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object of worship

talisman, charm, amulet


fixation, obsession, mania, passion, craze, compulsion

meaning: amulet | Genre: noun

talisman, icon, bauble, charm, trinket, gewgaw

meaning: charm | Genre: Verb

enchant, bewitch, attractiveness, seductiveness, magic, cheer, entrance, ravish, fascination, enchantment, hex, delight, regale, enrapture, mesmerise, appeal, incantation, sorcery, amuse, captivate, enthral, allure, grace, conjuration, divert, solace, transport, mesmerize, charisma, spell, beguile, witchcraft, entertain

meaning: hang-up | Genre: noun

craze, mania, fixation, compulsion, passion, obsession

meaning: illusion | Genre: noun

reverie, flight of fancy, ghost, dream, hope, figment, apparition, phantasm, nightmare, idol, spectre, fantasy, goal, hallucination, chimera, daydream, delusion, vision, phantom

meaning: object of worship | Genre: noun


meaning: personal problem | Genre: noun

disturbance, tic, hangup, predicament, difficulty, stumbling block, emotional problem, phobia, inhibition


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