synonyms for:




sincere, candid, frank, straightforward, open, unreserved, above-board, ingenuous


unadulterated, pure, genuine


pure, chaste, virginal, virtuous, decent

meaning: behaviour | Genre: adjective

rigid, regard, crack, uphold, grouchy, frenzied, suave, indecent, perplex, dirty, allowance, air, fear, unrelenting, indulgent, civilized, resolved, cynical, tenacious, fractious, front, embrace, listless, naughty, deserved, boisterous, merciful, lascivious, shoulder, indulgence, manner, exposed, harshly, tactful, complaisant, deal with, impressive, lovable, barbarous, abhor, influence, expressionless, indisputable, lax, rancorous, silly, cheek, operate, thoughtful, bizarre, crooked, unkindly, mushy, request, shock, quarrelsome, comply, despise, get, envy, mimic, raucous, impertinent, slothful, familiar, swagger, retiring, exotic, bully, brisk, sorry, biting, entreat, adore, corruption, crawl, magnanimous, simplify, crave, uncontrolled, obstreperous, lecherous, forward, wrong, deportment, deport, admire, uncivil, bear, penitent, blue, evade, be fond of, iniquity, surrender, fervid, aim, whimsical, laughing, absurd, obscene, affable, manners, beneficent, unbending, commend, glacial, support, testy, wild, sidestep, sympathetic, fuss, polished, absolution, strive, formality, grinding, tender, open-hearted, soft, cross, complaining, thoughtless, take up, crazy, endorse, legal, tempestuous, affectionate, indelicate, grovelling, excuse, demeanour, frigid, relentless, delicate, respectful, stalwart, excessive, sweet, barbarian, rudeness, arrogate, placid, convinced, careless, ill-natured, bashful, brass, keep up, adult, alien, penchant, roughly, approach, nauseating, beg, astonish, ugly, follow, anathematise, concern, frivolous, copy, disorderly, insolent, lazy, discourtesy, govern, principled, unknown, maltreat, indirect, over-emotional, desire, awe, vice, emulate, spurn, ease, lust after, mime, loud, dissipated, remiss, unconstrained, flourish, comport oneself, bustling, impolite, tolerate, repentant, arcane, avoid, cherish, depravity, prostrate, excited, bolster, fanciful, irrational, unsound, awake, ascetic, conduct, tractable, well-disposed, esteem, contemptuous, suffer, peevish, rigourous, escape from, humane, distress, courtly, unpolished, attempt, conventionality, jesting, reckless, unfair, informative, performance, unalterable, honour, mad, abet, acrimonious, turbulent, short, gross, harass, contemptible, exculpation, attitude, revere, austere, careful, civilised, unyielding, cantankerous, unwavering, inclement, assurance, appropriate, apathetic, disobedient, anxious, bitter, pitiful, sordid, sustain, old, affectation, habit, cruelly, treat, flashy, act toward, amaze, blushing, bloodthirsty, scorn, change, trifling, undoubted, negligent, stern, witless, temerity, succeed, even-handed, foreign, injure, mawkish, discriminating, tear-jerking, seek, overwhelm, sullen, conform, curse, alter, begrudge, impersonate, unrefined, impudent, sluggish, informal, strut, deal, outlandish, stirring, regretful, satirical, cautious, love, lechery, abase, warm, facilitate, fancy, rash, obtrusive, attentive, abstinent, iniquitous, obedient, perform, look up to, unmannerly, indulge, apologetic, puritanical, dodge, good-hearted, annoy, give in, crude, try, fashion, shouting, nonsensical, scurrilous, gregarious, response, favourable, inflexible, praise, inimical, help, touchy, stormy, smooth, friendly, disturb, well-bred, exoneration, intend, style, rough, clement, outspoken, stiff, angry, tough, cranky, unjust, imitate, confront, favour, due, furious, responsive, shameful, hold up under, forgiveness, appearance, raw, hardly, particular, mannerly, extravagant, pleasing, grim, hate, affect, languid, cocksure, heedless, resentful, coy, impudence, act, grown, strange, disposition, severely, look upon, maudlin, appeal, stupefy, surly, observe, anathematize, sway, blank, counterfeit, riotous, audacious, inactive, effrontery, show off, becoming, different, abuse, swarming, perspicacious, dry, beseech, dazzle, wickedness, obey, bounteous, encourage, covet, headlong, obnoxious, dissolute, brazen, ill, course, appear, ill-mannered, endure, contrite, pointed, elude, show affection, debauchery, yield, fervent, accelerate, irregular, undiscerning, senseless, watchful, social, action, dutiful, uncompromising, venerate, heartless, back, short-tempered, self-righteous, shun, benevolent, bother, cultivated, pardon, propose, custom, smiling, perilous, dishonourable, hospitable, actions, churlish, shabby, adopt, barmy, further, lawful, violent, inconsiderate, immodest, persecute, despicable, amnesty, look, reverence, exacting, considerate, well-behaved, pertinacious, vehement, fierce, face, take over, inanimate, mischievous, agog, embittered, poor, audacity, carry on, matured, aspect, routine, rigourously, consider, ostentatious, behave toward, daunt, shrinking, inexorable, abominate, modify, foolish, ape, slack, discourteous, fatuous, presumption, work, objective, unfamiliar, mistreat, sentimental, skilful, cloying, ask, intimidate, dour, heed, detest, aid, grudge, burlesque, uncultured, shameless, idle, unceremonious, relish, seem, alive, practice, allow, remorseful, humorous, wary, adulate, immorality, bow, emotional, promote, capricious, unreasonable, showy, vigilant, abstemious, perverted, heedful, respect, imprudent, put up with, sour, squeamish, escape, compassionate, pester, grovel, rude, endeavour, conformity, sparkling, dangerous, smutty, sociable, comportment, obliging

meaning: candid | Genre: adjective


meaning: character trait | Genre: adjective

staunch, loose, extreme, even-tempered, duplicity, enthusiastic, lordly, stolid, undisguised, pretension, gracious, low, hard, strong, gay, clear, good-humoured, lavish, mettle, bent, positive, bravery, dexterous, brave, base, virtuous, treasonable, hellish, shrewd, stingy, nice, observant, spiritless, reason, trend, easy, heavy, cold, valorous, sensible, blameless, modest, blind, decorous, tight, ethics, incisive, dastardly, recollection, resourceful, infallible, tedious, evil, timid, spiteful, egotistical, tricky, deceptive, imbecilic, adamant, elegance, unscrupulous, kind-hearted, fluctuating, secretive, bright, sound, monstrous, sagacious, impetuous, disdainful, spotless, broad, delusive, high, unaffected, frank, dependable, lily-livered, disheartening, ardent, narrow, fresh, humour, irascible, libertine, brutal, relaxed, deception, willing, lofty, humdrum, ingenuous, flaunting, civil, vulgar, constant, vigourous, composed, facetiousness, convivial, bountiful, fight, cast, confident, guts, practiced, reasonable, unfavourable, moral, false, devilish, unkind, keen, unsympathetic, impure, joyous, open-handed, intellect, propensity, hopeful, gallantry, distant, fearless, flagitious, exemplary, faithless, stubborn, respectable, niggardly, well-mannered, active, feeble, memory, wholesome, reliable, lifeless, antagonistic, strenuous, disagreeable, pleasant, demure, cagey, half-witted, firm, polish, deceitful, amiable, unstable, close-mouthed, competent, subtle, villainous, wise, quick, self-satisfied, guileless, lucid, superficial, stanch, simple, artful, moderate, faint, close-fisted, gifted, just, cool, satire, hasty, severe, large, cunning, ready, supercilious, sincere, avowed, brag, fair, coarse, true, illiberal, collected, quip, immoral, affected, ribald, unmerciful, tranquil, artfulness, disposed, expert, controlled, amoral, braggadocio, honourable, cheap, unfriendly, effective, cheerful, promiscuous, jovial, liberal, hardihood, proclivity, certain, nerve, experienced, bold, corrupt, righteous, disloyal, deaf, callous, seemly, miserly, refined, alert, cowardly, sense, turn, unfailing, boring, reserved, intrepid, nasty, genial, chaste, dense, parsimonious, morality, intelligent, flat, irresolute, inventive, apt, tiresome, infamous, shy, critical, conceited, foxy, smart, moronic, immovable, grace, underhanded, kindly, vacillating, silent, able, stable, traitorous, prudent, curt, pure, unsullied, open-minded, art, lone, haughty, unassuming, downright, boast, fearful, deliberate, devoted, small, imperturbable, repartee, irritable, attached, licentious, cruel, sedate, dishonesty, inclined, proud, uninteresting, outright, swaggering, decent, profane, zealous, forceful, stoical, frolicsome, charitable, boldness, inclination, assured, courage, clever, sane, bad, upright, disingenuous, foul, unpleasant, distinct, mean, unchaste, sharp, tame, intelligence, leaning, carefree, fortitude, aloof, valiant, solid, conscientious, hypocritical, unaware, maidenly, selfish, well-spoken, discerning, weak, recall, undefiled, trustworthy, ponderous, black, earnest, sarcastic, cheering, prudish, slippery, ignorant, determined, refinement, cheating, kind, unsteady, reticent, adept, guileful, fiendish, judicious, abrupt, vain, sinless, ingenious, insincere, steadfast, humble, crafty, pacific, faint-hearted, dull, proficient, little, calm, wit, impatient, lewd, oppressive, tolerant, deceit, eager, snobbish, slow, direct, bragging, courteous, plain, loyal, lively, sober, esprit, imitative, generous, overbearing, easygoing, secure, heart, artistic, rational, baneful, good, polite, dark, harsh, striking, happy, whorish, joyful, munificent, mind, tendency, sure, valour, icy, courageous, depraved, worthy, malicious, obstinate, unsentimental, conformant, mercenary, cultured, astute, pusillanimous, understanding, clean, trusty, burdensome, hostile, energetic, bad-tempered, agreeable, proper, wily, stupid, penurious, morals, dishonest, gentle, insecure, close, adroit, wearisome, wicked, withdrawn, vicious, contented, acute, empty, resolute, poise, sly, mild, undecided, taciturn, talented, safe, diabolic, insightful, quick-tempered, innocent, guiltless, big, artifice, hollow, arrogant, unpretentious, artless, bravado, half-hearted, common, faithful, bigoted, serene, witticism, free

meaning: characteristic | Genre: adjective

well-suited, prosaic, chief, unembellished, childlike, quickening, frosty, haggard, bare, hilarious, alone, serenity, quintessence, dusky, confused, immaturity, unenlightened, exclusive, at rest, distinguished, waste, flush, great, terrestrial, grow, forsaken, carved, congested, unimpeded, trusted, full, fiery, colourless, known, form, significant, inadequate, blistering, rare, erroneous, culpable, torpid, caution, even, half-tone, essence, credibility, minority, temperament, existent, delayed, primeval, unused, vigour, famous, sore, chivalrous, bite, distinguishing, unlearned, demanding, lonely, intent, comical, impetus, map, accomplished, immediate, gleeful, vague, unfeeling, desirous, mistaken, chargeable, altruistic, semblance, staid, shade, virtue, discouraging, manifest, favoured, obsession, curious, remote, fastidious, weightless, green, highly-strung, meek, young, brightness, moth-eaten, correct, tinge, shadowy, obese, strength, fast, weary, compressed, released, unsatisfactory, uncivilized, unfixed, phony, shrill, yielding, primary, dead, dyed, quirk, anaesthetised, cowed, adamantine, wholeness, rich, character, finicky, slight, incorrigible, master, novice, destitute, busy, class, scent, inapt, radiance, suit, inconstant, lanky, set, rotten, vaporous, astringent, authoritative, substitute, distinction, graceless, neat, unsavoury, treated, tainted, sterile, soiled, intoxicating, cumbersome, ample, solidly, height, cannibalistic, ruthless, pale, ancient, half hearted, impecunious, sedulous, prejudiced, contemporary, tactless, diabolical, beef, wildly, svelte, meet, finished, turbid, unique, invulnerable, intricate, profundity, dazzling, unblemished, blot, notorious, abstruse, polluted, fitting, obtuse, leading, naked, loftiness, bracing, bawdy, bloodless, seasoned, ironic, single, patience, substance, charcoal, homespun, hardhearted, oblivious, punctilious, comfortable, exalted, structure, limber, peculiar, earthly, thrive, desert, wooden, scintillating, defect, breathless, unrestricted, torrid, unsharpened, main, jejune, infant, powerless, spicy, unintelligent, promising, guilty, sole, attention, straight, shaded, aroma, credit, prime, nature, unprepared, late, elevated, unaccustomed, animation, remarkable, fragile, defiant, piquancy, typical, miserable, illustrative, painstaking, complete, energy, kisser, well-known, mode, spirited, inefficient, pungent, tenuous, specious, derelict, restrained, heedfulness, steady, hue, suggestion, cheerless, apparent, fortunate, incarnate, behind, arctic, delightful, effervescence, noted, tense, glorious, maturing, neurotic, untutored, verbatim, smack, clouded, adverse, might, sensitiveness, beat, personal, moving, inconclusive, fair-skinned, insistent, bogus, shooting, mouldable, fundamental, prone, colored, peculiarity, numb, manageable, prosperous, health, fantastic, mannerism, trivial, lowly, lean, hardened, serious, callow, glance, crumbling, rooted, odor, clumsy, shine, flatter, adherent, fatigued, established, escaped, foggy, uninhabited, logical, ersatz, renown, wishy-washy, purified, stale, stippled, sinister, infertile, affection, resistant, tone, abundant, grievous, idiosyncrasy, bloody, heathen, supreme, unexcited, broke, fraught, narrow-minded, attendant, amateurish, light, heighten, prodigally, bony, settled, unwholesome, indistinct, nipping, proof, complex, sinful, constrained, cloudless, flaw, disreputable, abstract, unsanitary, stimulating, pornographic, fraudulent, prominence, detailed, ferocious, sickly, antique, comic, asinine, composure, dogmatic, flavor, everyday, cold-blooded, flesh, prim, near, healthy, brand, supple, especial, convenient, boom, profoundness, weakness, witty, cleft, apropos, blunted, unfettered, befitting, drear, first, barren, juvenile, peaceful, wintry, deathlike, glaring, waggish, solitary, care, drift, ashen, impaired, adolescence, earmark, select, unhurried, important, deserted, uniform, notable, planetary, multiply, salt, log, stifling, distinctive, physical, mature, intense, facade, recognised, garb, sentiment, forceless, peppery, attenuate, inaccurate, censurable, phlegmatic, prudence, perpendicular, silvery, hint, trustworthiness, patent, qualifications, tangible, belated, prehistoric, unusual, vivacity, celebrated, painful, hardy, unfortunate, uneducated, strict, stark, overcast, entertaining, potential, sensitivity, brilliant, evident, sprightly, illogical, indomitable, avid, untrue, reprehensible, malleable, guise, horizontal, nuance, trait, dingy, palpable, lucky, fixation, eccentric, antediluvian, dainty, lightsome, immature, agitated, grave, inedible, buff, musty, precise, zest, depressing, corpulent, become, prodigal, bushed, condensed, unrestrained, intimate, uncivilised, unclear, sham, glory, pappy, top, unseasoned, painted, gift, inorganic, quiet, compact, well-being, fertile, slim, fussy, productive, fine, pagan, major, unsophisticated, insolvent, industrious, type, modern, blundering, glow, compliment, unreliable, scrawny, fixed, debauched, misty, piercing, convincing, supplementary, eminence, inelegant, flowing, vapid, illuminated, ungodly, deep, soiling, inebriating, vexatious, repellent, elevation, fell, homicidal, wan, superannuated, unconcerned, impoverished, hardworking, intolerant, existing, normal, satanic, brawn, notability, celibate, trim, whole, graceful, special, specific, difficult, deepness, vivid, immaculate, breach, scandalous, designing, contaminated, opportune, backward, cardinal, bald, highness, invigorating, freezing, cadaverous, venerable, amusing, only, equanimity, gist, colorless, coward, youth, indiscriminate, starched, leisurely, prominent, construction, lissome, singular, tellurian, expand, desolate, made of wood, stuffy, unconfined, confidential, unregulated, impassioned, pointless, principal, cut, indicative, ineffective, acrid, bovine, likely, blameworthy, leaden, alertness, level, grizzled, flavour, authority, greenness, temper, material, tardy, eminent, original, vitality, admirable, childish, game, pungency, representative, animated, exact, indolent, concentrated, jocular, dynamism, countenance, proverbial, sort, vivacious, emasculate, iron, fluid, incorrect, at fault, philanthropic, mien, poised, tint, attribute, drab, conspicuous, advantageous, corporal, odd, polar, inviting, buoyant, renowned, nervous, sappy, well, dusty, accurate, tang, sombre, fat, power, taste, tired, unbroken, eventful, unconvincing, aryan, importunate, forged, sharpened, pliable, central, flavourless, tinted, property, deadened, disciplined, successful, soundness, quaint, make-up, finical, plebeian, slender, hard-line, dignified, youthful, indigent, withered, thick, fragrance, inept, lustre, agree, profound, skinny, confirmed, unbound, obscured, tart, satisfactory, stand-in, celebrity, awkward, shapely, tasteless, tinged, hurtful, inert, mark, alcoholic, troublesome, plentiful, firmly, trying, truculent, murderous, irreligious, antiquated, lukewarm, underprivileged, diligent, parochial, present, unhandy, features, augment, recklessly, emaciated, fit, round, obscure, one, impervious, complicated, depth, stilted, untroubled, blemish, disgraceful, abysmal, filthy, pedestrian, head, unadorned, tallness, refreshing, inhuman, anaemic, forgotten, funny, brainless, peace of mind, sensitive, gray, domestic, uncharitable, meat, ceremonious, unrelieved, intensified, build, lithe, individual, global, prosper, extent, mar, facile, crevice, suitable, unobstructed, passionate, dim, foremost, dreary, adolescent, impotent, hot, doltish, unconcealed, farcical, separate, carefulness, square, dirty white, infirm, juvenility, feature, unfinished, lenient, pre-eminent, new, life, noteworthy, frail, swell, spice, oak, sweltering, disastrous, idiosyncratic, dear, entire, force, dial, recognized, stamp, idealism, ineffectual, piquant, attenuated, improper, in error, subdued, pains, equal, color, spirit, pessimistic, obvious, constitution, substantive, dilatory, early, unspoiled, activity, famed, ticklish, illustrious, strained, untaught, literal, savor, dismal, diverting, intensity, judgment, skilled, prompt, blithe, lame, white, urgent, artificial, cutting, pliant, shape, plane, richness, quality, frowning, trained, propitious, addiction, extraordinary, northerly, choosy, lowborn, unripe, solemn, inexperienced, brilliance, fusty, substantial, odour, gloomy, porcine, go with, profligate, worn out, inelastic, unattached, amicable, uncultivated, valid, spurious, fame, impressible, distilled, insipid, stained, vile, arid, domesticated, impenetrable, fitness, abounding, thin, rugged, plenteous, lank, gentile, excellent, untrained, distressed, assiduous, biased, current, bungling, gloss, enrich, extravagantly, gaunt, stated, disgusting, cloudy, stinging, binding, precarious, abominable, priggish, rainless, soul, washed, wretched, buried, defiled, spirituous, distressing, lubricious, treacherous, altitude, minute, savage, pallid, archaic, superior, inane, overworked, opinionated, latest, customary, unnatural, muscle, formal, virginal, robust, make, elegant, uncommon, adapted, elaborate, wisdom, imperfection, handy, break, consistent, lush

meaning: chaste | Genre: adjective

asexual, virgin, monastic

meaning: fair | Genre: adjective

indifferent, passable, neutral, sunny, right, ordinary, unprejudiced, equitable, ethical, average, undistinguished, impartial, judicial, balmy, detached, conventional, dispassionate, temperate, scrupulous, mediocre, unbiased, disinterested, rightful

meaning: frank | Genre: adjective

candid, transparent, veracious, above-board, forthright, aboveboard, open, genuine, straightforward, blunt, unequivocal, overt, unreserved

meaning: genuine | Genre: adjective

bona fide, real, unalloyed, truthful, actual, sterling, untainted, natural, veritable, flawless, naive, legitimate, unadulterated, unfeigned, authentic, heartfelt, noble

meaning: having a good reputation | Genre: adjective

estimable, esteemed, reputable

meaning: honourable | Genre: adjective


meaning: impeccably honest | Genre: adjective


meaning: innocent | Genre: adjective

religious, acquitted, exonerated, excused, inoffensive, impeccable, irreproachable, absolved

meaning: natural | Genre: adjective

unworldly, organic

meaning: property | Genre: adjective

cozy, insignificant, positively, parsimoniously, model, soaked, valued at, unqualified, skimpy, burnished, pretentious, behindhand, ability, unwieldy, suspicious, sexual, off-beat, greasy, utility, bloodstained, stunted, ludicrous, virulent, veiled, justly, civic, competitive, wealth, unclean, aromatic, faulty, cryptic, cream, upsetting, utter, elementary, easy-going, paltry, ascend, deteriorated, sizzling, watery, surfaced, visible, taut, bared, injurious, a la mode, aptitude, chill, heinous, prurient, splendour, fruitful, old-fashioned, waft, undisturbed, concluding, threatening, mournful, mendacious, local, conflicting, unstained, fleet, luscious, cleanly, flash, fragrant, beggarly, be useful, in isolation, flushed, categorical, homely, departed, unfilled, modernistic, servile, spiked, judiciously, unarmed, baseness, pulpy, unaccompanied, universal, fluent, recurrent, secluded, express, laic, fling, dynamic, in any way, muddled, sketchy, rumour, drop, shut, done with, oblique, unclouded, collapsed, irresponsible, unworthy, invariant, ornate, multicolored, genius, unfit, surplus, feral, terrible, tasteful, excruciating, jerry-built, commanding, continuous, flaccid, uniquely, damp, molten, continual, felicitous, plucky, least, afflictive, long, refreshed, entirely, creative, consensus, extremely, sleek, debonair, prior, idiotic, canny, autonomous, scowling, animal, adorned, valuable, chequered, matched, yellow, fragmentary, imaginary, breathtaking, debilitated, splendid, communal, packed, well-established, stony, note, soggy, lap, holdings, laborious, understood, killing, frightful, dragging, drinkable, glassy, jagged, penetrable, momentous, useful, crystal, recent, immaterial, blurry, gratuitous, key, pertain, inextricable, serviceable, polychrome, consequential, springiness, affluent, burn, interest-bearing, fuzzy, loathsome, separated, engrossed, middling, brawny, miniature, dusk, germane, muted, puzzling, adjusted, homogeneous, really, uncontaminated, classic, rabid, astir, still, utilitarian, beaming, fat-headed, gradual, skill, gawky, flapping, random, probable, fatty, profit, inconsiderable, inferred, preposterous, unpalatable, covert, equitably, metropolitan, far off, goods, nauseous, efficacious, inferior, mysterious, elite, precipitous, with difficulty, basic, livable, unimportant, rise, decrepit, scorching, dripping, equable, suddenly, reluctant, general, harmful, stylish, expertise, coldness, flagrant, lustful, attractiveness, lucrative, manual, sanguinary, sanctioned, blustering, ominous, occult, impartially, civilian, opposed, not dirty, expeditious, sweetened, unhappy, unconditional, balanced, redolent, abject, do, aside, pigmented, dehydrated, intelligible, effortless, void, ruined, insufficient, explicit, suitably, defenceless, crime, feathery, operative, frost, submissive, conjoint, comeliness, sententious, from abroad, whisk, mellifluous, about, amazed, insubstantial, fallacious, secular, screwed up, legible, over, lateral, neatly, glare, dearest, degraded, travail, expensive, kaleidoscopic, brain, viscous, occasional, steel, fashionable, inconspicuous, spiny, rustic, imposing, methodical, compliant, unequaled, worldly, liquid, incessant, blocked, dauntless, deficient, morose, bounded, unskilled, dazed, aesthetic, hearsay, glossy, corrosive, former, signal, unambiguous, autarchic, ill-favoured, spacious, standing, exceptional, prismatic, surface, incongruous, doubtful, grotesque, scenic, grey, acid, unproductive, efficient, stout, stone, standard, sodden, plait, equity, exhausting, merry, mortal, appalling, wordy, stimulated, particularly, airy, unusually, driving, laconic, anterior, mere, lifelike, unencumbered, erring, apply, impregnable, profitable, motley, essential, craven, outside, cat-like, spectacular, beloved, sullied, shared, engaged, amazing, herculean, repute, cimmerian, pat, lacklustre, formidable, seen, poisonous, predetermined, putrescent, stainless, absolute, scabrous, spread out, grand, practicable, translucent, expired, whole-hearted, muddy, assigned, fortuitous, tending, tenaciously, usefulness, marbled, petty, elusive, opulent, galling, privy, faltering, city, extraneous, chattel, spare, persuasive, diminutive, enigmatic, best, unexpected, intently, undeniable, picked, warm-hearted, unessential, exceptionally, acerbic, flaming, saturated, price, directly, scant, effulgent, boastful, diluted, dexterity, lubberly, scintillate, carnal, beauty, oily, worth, wounded, hearty, thunderous, murky, esoteric, honourably, county, opposing, trashy, mucky, odoriferous, invalid, deceased, saccharine, unerring, involved, determining, off center, evaporated, dip, decayed, sunken, devastated, parallel, marked, stretched, threadbare, pernicious, velvety, agile, ice, docile, mutual, magnificence, ceremonial, import, rush, encouraging, decisive, melancholy, innocuous, untruthful, internal, broken, decontaminated, dash, tidily, gaudy, perfumed, ignoble, be sufficient, in reserve, colorful, officious, unbeautiful, defunct, vacant, new-fashioned, unbecoming, peaked, shoddy, unprotected, malignancy, benign, unparalleled, widespread, copious, perpetual, hidden, official, temporal, glum, glowing, haphazardly, perplexed, spruce, notoriety, bottom, locked, rep, bygone, subordinate, crystalline, unanimated, hideous, extensive, unvarying, agreeing, variegated, finish, unsuitable, remainder, native, missing, unobtrusive, agonizing, fruitless, magnificent, regular, pensive, singly, wet, voluble, pleonastic, pertinent, heroic, slightest, weighty, long-winded, rested, exclusively, decorative, rarely, pressing, brief, preceding, silver, confined, exempt, astray, breathing, deluxe, deserving, checkered, suited, chicken, varied, visionary, beautiful, cherished, aged, joint, popular, some, powerful, name, moist, pleat, estate, onerous, perceived, malignant, horrible, flabby, potable, slick, craggy, porous, majestic, practical, limpid, earlier, inconsequential, nebulous, complimentary, accidental, be relevant, fixedly, benefit, speckled, capital, elasticity, well-to-do, pierce, private, bleary, noisome, abstracted, absorbed, endangered, cogent, tiny, mystical, to the point, mat, earnestly, arranged, faultless, undignified, especially, nearly, classical, effort, cost, rounded, incomplete, blazing, inflated, laggard, adroitness, uncouth, baggy, chance, novel, oleaginous, gain, unsubstantial, insinuated, ridiculous, merciless, shrouded, honestly, urban, rival, assets, objectionable, forcible, defective, secret, chosen, homey, total, conclusive, homelike, nonessential, fall, dilapidated, boiling, moistened, in equilibrium, chilling, chary, unveiled, destructive, chic, imagination, frigidity, outrageous, libidinous, charm, remunerative, by hand, blow, intellectual, lowering, doleful, run, lying, political, combatant, unpolluted, swift, syrupy, offensive, flame, ambrosial, squalid, serve, apart, imbued, droughty, unattractive, advanced, vacuous, destroyed, volatile, audible, properly, dismantled, malfeasance, downy, functioning, iciness, monotonous, repeated, concealed, ritual, lay, drive, honeyed, anywise, astonished, shallow, misleading, pitch, beyond repair, systematic, done, auxiliary, crystal-clear, glint, indecisive, tawdry, efficacy, ornamented, psychedelic, mentality, inappropriate, uneven, untamed, incompetent, repressed, prickly, seedy, resplendent, orderly, impressionable, solely, prestige, glib, periodic, shut off, gallant, unfruitful, down in the dumps, isolated, spry, wholly, lovely, eclat, extra, lustrous, erosive, antecedent, arresting, unhindered, independent, unsightly, vast, decorated, precious, dappled, qualified, gauche, various, queer, panoramic, hoary, pretty, accessible, crowded, thorough, rocky, prevalent, humid, ply, effects, fatiguing, read, deadly, dreadful, prolix, colourful, friable, filigree, considerable, imperative, pithy, elapsed, simplistic, meticulous, gratis, unlawful, be pertinent, inescapable, auspicious, spotted, crucial, spring, wealthy, feline, pay, blear, fetid, collective, employed, medium, hale, baby, dun, relevant, lackluster, perplexing, equipped, lethal, foreordained, sanitary, ultimate, frantic, wakeful, chilly, workable, glistening, lapsed, unmixed, ungainly, taken, unplanned, given, tightly, advantage, streaked, scanty, suggestive, laughable, distasteful, clandestine, fairly, municipal, inaccessible, belongings, revolting, potent, petite, incomprehensible, preferred, steep, gallingly, factual, final, enjoyable, inconsequent, slope, ragged, burning, drenched, conforming, abruptly, scarce, peep, self-important, dashing, inventiveness, lumpish, glimpse, sensual, loveliness, unctuous, dumb, sanguine, allowed, howling, forbidding, mystic, reasonably, public, vying, superlative, rapid, smelly, displeasing, asleep, consciousness, sugary, menial, absorbing, lowest, hued, thirsty, sheer, faded, fallen, ravaged, wobbly, definite, appropriately, hairless, badness, fluffy, working, freeze, harmless, community, gracefulness, orthodox, imported, whirl, rosy, anyhow, sooty, crammed, deceiving, non-military, broken-down, tidy, secondary, sharply, coruscate, darling, degrading, violence, to the side, reddened, plump, commonplace, casual, wrought iron, modish, peaceable, barbed, second-rate, royal, turpitude, flexible, forlorn, prevailing, influx, frequent, obstructed, stodgy, sparse, dispirited, limited, untried, bewildered, poetic, opinion, past, estimation, gone by, off-centre, unmistakable, sovereign, repulsive, roomy, dignity, commendable, multi-hued, burnish, misplaced, uncertain, agrarian, without, deft, caustic, unfertile, tireless, consecutive, reflective, simply, dank, fold, possessions, arduous, lighthearted, niggling, awful, verbose, restored, except, musical, perforated, uncommonly, compelling, concise, foregoing, uncomplicated, cramped, immune, amiss, sentient, accelerated, beneficial, mottled, tailor-made, timorous, off, cat, picturesque, adored, full-grown, national, overrun, fascinating, mighty, reputation, unlit, tuck, lusterless, toilsome, examined, fatal, shocking, rank, ideal, bumpy, expanded, august, functional, pellucid, one-time, unnecessary, blurred, occupied, incidental, connect, securely, asset, flecked, flimsy, buoyancy, moneyed, sting, classified, drooping, putrid, irrelevant, unruffled, tapered, influential, dwarf, cabbalistic, choice, sudden, incessantly, fitted, unmodified

meaning: reliable | Genre: adjective

capable, unquestionable, honorable, believable, responsible, incorrupt, honoured

meaning: respectable | Genre: adjective

dressed, presentable, respected, attractive

meaning: respected | Genre: adjective

highly regarded, honored, reverent, venerated, creditable, admired

meaning: seemly | Genre: adjective


meaning: serious | Genre: adjective

devout, dedicated

meaning: speech | Genre: noun

invention, attest, renounce, howl, verbalize, slogan, babble, assail, cuss, push, accuse, dialogue, mellifluent, rig, prove, storm, vilify, greet, remark, root, allege, inside information, harangue, reply, judge, shout, enthuse, snort, damn, irony, search, mentioning, overused, swear, promise, discourse, respond, gossip, digression, rubbish, significance, cut up, inform, convert, speaking, admonish, contest, commentary, declaration, soap-box, pun, recommend, exactly, good-bye, uncoloured, stroke, notice, apprise, talkative, foreshadow, news, argue, disputation, criticism, refute, tongue, innuendo, unwritten, delivery, oration, chirp, accentuate, hurt, relate, condemnation, falsehood, palaver, differ, expostulate, abjure, blurt out, deliver, locution, rap, criticize, bat around, mention, reprehension, chatter, untruth, prevaricate, imply, rebut, vituperate, pronounce, saying, cheer, blame, pointer, press, fault, conference, carp, snarl, reassure, snitch, disparage, slur, plea, rehearse, hackneyed, witness, verbal, bombast, return, replication, bad-mouth, ill-tempered, emphasis, spread, imprecate, derision, enjoin, summon, mot, assert, warrant, rant, bring up, buzz, whisper, bullshit, inflection, importune, communicate, bombastic, spin, exhort, controversy, assessment, designation, vociferation, double meaning, spoken, enunciation, hint at, outcry, emphasise, unsaid, narrate, vitriolic, solicit, tattle, plead, confute, convince, deny, articulation, the grapevine, call, term, phrase, chat, attack, visit, speak, opprobrium, exaggeration, fabrication, mendacity, demonstrate, emit, shriek, articulate, idiom, cackle, revile, advice, urge, rebuke, communication, knock, bark, infer, rage, malign, offend, wish, repeat, salute, testify, indicator, address, retort, answer, put down, roar, hearten, whine, swear at, mockery, entreaty, revealing, platitudinous, say, guarantee, declaim, scuttle-butt, departure, nonsense, stress, claim, impart, win over, talking, counsel, contention, explanation, statement, bring forward, critique, play on words, suggest, word for word, farewell, unvarnished, cadence, perceive, make known, grandiloquent, shoot, calumny, debate, vex, controvert, pronunciation, scuttlebutt, phonetic, eloquence, lesson, hail, intensify, wound, describe, reproach, fable, noise, talk about, falsification, evince, disavow, yell, verbalise, maxim, yarn, impugn, blaspheme, mouth, charge, conversation, equivocate, indicate, counter, belabour, bid, pick, acclaim, censure, tip-off, put, indict, eloquent, find fault with, growl, inspire, squeal, calumniate, dishonour, inquiry, iterate, trite, declare, pledge, lecture, rejoin, riposte, monologue, bull, importance, pan, tell, win, necessitate, warn, argument, aver, assertion, rave, introduce, rumble, side show, trash, rhythm, induce, acquaint, loquacious, insinuate, scandal, discussion, comment, insist, utterance, joke, voiced, rendition, refer to, clamour, emphasize, voiceless, recount, scornful, tale, blab, dispute, contend, remonstrate, reject, word getting around, exclaim, recite, expression, colloquy, criticise, cruise, word, reproof, confer, prevarication, falsify, denote, react, whoop, converse, proverb, gas, denounce, clue, impel, condemn, prattle, complain, snap, assure, fume, slander, belittle, demand, reiterate, applaud, certify, inkling, sermon, echo, rejoinder, slam, bellow, accent, sing, excoriate, sarcasm, inquire, invite, jest, state, commitment, orate, submit, talk, diversion, balderdash, highlight, implore, explain, windy, rhetoric, forewarn, match, annotation, asseveration, voice, ambiguity, oral, precisely, adieu, cry, intonation, tacit, teach, garrulous, question, defamation, discuss, agitate, persuade, declamation, diction, rumor, ejaculate, elocution, instruction, cry out, underline, chin, report, denunciation, fib, prate

meaning: state | Genre: Verb

develop, sorrowful, neglect, believe in, glimmer, hungry, thirstiness, case, warmth, smashed, survive, lawless, defended, slave, cohere, delirious, announce, eternal, oneness, exultation, contingency, on vacation, flicker, luckless, unfulfilled, condition, dejected, parched, vital, entirety, think, peace, closed, silence, extend, death, singleness, carry, usual, down, confusion, tarry, unsafe, insane, wreck, dwell, loss, flank, suppose, destitution, slant, last, prejudice, stupor, glad, absent, careen, trepidation, insensate, drought, bleeding, unfastened, demented, misdeed, repose, comfort, sentenced, stalemate, tangled, reek, go on, injustice, difficulty, mess, not in, live, alarm, dilapidation, bustle, unwed, heated, extinct, wear, nap, wrathful, diminution, firmness, tipped, prepared, stationary, sorrow, stop, purblind, breathe, harbour, woeful, sloppy, soothing, wonderment, unpaid, majority, reliance, siesta, box, affront, wait for, radiate, well-off, intention, drowse, stamina, intoxicated, be remembered, ecstatic, sustained, stability, cling, dizzy, enunciate, old age, permanent, mellow, gladness, predicament, presume, twinkle, doomed, denuded, position, crest-fallen, befuddled, extant, unbridled, bosom, restricted, suspend, calmness, live in, fate, synthesis, keep, scrape, retired, thwarting, wait, liable, shaky, downcast, abide, unevenness, skirt, hold, poverty, airtight, want, insensibility, contentment, fastened, incline, horror, insensible, hunger, shot, unbarred, touched, demolition, lie, opulence, offended, draw, neediness, stench, persist, dogmatism, trial, elated, gone, clutter, panic, stage, flurry, quiescent, unsealed, terminated, misdoing, slumber, raging, caught, decay, unanimous, emanate, protracted, stagnant, tribulation, muddle, sightless, be, house, tragic, precipitation, sleepy, astonishment, worn, age, confidence, snooze, spot, disregard, await, invariable, nervousness, perfect, stripped, physical fitness, be imminent, be alive, berth, supported, substantiality, stick, mortality, owing, adulthood, season, touching, pinch, depend upon, glisten, meagre, uncovered, circumstance, hotness, drunken, living, undisciplined, vindicated, enslaved, swing, giddy, proclaim, extended, totality, rapture, strait, disqualified, frustration, piteous, emptied, rickety, despondent, tipsy, imperfect, solidarity, believe, peacefulness, sealed, maintain, overturn, unconsciousness, ruin, individuality, have, frozen over, unconscious, cloud, loiter, unblocked, daft, devastation, stay, privation, side, tie, indigence, continue, narrow-mindedness, coma, delighted, away, litter, consternation, pass, need for food, sick, cleared, deranged, sin, sleep, enraged, condemned, deadlock, united, foulness, lasting, static, affliction, untidiness, omitted, aware, indignant, disintegration, ado, eligible, wonder, spent, don, rest, infatuated, disdain, dissipation, intrepidity, inverted, developed, motionless, misery, stopover, hang, move, shelter, poignant, squally, mollifying, stupefaction, unsatisfied, infancy, trust, corner, indifference, confide in, gleam, underfed, thirst, lie down, heat, inebriated, prevail, thrilled, preserved, permanence, cleave, light-headed, enounce, ripen, enduring, unity, delight, crisis, left, sparkle, hapless, unoccupied, situation, crushed, seared, animate, uncontrollable, fraternal, order, flap, quietude, pervade, destruction, singularity, stock, jam, in the field, fog, linger, undefended, tottering, downhearted, occupy, irregularity, border, anticipate, deprivation, tilt, penury, racism, blackout, harmony, bound, tip, dread, comatose, famine, injured by gunfire, unbolted, crazed, breakdown, remain, affluence, disapproving, dead heat, stink, perpetuate, bigotry, ordeal, gratified, lacking, jumble, terror, damage, flutter, unmarried, tepid, ended, sport, doze, incensed, jammed, spoliation, endurance, upset, ripe, immobile, woe, unpleasantness, eyeless, exist, reside, dire, rainy, lethargic, surprise, exhausted, maturity, faith, shut-eye, fix, insult, expect, unchanging, mood, bias, recuperate, physical state, drunk, inhabit, billet, upheld, solidity, adhere, being, outstanding, childhood, affirm, deteriorate, joy, emergency, rely on, glitter, unlucky, unclosed, status, depressed, stoned, surviving, unruly, chummy, captive, dangle, supine, wide, union, satisfaction, pickle, put out, opposition, star-crossed, unguarded, doddering, disconsolate, sit, roughness, togetherness, deem, need, impermeable, tenant, topple, swoon, veneration, protected, list, frozen, out cold, darkening, delay, unlocked, cracked, desolation, relax, luxury, annoyed, stand-off, necessity, smell, persevere, intolerance, hell, pleased, out, disorder, dismay, juncture, hurry, dormant, removed, extinguished, inequity, trance, irate, entangled, consolidated, fetor, continued, standing still, hardship, plight, wanting, conscious, excitable, sad, perturbation, drowsy, amazement, wearied, hope, nod, wild about, contempt, watch, sturdy, disturbance, consummate, grief, sojourn, impend, subsist, lodge, pitiable, fact, ingratiating, existence, payable, decline, belief

meaning: sure | Genre: adjective

irrefutable, incontestable, indubitable, incontrovertible, satisfied

meaning: virtuous | Genre: adjective

holy, saintly, sainted, pious, angelic, godly, divine


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