divine, congregation, hymn, blessed, ritual, supplication, dedicated, priest, master, ungodly, padre, the supreme being, conviction, ministry, bless, the creator, supernatural being, sacrifice, pray for, devotional, holy, reverent, lucifer, spiritual, pope, benediction, hallowed, sect, holy communion, parish, parson, lord, messiah, scripture, guidebook, priesthood, minister, seraph, dogma, hallow, solemn, eucharist, dedicate, beelzebub, religious festivalChrIl, godly, affiliation, prayer, sanctified, meeting, worship, see, preacher, supreme being, unholy, law, chaplain, angel, creed, clergy, consecrate, ordain, archangel, immolate, devil, sermon, pious, church, glorify, devout, rite, invocation, sacred, father, ceremony, bishopric, ecclesiastic, divinity, christ, old testament, primer, ecclesiastics, almighty, cherub, persuasion

meaning: state | Genre: noun

comfort, sentenced, foulness, penury, topple, maintain, destruction, protected, live, horror, unfortunate, confusion, injured by gunfire, unguarded, cracked, downhearted, dwell, inequity, trance, spoliation, caught, inverted, go on, intolerance, unconsciousness, glad, absent, be, panic, moving, need for food, quiescent, unblocked, extinguished, age, hope, shut-eye, wait for, courage, nature, ready, standing still, coma, gratified, wanting, be alive, reside, preserved, ado, unattached, cleared, wearied, payable, adulthood, belief, disregard, presume, firmness, underfed, consummate, torpid, sorrow, unpleasantness, impend, living, virginal, dear, squally, soothing, amazement, cleave, life, announce, ripen, gladness, emergency, retired, sturdy, meagre, temper, recuperate, tone, smashed, vital, lawless, deem, enslaved, dead heat, peace, closed, giddy, eternal, unity, keep, settled, comatose, glisten, miserable, denuded, condition, depressed, stale, unevenness, entirety, disapproving, stink, indigence, slant, quietude, wide, individuality, clutter, freezing, sad, opposition, tarry, emptied, insane, disconsolate, abide, affluence, repose, wild about, fitness, emanate, persist, prejudice, extend, contentment, fastened, conscious, consternation, woeful, famine, impaired, undefended, demented, demolition, wear, nod, await, consolidated, mood, protracted, injustice, blackout, elated, not in, move, hot, upheld, flutter, unwed, unbolted, extinct, unpaid, infancy, reliance, disdain, depend upon, endurance, fortunate, prepared, stationary, tribulation, plight, purblind, prevail, lodge, chummy, rainy, lethargic, tepid, wonderment, enunciate, adolescence, green, indifference, disqualified, established, hungry, bias, overworked, deserted, physical fitness, intoxicated, animate, thrilled, think, permanence, adhere, calm, dangle, light-headed, permanent, deteriorate, rapture, scrape, out cold, shine, hapless, uncovered, circumstance, warmth, befuddled, imperfect, unbridled, stand-off, smell, poverty, impenetrable, dead, extended, synthesis, careen, icy, dilapidation, sparkle, wait, unoccupied, shaky, dejected, barren, luxury, flank, infatuated, condemned, fetor, continue, want, tenant, death, stable, existing, dread, grievous, darkening, bleeding, liable, touched, devastation, relax, misdoing, slumber, diminution, jammed, disturbance, lasting, dogmatism, swoon, delighted, gone, exist, terror, pitiable, hurry, single, unlocked, terminated, worn, maturity, confidence, siesta, confide in, guts, well, complete, stagnant, hell, mess, sightless, inhabit, harbour, defended, perturbation, drowsy, unsealed, owing, childhood, sorrowful, insult, busy, fortitude, emaciated, perfect, tired, grief, stopover, be imminent, surviving, virtuous, intimate, solidity, mollifying, astonishment, cohere, mortality, proclaim, develop, delight, contingency, in the field, invariable, unlucky, thirst, drowse, stamina, drunken, unfinished, undisciplined, anticipate, captive, stalemate, peacefulness, sealed, prone, fat, oneness, carry, customary, insensate, glitter, piteous, naked, rickety, crest-fallen, seared, irregularity, solidarity, richness, guilty, reek, neediness, overturn, silence, fate, secure, jumble, frozen, tragic, thwarting, loiter, bare, daft, downcast, occupy, sleep, decay, entangled, tipped, perpetuate, narrow-mindedness, faint, harmony, fixed, incarnate, dismay, poignant, drought, dormant, unsafe, deranged, breakdown, don, snooze, expect, unanimous, temperament, ripe, static, stupor, contented, omitted, subsist, passionate, sustained, bustle, eligible, unfastened, spent, unsatisfied, decline, trust, contempt, rely on, mettle, well-off, developed, motionless, woe, muddle, hang, survive, chaste, bosom, sloppy, inert, heated, cling, stupefaction, enounce, mature, joy, neglect, put out, steady, lank, intention, fatigued, destitute, physical state, inebriated, animated, unrestrained, believe, slave, quiet, suspend, delirious, enduring, mellow, satisfaction, determined, insensible, radiate, luckless, unclosed, position, hotness, arid, roughness, uncontrollable, draw, side, stench, destitution, airtight, calmness, thick, singleness, disorder, frozen over, disintegration, frustration, linger, unfulfilled, tottering, despondent, tipsy, opulence, desirous, health, scent, persevere, racism, live in, veneration, fast, aware, trepidation, dire, hunger, sick, insecure, crazed, desolation, remain, sport, doze, dissipation, tangled, nervousness, continued, bigotry, insensibility, pleased, lacking, breathe, alarm, supported, flurry, unmarried, unbarred, ended, exhausted, majority, faith, slight, believe in, spirit, successful, finished, immobile, difficulty, untidiness, eyeless, be remembered, shelter, vindicated, precipitation, sleepy, lukewarm, surprise, outstanding, old age, unripe, affront, on vacation, intrepidity, gaunt, mind, weary, stripped, sojourn, drunk, extant, ecstatic, fraternal, stability, ingratiating, swing, dizzy, affirm, season, exultation, pickle, unconscious, unchanging, doomed, thirstiness, lie down, heat, stoned, unprepared, unruly, suppose, restricted, deadlock, serenity, impermeable, supine, broad, totality, have, usual, juncture, twinkle, star-crossed, patent, doddering, crushed, parched, privation, togetherness

meaning: thing | Genre: noun

message, upright, grating, scythe, price tag, treaty, support, force, cloth, survey, mine, source, dirt, tang, crisis, carpet, gash, girth, derrick, frame, comb, scion, embryo, quiz, gauge, adherent, sin, conduit, microfilm, museum, substructure, director, story, awl, roof, trap, hazard, litter, duplicate, cluster, rations, fact, cupboard, machination, clock, company, study, picture, due, damp, vital fluid of life, thong, bulwark, project, humidity, fib, barrier, battlement, minute, grass, suit, curve, diary, pact, advertisement, looking glass, measure, report, boot, throne, dust, suitcase, toothed wheel, chest, circle, trestle, density, framework, palace, piece, shutter, balk, molecule, grandstand, fare, host, saw, monument, bedrock, cane, hammer, snack, lot, decoy, change, waste, maize, action, machine for planting seeds, quill, rush, type, shadow, input, pile, silver, bat, feedback, throw, riches, crook, scheme, hint, down, hindrance, countersign, sack, apparel, gift, andiron, loss, poster, chain, lock opener, frock, edging, sofa, ash, loom, rigging, style, aperture, wind, slice, take, attic, chemise, blotch, spiral, bit, declaration, failing, image, connection, doorway, pannier, rope, mace, scratch, texture, ear, diversity, encumbrance, index, thicket, bottle, streak, canvas, card, drop, titbit, admission, barbecue, clutch, bacillus, afghan, condensation, hook, aspect, obtrusion, wisp, stopper, ladle, purse, habiliment, offering, brood, pain, canister, bond, light bulb, sac, grain product, capital punishment, slag, ember, seed, drawback, saucer, discovery, venom, seal, mask, cube, brand, press release, air, bulletin, supplies, icon, spill, stud, basketball goal, ensign, cock, vacuum, bark, tab, cargo, cross-piece, counter, designation, holder, output, printed matter, milestone, tobacco pipe, narcotic, bell, motor, key, epidermis, authorisation, sheath, stair, arms, cherry, coequal, flap, motif, dipper, bruise, blade, sewer, descendants, scourge, couch, produce, failure, restoration, path, fodder, career, make-up, berry, stop, case, two by four, discard, clap, mantle, tackle, shell, gait, publicity, demand, configuration, puncture, fibre, cushion, bath water, flare, wreckage, one, crust, flicker, division, digit, conserve, substance, grip, legend, celebration, roasted bread, barrel, verge, vein, steal, finish, size, stake, provision, shaft, mash, error, dowel, membrane, electricity, exit, machete, surface, curb, register, hamburger, fillet, bust, paragon, compendium, spread, conduct, pale, contrivance, receipt, stick, tier, embossment, swat, crack, stamp, football, sidewalk, component, requirement, triviality, hollow, threat, cutter, soaking, rivet, recess, sticker, tin, anchor, effect, aerosol, blueprint, stone, cause, carafe, netting, accident, cardboard, channel, cinch, pulleys, mucilage, frill, strip, egg, exam, needle, batter, misdeed, hose, photographic medium, trace, door, spike, goods, speck, lid, shade, danger, slate, manifold, whisk, flesh, object, ply, dodge, kick, firm, subject, photograph, reward, break, steam, cord, footpath, nozzle, prop, falsehood, boom, rampart, chit, marijuana, screw, catch, face, constitution, stay, pane, coop, account, grenade, rationale, mud, strong-box, gear, shag, cycle, shelf, strut, scaffold, court, ticket, pickaxe, handbook, atom, blend, blower, hosiery, dummy, vestige, grounds, quadrilateral, habit, morsel, land, snare, wager, garbage, millet, stack, bore, pen, ruler, shift, timer, house, entity, symbol, painting, dankness, furnishings, sterling, map, dash, invention, deterrent, password, bag, costume, livery, wrought iron, memoirs, immunity, billboard, earth, code, robe, perimeter, furniture, foam, stem, speed, fashion, circuit, settee, plate, cadre, ceiling, undergarment, blot, gossamer, iota, bid, tariff, victim, trebuchet, casket, hamper, wand, knocker, prick, grit, pretext, difference, vehicle, table, shrub, libation, pencil, vault, menu, smirch, facts, stroke, broiler, shillelagh, microbe, stole, water vapour, stump, detail, delay, fur, logo, twist grip, receptacle, garb, gratuity, product, detriment, paperback, cable, lamp, socket, bread, electrocution, remains, coal, outfit, deception, basin, find, toxin, frank, cloak, slab, discolouration, current information, mote, announcement, imperfection, likeness, wedge, twig, bin, pennon, agglomeration, void, woof, bulge, vicissitudes, pastry, schedule, appellation, potion, chalk, event, epithet, driblet, sip, necktie, signal, protective covering, permit, graph, sabre, member, singularity, equal, damper, hat, trowel, ravage, lump, canal, children, switch, place to sleep, result, lemon, reconstruction, link, grits, wire, veneer, bulb, snap, box, plank, reject, ball, wrapping, cake, print, capillary, dissemination, reckoning, appearance, hole, thread, girder, pot, flame, fur piece, questionnaire, peel, handhold, crop, divan, person, jam, doorknob, shank, production, holiday, pipeline, anodyne, siren, implement, value, jacket, spindle, foil, itch, arrow, condiment, rival, fastening, rasp, juice, bane, cutting edge, knapsack, sail, catalogue, cow's flesh, stripe, loser, exemplar, abridgment, feast, impetus, tint, tool, obstruction, brain, dyad, contour, cuff, runner, die, pellet, traipse, complement, call, reflector, split, yarn, mat, wash, shimmer, shipwreck, bomb, labourer, immersion, steps, stigma, sketch, rawhide, stuff, trouble, lattice, mischance, amenity, incision, tract, furrow, cement, neck band, glue, process, attribute, dart, curd, iniquity, clasp, thin layer, penitentiary, outlet, stylus, wares, grain, disunion, curtain, chance, overlap, standard, brush, solid food, compartment, proof, appliance, victuals, bough, row, granite, jab, rift, pattern, binding, alley, assemblage, mast, trifle, indentation, bastion, summary, pan, sieve, grapple, identification, charter, hold, power, pound, copy, nuclear weapon, occasion, soil, spine, predicament, floor covering, pierce, sash, shore, enclosure, topknot, paper, principle, text, sign, binder, escape, line, puppet, relic, basement, dial, floor, bite, bundle, hiding place, jeopardy, rubbish, carbon, clump, drill, manifestation, rack, manoeuvre, timepiece, concern, being, photo, compensation, moisture, gore, meridian, lay out, vapour, fiction, barricade, fuzz, notation, weed, set of clothes, twist, journal, settlement, handbill, lens, jar, dress, high shoe, bench, grime, stalk, sprocket, coffer, bicycle, pew, ballast, fabric, royalty, label, awning, tissue, proton, booth, fee for transportation, organism harbouring a parasite, scale, souvenir, rest, club, tool for pounding, food, plot, trick, variety, fragments, corner, bush, drink, feather, reeds, design, blur, data, pelage, precious metal, grill, cudgel, virus, scarf, sink, limb, lectern, scattering, fluffy feathers, cell, shibboleth, pouch, attire, favour, issue, forfeiture, novel, metal links, pass, pocket, circumference, space, cinder, subway, accoutrements, rub, orifice, bow, cusp, scan, disguise, block, blemish, helix, mite, essay, foible, representation, fitting, gate, bassinet, flag, heap, sting, striation, lug, shifting, incubus, tabulation, shrubbery, liquid, stream, jib, denomination, droplet, appetiser, bandage, guide, coupling, visa, diagram, haze, offshoot, article, dump, draft, capsule, spoon, damage, panoply, bequest, fruit, disk, bucket, gross, gravel, pod, loaf, meal, embers, spark, kernel, puzzle, urn, acquisition, miasma, signature, wrapper, brick, engraving, blood vessel, publication, statement, pronged utensil, idol, chewing tobacco, joist, hoop, jack, wrap, vacancy, surface of tree, handle, freight, tread, desk, hilt, hay, communication, miracle, duct, opiate, cymbal, instrument, buy, fleece, authorization, skin, shoot, weapon, salt, compeer, control, file, emission, ruin, cutting tool, strait, wing, annals, cot, tape, dud, replacement, brief, provender, course, cosmetics, device, arrest, packet, couple, second, blow, muffler, hoist, projectile, stride, unit, necessity, gap, cleft, filament, sham, rinse, burst, ruins, single item, jelly, shower, flight, rupture, individual, hide, material, butt, history, triumph, toilet, tub, region, nerve, adhesive, lacquer, coating, organ, tassel, missile, pulp, fault, peg, pellicle, current, way out, sharp instrument, store, rein, schism, blind, strap, lip, manuscript, conspectus, chow, drawer, picket, mechanism, cheer, crotch, lap, rock, hit, flaw, form, tie, lane, part, requisition, trinket, cavity, menace, robot, pole, tack, bill, marker, small box, mainstay, efficacy, bedspread, chart, explosive device, root, rostrum, tooth, catastrophe, identification card, stab, string, lift, paste, dickey, cutting, sperm, examination, directive, purée, offence, tube, negative, curl, opening, skewer, products, scrap, hood, visor, venture, inventory, photostat, bunch, nourishment, commodity, bed linen, evasion, punch, association, programme, perspective, merit, chink, blood, cordon, wall, projection, fog, fabrication, ingot, dike, letter, hash, saddle, lock, compass, contract, notice, mirror, cage, version, log, motive, clay, baggage, cogwheel, matting, wheel, ledge, heaviness, skeleton, king, sheet, mattock, timber, particle, platform, ventilator, stockings, manikin, memorial, bed, staff, rig, taste, acreage, ruse, gamble, refuse, oats, protuberance, gimlet, writing instrument, measuring stick, badge, cloud, partnership, nap, abbreviation, depiction, contribution, fittings, argent, arm, proposition, little, untruth, fence, catchword, container, clothes, ensemble, steel, cost, placard, moon, clue, kilt, brink, stool, froth, stock, equipment, sort, mouth, turn, casserole, exposure, umbrella, camisole, smudge, coil, fragment, offer, defect, plant, steelyard, coffin, bushel, truss, maul, bee sting, wheat, stratagem, variance, obligation, appendix, hedge, draught, ray, repository, bill of fare, gloom, sample, nick, grid, billy, pathogen, blanket, mist, branch, item, problem, hair, trademark, spade, satchel, garments, largess, offspring, deprivation, can, restraint, light, poke, meals, execution, soot, torch, things, hooker, dish, treasure, bacteria, franchise, camouflage, chunk, impression, revision, dot, broadside, shortcoming, semblance, clog, glossy, cradle, colour, collection, emptiness, batch, protrusion, payload, latch, board, autograph, refreshment, mail, wonder, pipe, drug, dainty, bow tie, beacon, integument, signed passport, plumb, sword, fin, trait, counterpart, check, bonnet, scoop, harm, knife, passageway for liquid, consequence, lash, bunk, outgrowth, citrus fruit, reformation, joint, forage, cordage, varnish, tuber, buckle, carton, lumber, cast-off, globe, cowl, hunk, shot, waterway, disclosure, score, conformation, perforation, cotton, pillow, bath, beam, wreck, application, husk, crank, harvest, thing, marmalade, matter, haft, document, marvel, toast, drum, belt, rib, deal, overlay, roller, leg, merchandise, bolt, seasoning, fellow, bar, film, fruit juice, scandal, scalpel, drawing, bridle, ledger, meat, ribbon, washout, archetype, abstract, banquet, behaviour, war paint, apparatus, impediment, grey matter, layer, frieze, slap, canopy, mould, baseball, hoof, element, need, toy, tear, twine, pad, washing, gleam, hulk, crater, mature seed pod, automaton, soak, ascent, spray, plan, threaded fastener, substantiality, narrow mouth jar, web, mistake, potty, rent, girdle, crane, super glue, ruff, slip, origin, test, indicator, mush, delusion, clip, transparency, ounce, fire escape, sewing instrument, stocks, crumb, separation, screen, risk, portal, imitation, broom, sustenance, tray, thickness, artifice, chop, fork, series, scroll, desert, spring, press, fetter, promenade, nose, pillar, nail, panel, bunker, memorandum, kettle, riddle, fastener, disc, guaranty, weight, validity, kennel, description, booby trap, antecedent, loam, trunk, misfortune, rug, passage, cincture, buttress, chassis, tuft, tag, pick, textbook, pointer, compound, fan, socks, marionette, remnant, groundwork, square, landing, mouthful, pack, pitfall, peril, trash, corn, group, boring tool, something, bracket, subterfuge, watch, corporation, existence, snapshot, ornament, dampness, fable, silverware, proposal, wet, forgery, blockade, word, footnote, mary jane, uniform, iron, chronicle, concession, circular, planet, manual, gown, margin, dais, stain, tree trunk, cog, kind, orbit, bank, counterbalance, structure, hatch, leaf, soap-box, chiffon, electron, stall, toll, animal, balance, landmark, basket, stave, mallet, wound, portion, pretence, innovation, stretcher, veer, plant of certain size, beverage, plume, safe, emblem, smear, information, wool, griddle, bludgeon, germ, boa, cesspool, prong, pulpit, pinch, fluff, apartment, button, tote, clothing, grant, vent, forfeit, book, padlock, means of access, chamber, rim, electric chair, ashes, textile, harness, hitch, bowl, curvature, poison, setting, concealment, mass, mottle, update, whit, suggestion, frailty, figure, cork, inlet, crate, banner, accumulation, blank, warp, flange, vicissitude, pressure, record, underbrush, glass, graphic instrument, tick, console, cognomen, globule, appetizer, ligature, mark, transmission, endorsement, delineation, gas, appendage, particular, rubbish heap, air valve, plug, shovel, injury, solid, boon, progeny, whip, package, bulk, sand, repair, bridge, feed, volcanic ash, paint, nut, hasp, vessel, wood, scum, orb, casing, section, cast, artery, circulation, invoice, trident, statue, chew, rafter, net, flash, cape, abyss, rind, handgrip, load, lounge, preserve, knob, yield, make, adventure, funnel, sedative, carillon, machine, bargain, outer garment, roll, coat, billet, rod, sodium chloride, parallel, pin, metal tool, glimmer, hurt, dagger, gutter, pinion, roster, beef, band, flop, model, digest, repast, walk, rouge, gadget, obstacle, parcel, pair, relief, impact, cosy, pulley, bullet, pace, system, claim, fissure, slot, strand, bolster, suds, glare, debris, whole, drudge, showering, stairs, taint, integer, pelt, body, misery, mesh, mishap, lavatory, cylinder, stretch, venation, epoxy, collar, glaze, vital part, token, barb, dough, falsity, brace, gauze, corral, egress, probe, reserve, fraction, breach, cover, adhesive tape, brim, prototype, epitome, refection, till, certificate, contraption, provisions, growth, range, boulder, smack, slit, shape, headband, avenue, total, column, bauble, depression, omen

meaning: transport | Genre: noun

happiness, bus, buggy, touch down, outing, push on, ecstasy, barge, carriage, arrive, rocket, auto, voyage, ferry, transit vehicle, railrway, relay, tour, journey, bliss, airplane, hackney, come down in aircraft, ride, automobile, ford, boat, stage-coach, come into port, shuttle, car, cruise

meaning: travel | Genre: noun

concourse, interstate, detour, embark, peregrinate, take across in a boat, highway, transport people by bus, itinerary, junket, jaunt, backpack, itinerate, road, expedition, turnpike, wandering, set sail, globe-trot, carry over, roadway, freeway, direction, travel by boat, pilgrimage, excursion, boulevard, procession, thoroughfare, way, put to sea, hit the road, street


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