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hope, appetite, motive, longing, craving, urge, will


mind, hope, request, want, wish


greed, fervour, passion, carnality, pleasure, rage


rapture, admiration


long, choose, pant, crave, fancy, long for


ask, seek, solicit

meaning: anticipation | Genre: noun

notion, estimate, precaution, ghost, propose, prospect, await, count on, postulate, calculation, forehandedness, outlook, mean, shadow, design, count, assumption, presumption, prediction, foresight, prevision, hint, contemplate, expectancy, hope for, guess, presupposition, prognosis, forethought, prescience, intend, expectation, foreordain, calculate, hypothesis, supposition, future, forecast, prudence, suggestion, anticipate, foresee, conjecture

meaning: appeal for | Genre: Verb


meaning: application | Genre: noun

trial, demand, claim, duplicate, appliance, paper, employ, employment, spend, concentration, procedure, entreat, venture, motion, requisition, resort, pattern, use, utilization, utilize, program, consolidation, beg, struggle, appeal, requirement, counterclaim, blank, exercise, operation, effect, play, put to use, compacting, effort, call, suit, form, review, document, apply, manipulation, implement, module, converging, beseech, undertaking, petition, occasion, contest, questionnaire, practice, utilisation, utilise, software, compression, ask

meaning: aspiration | Genre: noun

ardour, wish, energy, request, craving, mind, ambition, appetite, want, longing, hope, enterprise

meaning: aspire to | Genre: Verb

attempt, pursue, endeavour, seek

meaning: behaviour | Genre: adjective

plain, ape, imprudent, squeamish, shrewd, courteous, tactful, manners, stiff, heedful, alert, grown, austere, whimsical, impudent, negligent, gentle, reserved, give in, sway, corruption, respectable, simplify, pester, magnanimous, burlesque, glacial, candid, apologetic, polite, deal with, cynical, firm, beneficent, stirring, disinterested, harshly, custom, lecherous, raucous, immoral, witless, sordid, sluggish, disagreeable, aim, harass, excited, headlong, crazy, above-board, just, ostentatious, wary, fractious, solid, unbending, indulge, clean, unkindly, frigid, vigilant, obstreperous, absurd, cheek, niggardly, shoulder, look, rude, undiscerning, slow, turbulent, short-tempered, impressive, escape, grim, sweet, thoughtless, uphold, becoming, mushy, habit, coarse, corrupt, unfair, mild, easy, temperate, operate, aspect, allowance, jesting, empty, bitter, lawful, shock, agreeable, follow, venerate, shrinking, assurance, naughty, retiring, sarcastic, appear, keen, bully, forthright, indulgent, evil, affable, show off, unfamiliar, indulgence, harsh, frivolous, hostile, deserved, kind, inconsiderate, obey, take up, bad-tempered, abominate, positive, detest, indisputable, uncivil, moral, apt, civilized, discerning, conduct, hospitable, deportment, alive, adult, unrelenting, fanciful, audacious, heedless, good, poor, yield, change, vice, aid, debauchery, bounteous, mimic, unfriendly, honest, repentant, refined, approach, actions, resolved, decorous, brisk, impartial, relentless, conventionality, dissipated, disorderly, indecent, coy, cultivated, inactive, base, bolster, disturb, warm, impetuous, mad, open, rational, lavish, safe, complaining, resolute, well-disposed, tolerate, dispassionate, roughly, revere, observant, loud, shameful, unsound, brass, stingy, grovelling, air, fervid, unreasonable, listless, stormy, sour, extravagant, evade, fierce, unwavering, unalterable, support, modest, nauseating, blunt, foul, dishonest, scurrilous, reckless, effrontery, forward, keep up, manner, absolution, cheering, placid, furious, grouchy, astonish, sidestep, bloodthirsty, look up to, cowardly, selfish, endorse, proper, over-emotional, humorous, maltreat, underhanded, easygoing, unconstrained, ascetic, govern, bizarre, excuse, cruel, stupid, antagonistic, due, awe, short, conform, regard, surly, abhor, sure, seem, assured, impolite, puritanical, astute, outspoken, considerate, iniquitous, convivial, flourish, exotic, intelligent, severe, lust after, discourteous, loose, humane, merciful, bow, take over, sullen, despise, immorality, artless, copy, contemptuous, rigourous, regretful, well-behaved, treat, comportment, stubborn, tractable, lively, thoughtful, callous, fashion, shameless, slack, friendly, demure, grovel, get, well-bred, facilitate, bother, munificent, mime, inimical, frank, sound, complaisant, act toward, cantankerous, pertinacious, favourable, active, equitable, cruelly, formality, sharp, unrefined, immodest, fatuous, nerve, idle, contemptible, try, persecute, fervent, uncontrolled, confront, ingenuous, sane, excessive, avoid, inclement, tough, inflexible, put up with, pure, mawkish, raw, awake, obtrusive, obscene, nonsensical, temerity, parsimonious, sustain, demeanour, unpolished, laughing, heavy, violent, testy, amaze, escape from, barbarous, gracious, unjust, abet, decent, tear-jerking, routine, injure, cheating, tender, informal, abstinent, succeed, alien, exculpation, smiling, expressionless, embittered, legal, overwhelm, genial, observe, commend, dastardly, face, disobedient, unassuming, biting, deport, subtle, discriminating, free, nice, wicked, gregarious, swagger, unknown, old, oppressive, begrudge, stern, anxious, good-hearted, affectionate, crawl, imitate, spiteful, anathematise, certain, spurn, undoubted, unmannerly, prudish, perspicacious, civilised, particular, action, soft, obedient, bustling, sensible, adamant, irregular, impertinent, lax, sympathetic, bashful, surrender, modify, wickedness, polished, encourage, iniquity, bountiful, impersonate, heartless, sincere, penitent, mannerly, look upon, cross, unyielding, kindly, quick, even-handed, hardly, trend, dissolute, riotous, gross, silly, slothful, ribald, accelerate, perplex, enthusiastic, hasty, barmy, unreserved, reasonable, flashy, cautious, cranky, stalwart, uncompromising, bear, principled, severely, aloof, attentive, obnoxious, lascivious, senseless, impudence, tight, hold up under, attitude, crude, irrational, flat, frenzied, peevish, liberal, dodge, barbarian, vehement, shabby, help, humble, maudlin, guileless, vulgar, depraved, smutty, perilous, familiar, sober, act, affectation, exoneration, sparkling, languid, boisterous, acrimonious, stupefy, smooth, inexorable, esteem, blushing, front, bad, unpretentious, dry, comport oneself, arcane, abuse, bold, clement, ill, social, boast, foreign, forgiveness, grinding, foolish, rancorous, rightful, dazzle, abrupt, emulate, honour, quarrelsome, scorn, confident, cocksure, ill-mannered, righteous, indirect, civil, delicate, perverted, informative, course, outlandish, sedate, unmerciful, capricious, insolent, careless, benevolent, pitiful, prostrate, arrogate, dour, curse, alter, depravity, fair, counterfeit, curt, self-righteous, remorseful, respectful, consider, performance, obstinate, dutiful, swarming, experienced, exacting, conformity, licentious, relaxed, nasty, reticent, courtly, lazy, dirty, promote, fuss, open-handed, blind, crack, straightforward, judicious, big, behave toward, churlish, strong, obliging, allow, objective, rigourously, style, eager, uncultured, indelicate, audacity, remiss, despicable, strive, zealous, rash, dull, wild, prudent, generous, elude, unkind, tenacious, rigid, back, spotless, sentimental, exposed, watchful, showy, profane, dangerous, discourtesy, brazen, carry on, appearance, pardon, shouting, inanimate, tempestuous, touchy, daunt, shun, incisive, admire, lovable, mercenary, further, moderate, cloying, crooked, satirical, mistreat, dishonourable, amiable, unceremonious, abstemious, work, strange, amnesty, hard, trifling, ill-natured, legitimate, intimidate, suave, comply, praise, ugly, rudeness, mischievous, deal, perform, pointed, skilful, open-hearted, careful, wrong, sociable, strut, different, matured, rough, grudge, cool, agog, compassionate, responsive, abase, appropriate, vicious, anathematize, convinced

meaning: covet | Genre: Verb


meaning: craving | Genre: noun

eagerness, urge, lust, cupidity, itch, passion

meaning: demand | Genre: noun

injunction, compel, commission, tell, dictate, exact, be obligated, insistence, insist on, challenge, necessitate, enjoin, mandate, constrain, application, call for, ought to, bidding, charge, allegation, summon, order, instruction, enforce, engagement, bid, ordain, decree, word, determine, assertion, deserve, direct, canon, coerce, prescription, inflict, stipulation, impose, must, behest, instruct, avowal, bind, oblige, law, make, reservation, command, should, direction, decide, asseveration, be entitled to, obligate

meaning: devotion | Genre: noun

faith, fidelity, grace, sanctity, loyalty, admiration, religion, fealty, devoutness, faithfulness, piety, godliness, allegiance, rapture

meaning: emotion | Genre: noun

sensibility, gush, outburst, sensitiveness, sentimentality, fire

meaning: expectation | Genre: noun

contemplation, anticipation, verisimilitude, possibility

meaning: feeling | Genre: noun

will, thrill, love, solicitude, bliss, vivacious, release, sensuous, bewail, rancour, scruple, behave, irritate, impression, indignant, estimation, resentful, unfeeling, boot, comfort, consternation, long, yearn for, queasy, sensory, cheery, quandary, compassion, arouse, fury, upset, antipathy, impassioned, rely, cold, misdoubt, affection, affect, invalid, fervour, unhappy, hesitation, condolence, spirit, burning, concerned, vanity, mood, repose, passionless, vehemence, palpate, hilarious, abashed, homage, sputter, welcome, enviousness, zeal, blissful, furore, feel, shattered, abashment, weak, raving, handle, depressed, prickle, greed, glow, disquiet, humour, expect, gay, lamentation, full of remorse, jolly, guilt, defeat, rouse, agony, grieved, apprehensive, anxiety, affliction, be troubled, fear, joy, ecstatic, contentment, sensual, bemoan, hate, hesitancy, get involved, provoke, sensation, pained, lack, irritated, benumbed, kick, be disposed, suspicion, transport, long for, nauseated, sexual, light, dilemma, condole, enrage, sentiment, rage, morose, aversion, deadened, titillation, reassurance, fright, attachment, influence, wan, crush, downcast, disbelief, rue, breast, aroused, uneasy, loathing, pathos, confide, apathetic, craze, cherish, elated, rickety, duty, seethe, relish, covetousness, empathy, happy, impulse, see, tendency, embarrassment, unresponsive, frenzy, pat, blue, sting, hunger, burn, concern, caprice, flush, contented, regret, suffer, pleasant, remorse, confide in, excite, suffering, sore, fearful, enjoy, be anxious, fondness, mournful, rapt, relief, ambivalent, mourn, yearning, dig, react, panic, aggrieved, tremulous, trepidation, asleep, excitement, be fond of, foreboding, ecstasy, rollicking, ease, tactile, malevolence, perplexity, pity, annoy, perception, irritable, opinion, distressing, paralysed, wallop, encouragement, dismay, yearn, need, vomiting, flame, light-hearted, distrust, leniency, ire, mercy, hostility, agitated, abomination, emotional, depend, indifferent, apprehend, adore, touch, declining, heat, miserable, take pleasure from, response, glowing, perturbed, flatulence, disposition, shame, imperturbable, fad, rub, down, mortified, respect, stew, envy, spite, impetuosity, blithe, irritation, know, broken hearted, chagrin, credit, raise, nudge, discouraged, bite, gluttony, care, pressure, quirk, sorry, gladdened, penitence, contrite, repent, contrition, bafflement, call forth, anguish, sorrowful, shy, tension, uneasiness, misgiving, like, perturbation, pleasure, overjoyed, relaxation, sensorial, lament, disgust, scepticism, take it, blow up, sense, angry, vexatious, numbed, bang, cheer, alarm, enchantment, crave, nauseous, sharpened, carefree, demurral, feel for, nettle, idea, animosity, rueful, repugnance, numb, lean, optimism, terror, devotion, impress, unhealthy, enthusiasm, sad, faltering, charity, seat of passion, flushed, disturbed, wind, consciousness, rest, emotionless, mode, show affection, merry, small, deference, fume, luxuriate in, ill will, intensity, glad, temper, experience, devastated, mortification, faint, madness, pet, dejected, prick, need for food, hunger for, distress, crotchet, violence, delighted, sorrow, guilty, sprightly, discomposure, have faith in, awaken, discomfort, distressed, timid, stress, disquietude, heed, liking, doleful, intoxicated, satisfaction, awful, weep, hankering, doubt, endure, anger, hysteria, vexed, require, anaesthetised, stimulation, be inclined, pusillanimity, happiness, miss, sick, pleasing, revenge, suspense, commiserate, madden, emotion, irked, downhearted, horror, insensate, tingle, solace, dread, ache, move, feeble, infatuation, low, hazard, commiseration, wrath, heart, ardent, worried, hatred, passionate, trust, unemotional, falter, adulate, high, infirm, warmth, boil, delight in, jealousy, soul, infatuated, force, emptiness, temperament, humiliation, unaffected, vogue, stroke, dispirited, smart, reverence, steam, rivalry, fever, cheerful, resentment, undergo, troubled, compunction, believe, evoke, pain, disheartened, afraid, have, worry, problem, preference, melancholy, exhilarated, repentance, ashamed, grieve, thirst, frustration, stir up, grief, hurt, timorous, apprehension

meaning: hunger | Genre: noun


meaning: impulse | Genre: noun

inclination, fancy, motivation, whim, bent, vagary, proclivity, flash, inspiration, stimulus, thought

meaning: inclination | Genre: noun

devices, predisposition, leaning, movement, weakness, capacity, drift, feeling, tenderness

meaning: long | Genre: adjective

prolonged, lengthy, attenuated, drawn out, extensive, dragging, extended

meaning: long for | Genre: Verb

languish, pine

meaning: lust | Genre: noun

lewdness, wantonness, lechery, eroticism, licence, carnality, lasciviousness, sensuality

meaning: preference | Genre: noun

partiality, patronage, predilection, prejudice, bias, favor, penchant, favour, discrimination

meaning: pursue | Genre: Verb

trail, quest, hunt, aspire to, go after, query, track, chase, hound, inquire

meaning: rage | Genre: Verb

fret, rant, roar, agitation, assail, simmer, rail at, discredit, yell, storm, depreciate, scream, denounce, disparage, explode

meaning: request | Genre: Verb

solicit, ask for, invite

meaning: want | Genre: noun

deficiency, scantiness, privation, meagreness, indigence, insufficiency, destitution, scarcity, inadequacy, penury, dearth, poverty

meaning: want badly | Genre: Verb

covet, drool

meaning: wish | Genre: noun

discernment, espouse, intent, invocation, volition, adopt, pray, determination, prayer, choice, choose, assume, intention, plea, taste, prefer, appeal for, purpose, entreaty, propensity, embrace, imagine, inform, wont, supplication


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