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sponsor, warden, supervisor, trustee


patrol, sentinel, protector, defender

adoptive parent

custodian, protector, nurse

meaning: adoptive parent | Genre: noun


meaning: attendant | Genre: adjective

coordinated, collateral, present, connected, joint, contemporaneous, outrider, accompanying, concurrent, coefficient, aide, attending, coupled with, coactive, in attendance, associated with, conjoined with, coincident, chaperon, concomitant

meaning: guard | Genre: Verb

watch, squire, protect, spotter, convoy, preserve, shelter, watch over, inspect, guidance, safeguard, picket, patrol, bodyguard, defend, shield, lookout, monitor, henchman, save, observe

meaning: keeper | Genre: noun

trustee, warden

meaning: person | Genre: noun

admirer, visitor, constabulary, commander in chief, snob, colleague, authority, winner, fanatic, dullard, chicken, medium, heir, man, guy, disciple, client, prevaricator, little guy, counsel, prying, host, charlatan, negro, rider, hand, prodigy, receiver, burglar, woman, licensed operator, novelist, torso, prude, craven, secret agent, animal, character, partner, instrument, officer, virtuoso, scholar, priest, aged, delinquent, theologian, knave, bard, sponsor, charge, tough, vassal, pirate, villain, alcoholic, intolerant, physique, master, commentator, author, nursemaid, junior, red, rabbi, competition, singleton, abbot, elder, countryman, absolved, escort, dump, buffoon, patrician, novice, addict, peer, miss, viewer, soldier, con man, uneducated, guard, fellow, regent, none, friend, bruiser, supporter, tot, gull, cenobite, oldster, wife, clerk, headliner, sweetheart, zany, dear, boss, duke, broad, maid, bystander, heart, pilot, professor, sentry, reference, queen mother, justice, czarina, infidel, confidant, belle, reprobate, brave man, grandfather, menial, coach, tycoon, female child, moron, housekeeper, progenitor, actress, chatterbox, matriarch, secretary, rat, helmsman, clone, lodger, match, patron, police, chieftain, parvenu, compatriot, chair, cavalier, maniac, idiot, manager, czar, possessor, twerp, bawd, pupil, pretender, falsifier, youth, marine, officious, head, master of ceremonies, fare, tailor, favourite, target, superior, high-born woman, cab driver, artisan, body, censor, cad, seer, laughingstock, personage, swain, puppet, policeman, maestro, intellectual, counsellor, cheat, sinner, ecclesiastic, phony, poet, father, worker, rough, serf, robber, dame, drunk, racist, size, graduate, faultfinder, detective, unit, adolescent, boyfriend, dupe, opponent, superintendent, pilferer, elderly, malefactor, bucolic, innocent, troubadour, fence, fool, prince, amateur, brigand, count, boozer, vet, warrior, trickster, untaught, originator, attendant, female sovereign, nobody, minor, adherent, baby, casualty, brother, old lady, widow, irreproachable, star, the same, harlequin, love, principal, crazy, comedian, lass, onlooker, conscience, sharper, in the dark, ward, creature, wife of a king, top, fairy queen, heathen, chum, suckling, worm, hero, patriarch, dearest, copyist, king, mistress, butt, madam, origin, artiste, meddler, parent, observer, name, navigator, double, guest, magistrate, roomer, urchin, salesman, contractor, comrade, seductress, scoundrel, nut, blockhead, footman, mentor, sovereign, holder, wag, prostitute, photographer, elitist, liar, mommy, private, offspring, scout, twin, aficionado, caller, lion, object, upstart, confrere, driver, victor, weirdo, blue, recreant, fortune-teller, sport, mortal, gentleman, greenhorn, orphan, story-teller, youngster, attorney, intrusive, entertainer, fraud, dark-skinned, occupant, workman, vip, slave, housebreaker, adult, operator, user, frame, expert, poltroon, operative, thing, individual, spouse, tool, rival, champion, academician, clergy, patriarchal, miscreant, farmer, lord, minstrel, founder, dependent, thug, bondman, pickpocket, renegade, heavy drinker, bigot, bones, specialist, analyst, creator, servant, teenager, communist, jewish priest, contestant, backer, mediator, monastic, older person, rancher, exonerated, shareholder, drop, cretin, don, neophyte, junkie, wit, girl, spectator, knight, designer, unenlightened, protector, chap, ruler, neither, gangster, companion, kid, sucker, religious, ancestor, sugar, office worker, superstar, girlfriend, ass, honey, dean, earl, gossip, lassie, eyewitness, mind, aviator, scientist, watchman, arbiter, queen dowager, referee, hawker, party, playmate, goddess, creep, model, block, aid, trainer, top dog, owner, imbecile, housemother, determinant, thespian, blabbermouth, mama, annalyst, dog, guide, counterpart, renter, fan, customer, sheriff, commander, climber, cohort, chairman, horseman, zealot, simpleton, coward, potentate, landholder, human, male, student, egotist, perjurer, lad, lawyer, meddlesome, captain, cheater, black, passenger, clothing maker, wonder, victim, thief, gentlewoman, bus driver, labourer, trunk, pedant, deserter, spy, human being, soul, blade, pawn, cop, sage, egghead, solicitor, offender, parson, impostor, writer, architect, hired hand, brawler, drudge, swindler, devil, drunkard, extremist, build, connoisseur, quibbler, investigator, nurse, juvenile, married man, stooge, antagonist, old, single, monk, culprit, peasant, excused, path-finder, receiver of stolen goods, clown, aristocrat, beginner, drug addict, nobleman, sponge, veteran, stalwart, contriver, ignorant, producer, medic, female ruler, no-one, slip, hoodlum, accomplice, infant, prey, hermit, senior citizen, dowager, acquitted, celebrity, this one, jester, beloved, president, noble, female, young woman, witness, bosom, crook, doctor, sentinel, source, queen consort, queen regent, gentile, familiar, beauty, wretch, male lead, chief, waiter, scribe, mogul, darling, ignoramus, mrs., begetter, actor, tattler, ma, typist, blackguard, steersman, stand in, tenant, court, sojourner, law, administrator, participant, ally, femme fatale, snake, eccentric, dolt, instructor, emperor, landlord, jerk, whore, camera-man, snot, fabricator, boy, seaman, busy, director, mate, hostess, rooter, company, notable, recipient, senior, lady, motorist, conqueror, crank, bluestocking, sneak, clairvoyant, rake, person, beau, learner, pet, fibber, brain, barrister, forward, divine, confidence man, coloured, buyer, helper, eminence, captive, second-story man, matron, animal handler, engineer, flesh, judge, critic, infiltrator, one, child, husband, follower, competitor, supervisor, genius, wintry, trespasser, rustic, clear, muse, hussy, subject, governor, lay, looter, dastard, dipsomaniac, teen, brave, artist, dark, inventor, caretaker, queen, bolshevik, preacher, bandit, advocate, negotiator, friar, old man, someone, vindicated, owner of stock, such, drool, magnate, lead, dope fiend, humorist, maiden, beholder, breast, rascal, unlettered, defender, being, woman monarch, nonentity, consort, pagan, acquaintance, newborn, underdog, eremite, dignitary, precious, recorder, luminary, lover, booby, sweet, vanguard, singer, snoop, mother, watcher, psyche, flier, donkey, look-out, arbitrator, umpire, peddler, litigant, associate, enchantress, brute, ace, dunce, orderly, tutor, monarch, proprietor, stupid person, adviser, agent, somebody, chatterer, mom, sailor, protégé, leader, duplicate, boarder


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