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suit, action, proceeding, petition, plea, entreaty, trial

meaning: action | Genre: Verb

set forth, rub, submerge, go, give rise to, encourage, net, hold, gush, sense, adjust, determine, pick, extricate, rocket, perplex, dump, throw, threaten, parry, baby, slug, dispose, soil, bombard, erase, triumph, lend, do away with, inhume, louse, shame, sniff, thrash, commit, stop, gamble, grin, load, dig, descend, wake up, infuriate, catch, excel, quake, set right, go under, damn, stumble, jail, unite, proscribe, true, pick out, jump, exploit, assist, cease, staff, wait, bilk, clench, grace, feel, fascinate, balk, fix, peel, dispense, grieve, employ, repeat, smother, mangle, humour, crook, finish, unfairly, defy, lay, dub, credit, bow and scrape, engulf, give up, spot, pass, accomplish, delegate, thump, bake, flatten, fluff, lunge, stab, necessitate, wake, occupy, shut in, peg, pretend, worm, violation, sip, donate, buy, transit, beach, demonstrate, ferment, announce, flame, uphold, break up, relent, steal, clear up, admit, endanger, cast off, appropriate, apologize, pull, empower, buck, disoblige, enter, redo, store, purloin, reverse, lean, obey, circumscribe, rift, hang, thrill, gaze, impale, toast, sign, taint, convey, happen upon, disguise, stroke, parch, plane, fly, cut off, flow out, apprise, fold, exert, devise, sight, insinuate oneself, storm, lacerate, enable, pay for, victimise, impel, spread, shake up, dress, blister, penetrate, conceal, see, flight, set loose, snub, bring to light, pocket, bore, define, crimp, tempt, do wrong, uproot, evade, dampen, reveal, greeting, fasten, better, enfold, slap, disobey, hesitate, enrapture, loose, encounter, react, stir, stall, compensate, butt, comprise, conquer, bank, hasten, shock, invade, entice, culminate, proffer, gather, grow, disintegrate, rescind, torment, attend, shred, confuse, yield, abuse, invalidate, board, reserve, resolve, gust, incise, cloud, greet, liberate, shut, slip, laugh, maim, change, defer, satisfy, curb, depress, acquit, toil, paraphrase, dishonour, replace, padlock, uncover, shroud, obtain, negate, manoeuvre, pitch, sacrifice, nerve, arouse, divide, quit, recompense, shoulder, hurl, imprint, kick back, appall, speculate, induce, perfect, slacken, exclude, deaden, deceive, set afire, interdict, follow, do, litter, foul, bump off, overrule, boast, observe, snatch, blast, dissolve, agitate, commission, exempt, make up, push, giggle, expand, conversion, deny, tranquillise, categorize, goad, outfit, clear, picture, depict, collapse, salvation, penalize, splinter, cure, unfold, end, establish, sprawl, steel, immerse, subject, send, animate, collar, man, spurt, disappoint, adapt, date, bear, save, deprive, fuss, blunt, slam, frown, withstand, purify, cincture, flop, pollute, bomb, expunge, exaggerate, disembark, destroy, inter, bumble, weaken, scent, bash, arrange, prevent, rebel, avenge, heap, keep back, fall, reopen, infatuate, incarcerate, outdo, cringe, ameliorate, keel, redemption, confiscate, overrun, commence, brush, lurch, intern, depart, accomplishment, baptise, withdraw from, practice, remain, grab, clutch, bless, appreciate, take in, mock, pluck, lessen, soar, upset, empty, atone for, hush, bisect, pamper, warp, intermit, entangle, brave, deposit, entitle, loan, curtsy, sepulchre, abstain, mortify, match, buffet, promise, deter, dare, smoke, saddle, recognize, snag, obligate, enact, attract, pen, track, feign, join, curse, sift, fake, consolidate, condemn, thrust, sour, twitch, transaction, foster, let alone, guard, sojourn, select, contain, jeopardise, scrape, enchant, defend, nip, skin, shy, inconvenience, hire, revert, park, hijack, spoil, deviate, regard, encircle, cleft, impose, denominate, look, stoop, address, gesture, discolour, skim over, find, cloak, knock, scorch, iron, leaven, disappear, emerge, notify, decamp, secure, sample, bequest, direct, slither, rape, tear, present, pick up, mug, force, exhibit, acerbate, publicize, flare, help, shade, sweeten, flag, unchain, insult, disclose, demand, perform, justify, confine, qualify, sin, detach, set foot in, allay, pass on, mean, withdraw, swerve, harm, clap, violate, suspend, titillate, peep, bayonet, pledge, call, tint, vanish, clash, comprehend, knock down, identify, upend, dart, disunite, draw, dike, tender, crease, effect, erode, recall, tickle, beset, cleave, suppose, give, murder, annul, batter, maintain, solve, wound, gash, veil, inspect, avoidance, sky-rocket, overlook, muck-rake, notch, spike, delay, cater, brake, swamp, absolve, exertion, copy, disrobe, substitute, tighten, detect, bandage, bang, transgress, waver, cast, lose, front, recover, movement, choke, indemnify, lash, jolt, mark, repay, sicken, wet, magnetize, climax, turn down, limit, dodge, bamboozle, ignite, ostracise, accompany, respond, mix, enclose, do in, neutralize, cover, comply, kidnap, explode, thin, flourish, ambush, emancipate, embrace, blunder, snigger, reduce, mutation, table, repose, specify, sting, arm, exculpate, conceive, cartoon, faint, rescue, notice, gap, add salt, disrupt, drop, import, idle, innervate, carry, shoot, slouch, vitalise, lob, furnish, bleed, revenge, horrify, dismay, inhale, elect, ease, distress, benumb, fool, lower, waive, fan, belt, forage, defile, swindle, omit, gloat, land, spirit, prick, miss, intimidate, use, girdle, comb, block, oppose, recollect, switch, disallow, rest, unbar, target, apprehend, relieve, cower, rectify, totter, ransom, exact, rebound, start, enervate, divorce, ascribe, set out, graze, plunge, abandon, occasion, instil, lasso, grip, exude, perceive, conform, defeat, cull, spare, zoom, harass, eject, plump, darken, slice, coddle, bend, discontinue, stain, boot, put, style, contribute, kneel, plant, skip, embarrass, pair, flail, entrust, check, chance, smirk, fill, understand, subside, get up, vote, nab, surpass, blanch, meliorate, submit, consign to hell, tumble, imprison, bluff, couple, banish, shape, sound, spring, feat, aid, terminate, garrison, pause, con, clamp, grant, shave, interest, disconcert, pinch, flake, prohibit, trouble, contract, duplicate, mute, rive, indulge, curve, relinquish, foully, break, seat, title, debit, grovel, cover up, avoid, blot, pass over, attain, consign, bump, anneal, even, pat, leap, issue, warn, prod, engage, close in, insert, level, crawl, assault, assess, impart, get, activity, put aground, display, curdle, advertise, blaze, sustain, indent, mollify, gain, let go, slight, imperil, take off, utilise, assert, jerk, authorise, beacon, earn, go into, cool, part, swipe, retreat, droop, injure, surround, rupture, dangle, delight, stare, slash, salute with a drink, beckon, dye, go away, meet with, mask, down, band, capsize, flee, disjoin, will, put to use, bend back, put forth, bite, lift, sneak, strike, rip, hand out, acquire, victimize, propel, transmit, conclude, align, scald, score, obscure, scrutinise, fleeing, climb, ignore, show up, bag, drill, delimit, press, urge, single, excuse, shun, moderate, undress, smooch, lock, advance, envelop, swat, infract, demur, rouse, disengage, confront, reconsider, stirring, kill the engine, refund, chain, embody, knock out, heap up, disgust, damp, lure, top, spurn, copyright, duck, etch, dismantle, forbid, escort, behave, mix up, accord, mar, nullify, board up, have, explain, outpouring, lance, flap, treat, deliver, seal, err, chortle, mill, exchange, retard, quiet, reef, gore, reprieve, fancy, counterfeit, repudiate, clinch, descry, yawn, receive, interrupt, procedure, heave, lounge, fortify, awaken, diverge, fail, disburse, strengthen, stand, fit, impress, retaliate, offend, dash, suck, choose, recline, bother, shackle, defraud, set fire to, resign, air, comport oneself, jumble, dirty, refrain from, delete, brag, strike out with the foot, waylay, fissure, water, unsettle, play, zone, invent, jostle, hee-haw, think, permutation, disown, tranquillize, open, prickle, arrest, vindicate, fault, mend, swoon, recovery, penalise, hop, flavour, dispirit, break off, suppress, languish, touch, dip, surprise, make, inspirit, snare, provide, trickle, project, accommodate, register, bring in, salvage, rook, disturb, tarnish, fling, scowl, ward off, freshen, sock, vault, smut, attack with bombs, obliterate, crow, arrive, extinguish, lay away, blow, enfeeble, smell, whack, disentangle, impede, risk, smile, pack, withhold, decline, awake, derange, detain, beat, tremble, correct, succumb, emancipation, trip, trespass, originate, doom, bungle, prefer, startle, achievement, baptize, escape from, compel, linger, gyp, clasp, endow, apperceive, captivate, baffle, pin, scale, shoot up, pain, fling down, redress, muffle, dissect, cosset, bow, desist, tangle, challenge, settle, name, oblige, bend the knee, inundate, refrain, humble, mate, achieve, confide, hit, hazard, light a cigarette, cram, dive, ensnare, expect, poll, absorb, corral, muddy, affect, link, savour, confer, act out, bring together, reject, pressure, turn, post, burn, nourish, dent, melt, appease, discriminate, include, make liable, shed, adopt, apologise, twinge, invest, draw back, discommode, take on, return, pull in, filch, back, sway, heel, bound, crack, levy, christen, glance, knife, tally, gesticulate, streak, transfer, discover, hood, impact, char, grade, foam, disconnect, come forth, inform, run away, attack, estrange, leave, guide, inch, assail, split, assign, procure, rob, drive, show, envenom, station, incinerate, cut, hide, watch, signal, unfetter, scorn, betray, sack, tap, advocate, cramp, vest, misbehave, remove, elude, assuage, bare, kiss, repel, buckle, hurt, clobber, contravene, attach, enthuse, countenance, meet, salutation with a drink, prompt, tinge, pay, collide, incorporate, fell, stripe, invert, escape, invite, cap, volunteer, double, make twice as much, eat away, repeal, itch, raid, rend, mess, bestow, ruin, void, cudgel, retain, answer, burst, claw, shelter, concentrate, free, tower, disregard, debunk, deface, perforate, put off, purvey, slow, scuttle, condone, labour, represent, default, supplant, tie, locate, roll up, derive, dismiss, move, ejection, forfeit, come upon, unveil, branch, die, requite, wrap, intrude, discharge, brand, pay off, nauseate, stake, allure, consummate, renounce, safeguard, dull, beguile, inflame, ostracize, go with, deal, clutter, restrict, slay, vacate, paper, mind, abduct, blow up, dilute, brandish, trust, manumit, coin, elbow, cackle, attenuate, substitution, procrastinate, pacify, categorise, smart, cock, exonerate, envision, delineate, pass out, deliverance, fine, yawp, season, divulge, separate, introduce from abroad, relax, invigorate, support, point, mail, excite, sling, implement, flow, sell, tailor, chill, produce, nominate, ease off, annoy, soften, gull, glower, repulse, vent, strap, plunder, poison, delude, efface, glory, leave the ship, kill, bury, fumble, frighten, render, punch, untangle, hinder, resist, bear in mind, burden, refuse, compose, unlock, distract, bust, head, shrink, amend, go down, release, amerce, fly back, begin, impair, drown, lock up, arise, smooth, sink, depart from, execute, stay, hoodwink, grasp, ooze, discern, accept, master, extract, curtail, ascend, persecute, unload, repair, silence, chisel, mollycoddle, twist, restrain, clog, throw out, place, designate, supply, genuflect, put away, forego, humiliate, marry, kick, commend, obstruct, venture, beam, lade, recognise, fall upon, cost, cast a ballot, seize, pound, quail, assume, surrender, accurse, misstep, simulate, combine, denounce, bear down, gauge, bolt, performance, favour, forbear, people, tarry, entrap, purchase, jeopardize, pare, charm, foil, squeeze, exfoliate, preclude, perturb, put on, reproduce, forgive, carve, fondle, deflect, heed, circle, fracture, set, term, intertwine, prostrate oneself, enshroud, motion, blemish, skim, reach, allocate, rap, harden, roll, shake, plummet, emit, alert, abscond, rivet, taste, eliminate, bequeath, aim, creep, defilement, reprove, offer, take, progress, strand, broadcast, acidify, publicise, sear, abet, peck, gentle, win, set free, disdain, lay open, deem, utilize, espouse, compress, authorize, omen, chalk up, go in, abate, pass away, intend, retire, incline, damage, encompass, division, hook, electrify, eye, stick, salute, wave, colour, fade, crash, screen, bring down, tag, overturn, rush, alienate, pile up, admonish, pleat, bring about, corrode, revoke, patient, set upon, sever, devote, share, molest, cancel, utter, keep, straighten, singe, scratch, protect, scrutinize, running away, increase, neglect, make known, package, spear, outline, serve, solicit, soak, pardon, exercise, temper, strip, squash, close, refine, swathe, smack, infringe, halt, toss, unfasten, face, recur, course, flood, guerdon, connect, jar, tackle, reimburse, revolt, moisten, magnetise, crown, rebuff, license, crouch, cheat, light, outlaw, chaperon, conduct, muddle, cabin, assassinate, neutralise, plank, hold back, work, torrent, pierce, waggle, trap, loosen, latch, mistake, roar, diminish, interchange, postpone, calm, classify, stifle, remit, imagine, forge, go bankrupt, bind, expose, gape, salt, abbreviate, step, launch, loaf, brace, waken, fire, stamp, vitalize, suffer, equip, label, punish, outrage, deject, drain, appoint, unwind, pester, dim, dupe, kindle, forgo, ventilate, conduct oneself, smear, besmirch, trick, undo, revel, stomp, seduce, puncture, water down, daunt, operation, gird, rhyme, shove, rise, remember, trade, disclaim, still, unclose, unearth, capture, disencumber, fear, improve, keel over, liberation, mulct, recoil, preserve, subdue, desert, attribute, loll

meaning: law | Genre: noun

proposal, petition, genuine, government, judicial, hearing, reproach, decide, order, claim, impeach, regulation, magistrate, protected, illegal, accuse, tax, take to court, tribunal, proposed law, petition the court, legitimate, ruling, try, lawsuit, allegation, constitutional, verdict, incriminate, referee, judgment, suit, controlled, standard, arraign, sue, bench, act, litigate, lawful, authority, plea, bar, accusation, statutory, prosecution, indictment, hear, edict, proceeding, cite, precept, charge, judge, exclusive, ordinance, inculpate, file suit, judiciary, measure, bring suit, legal, statute, adjudicate, case, imputation, forensic, decree, blame, dictum, action, cause, licensed, illicit, implicate, prosecute, court, draft, file a claim for damages, fitting, rule, entreaty, trial, complaint, juridical, award, censure, examine, writ, process, patent, principle, impute, forum of justice, patented, direction, bill, claim damages, right


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