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rise, climb, go up, scale


make ready, produce, ready, fix on, raise

meaning: activity | Genre: Verb

blast, convoy, bowl, embody, summon, garb, inform, graze, inhibit, redo, exhaust, film, account, view, con, overspread, harm, eat one's heart out, rule, elaborate, gauge, emotion, chastise, exhume, install, stabilise, demolish, stampede, welcome, retrieve, co-ordinate, tipple, measure, trifle, envenom, amend, shadow, storm, fashion, modification, take back, rumination, smirk, conflict, stretch out, pursue, snivel, vacate, jot down, harass, abandon, take care of, derange, blow, lambaste, splatter, index, weave, tally, impersonate, daydream, salve, discourage, hard, cast, apportion, smoulder, coil, experiment, screw, drain, detach, better, wing, entail, victimise, chisel, clasp, set up, strafe, corn, usher in, stack, light, foil, cut off, differ, price, percolate, assort, absorb, dawdle, shower, degrade, retch, wrest, unroll, soak, hale, fine, grub, manipulate, flare up, hoist, sport, describe, palpate, encounter, goad, fault, spray, police, restate, disgrace, loft, arouse, mutation, thicken, read, undertake, put on file, vault, grasp, deluge, club, register, sew, run away, trade, live, whisper, pet, moot, catalogue, drivel, balance, bet, steer, cleanse, sprinkle, cripple, handcuff, frisk, enlist, acquaint, give off, procure, group, portion, unnerve, nip, usher, accustom, carve, tame, constitute, set aside, trick, rollick, stimulate, catch fish, crowd, scrub, look at, mature, sieve, stir up, size, play, craze, taint, labor, costume, call up, matriculate, lead, excuse, behave, control, rid, land, use a razor, mutiny, frolic, turn out, overwork, brush, banter, civilize, reproduce, expose, propagate, rouse, convert, allay, tidy up, corrupt, apply, perseverance, embrace, abound, referee, nab, pantomime, propose, sell, be unoccupied, fib, interrupt, defend, discern, detect, heat up, defeat, lug, avert, reckon, stay, gape, disquiet, order, indict, void, pierce, guard, monopolize, activate, chart, allure, bask, lop, repress, blister, undress, harness, flounce, oppress, pin, throng, censor, trudge, expand, saw, honour, slumber, lather, pileup, bruise, ornament, cash in, cleansing, steal, dirty, defraud, advise, consume food, illuminate, decree, issue, stream, breed, drip, remit, facilitate, reform, coddle, exhibit, suckle, pack, commute, superimpose, braid, crystallise, rasp, afflict, type in, flit, enamel, save, throw down, make clear, publicise, perusal, becloud, ransack, recover, encampment, make fast, build up, slack, sketch, jerk, elucidate, ingest, quell, applaud, pale, prove, relish, verve, rehearse, surmise, falter, look for, skin, request, utter, snip, tap, burn up, dispossess, deliberate, sign, pillage, mend, cramp, bowdlerize, exertion, aggrandize, envelop, dock, nod, poach, stifle, berth, fulfil, vanish, misspend, draw out, tarnish, nurse, adorn, empower, humble, loot, emanate, traction, nurture, flood, shake, shroud, regret, moderate, proffer, compress, wax, switch, radiate, writhe, share, smooth, obtrude, put in, sneak around, standardize, affix, inflate, mob, interpolate, befuddle, woo, see, abide, look, stray, review, outline, rip, incommode, propel, strengthen, rent, scope, frost, tax, benefit, consume, suppose, displease, put on, strip, close in upon, retire, excise, seal, salvo, wend, broadcast, list, blemish, persist, tears, break up, pry, fret, distend, mind, line up, elect, probe, bob, ravish, discharge, fade, profit, fantasize, aver, stagger, depend, affect, take down, detect by nose, prevail, certify, perceive, submerge, shock, batter, discard, imitate, immolate, true, complete, responsibility, counteract, manifold, rim, besiege, exalt, top, curtail, negotiate, spend, permeate, mash, scrutinise, cheat, overwhelm, lacerate, anoint, oblige, labour, kiss, showmanship, riddle, dig out, shoulder, steady, initial, terrorize, entertain, fetch, equate, toss, evaluate, monkey, plate, hide, accumulate, fume, form, assign, re-establish, reflection, smile, resist, widen, last, weep, disencumber, note, fidget, devise, obey, edge, prefer, torment, venture, keep, provoke, sum, essay, visualise, precede, dull, poise, glance, parcel, vaporise, earn, glow, toy, wither, start, make obedient, entwine, imply, scroll, slice, barrage, increase, exfoliate, typify, announce, bang, kindle, baffle, encourage, modernize, terminate, seep, mother, partake, delude, journey over, ruin, inhale, exact, divulge, exploit, draw, castigate, delve, handle, flame, lay off, show off, portray, finger, abscond, guzzle, displace, interfere, canker, renew, shame, explode, plan, movement, encrust, attention, direct, reason, pave, celebrate, bewail, overcast, mark down, adore, forsake, pan, disorder, breathe, pat, mingle, alphabetise, salivate, equalise, compete, patch, soothe, sadden, violently, bind, mete out, tranquillize, know, give forth, induce, found, dissociate, bother, gnaw, import, rummage, mangle, pick, organise, jail, corner, fight, confer, kiln, crossbreed, hew, variegate, value, filtrate, dive, convene, jest, splinter, vitiate, gag, clothe, dial, douse, haul, penalize, practice, adjust, clear, pick up, suffer, rebel, trip, happen, overburden, clean, josh, sleek, relate, bleed, cultivate, disturb, alter, find, toil, buy, categorise, application, clench, jet, instruct, catch, exaggerate, mean, patronise, love, lie, pause, weigh, deduce, spy, blend, romp, navigate, bulwark, compute, find out, admire, annoy, regulate, pen, make use of, drill, cluster, busy, disconcert, taste, lure, conform, crop, break, transact, set apart, gear, aspire, smash, fasten, herd, process, wake, evolve, hoard, consecrate, glue, froth, impact, flog, array, expire, washing, prepare, justify, decipher, work, congeal, disembark, vandalise, flatten, stamp, father, urge, send, foster, interview, boil, show, allocate, ring, resolve, carpet, tune, become, deposit, diligence, add, flap, whitewash, trap, slough, itemise, collude, bum, overthrow, persuade, ransom, swim, reveal, mention, loose, upset, wrench, characterise, dine, hinder, commend, daub, verify, stock, wind up, puncture, guess, flounder, inure, picture, unearth, pronounce, mow, subjugate, oxidise, deprive, consider, print, disfigure, correct, cram, edit, immure, open, invest, solemnize, drowse, stalk, slow, moor, defile, recede, throw away, understand, sully, administer, lynch, employ, illume, persevere, put out, pressure, feed, ooze, freight, disguise, remedy, cool, offer, rationalise, confine, exchange, spatter, wriggle, streamline, abrade, invade, introduce, fog, counterfeit, cooperate, make full, take over, inject, darken, perpetrate, attend, hitch, gaze, meander, ease off, skeleton, rend, hamper, push, curb, cheer, etiolate, ice, smack, dynamism, drink, hypothesise, misfire, temper, husk, space, impart, shear, tape, volley, dismantle, strew, tag, rob, carry on, lamentation, flush, wake up, slave, bloat, imbue, line, ram, search for, foot, overpower, comply with, wane, water, stretch, assert, doubt, cling, reward, demit, knot, succeed, try, please, engulf, shudder, leaf through, rue, refrigerate, tender, lade, accomplish, duty, intercept, class, sacrifice, cache, animate, trust, smuggle, arbitrate, stick on, stand in, bray, instil, follow, face, damage, lubricate, lust, border, fondle, drama, perforate, pass away, prod, buttress, let, frighten, host, overload, log, quaff, estimate, ebb, baby, pocket, separate, rage, eviscerate, return, chafe, meditation, reconstruct, challenge, atomise, support, bawl, blank out, search, be vexed, contrive, attend to, embroider, name, accelerate, endanger, preserve, plague, add up, endeavour, conceive, oversee, duck, hover, concoct, lull, breathe in, attain, thrill, systematise, evaporate, stun, shatter, exclude, mimic, spiral, bake, bombard, yield, shell, epitomise, call, deck out, inspire, browse, gladden, recreate, expend, make a motion picture, total, watch, cozen, case, wreck, be distressed, call for, overdo, milk, tension, torture, shovel, establish, firm, destroy, hang wallpaper, image, bring, equipoise, booze, shift, tamper, infect, rectify, tail, seethe, mould, alteration, cake, thought, sneer, figure, disseminate, engage in, bemoan, cut away, write down, hymn, fail, mine, clutter, gasp, lash, adulterate, sort, spit, even, personate, imagine, harmonise, dishearten, vigourously, chain, deal out, gloss, curl, map, imprison, disconnect, decrease, bite, signify, victimize, bisect, accept, construct, blitz, pickle, riot, dike, inflame, frustrate, fell, diverge, appraise, distil, sound, sit, dally, drench, pervert, choke, wring, disentangle, saturate, drag, trounce, articulate, manage, free, uplift, occur, oppose, point out, refinish, strike, shine, squirt, patrol, reiterate, scandalise, promotion, agitate, modify, telephone, compare, take on, classify, thrive, grip, immerse, bludgeon, bag, vet, hatch, barter, enjoy life, wheeze, dab, argue, rearrange, slobber, whip, stake, conduct, purge, powder, maltreat, wonder, gambol, enroll, familiarise, utilise, effect, collect, dominate, fluster, chomp, convey, habituate, trim, domesticate, act, lay aside, tree, skylark, singe, attach, troop, launder, witness, age, store, instigate, coat, cream, figure out, injure, belabor, apparel, ring up, cut down, compose, extenuate, seem, deal with, benumb, come down, barber, iron, forge, farm, compel, scour, help, poll, recite, bare, give rise to, encircle, transform, console, do housework, pay off, submit an application, zeal, press, pour, paint, kill, cast off, purpose, brew, lounge, invent, wait, protect, distinguish, descry, investigation, put down, tug, define, lunch, detain, superintend, grieve, settle, people, evacuate, penetrate, check, flunk, act toward, chalk, convince, give, lop off, soften, wound, disrobe, accompany, strut, aggrieve, plant, squeeze, expurgate, wall, unfold, sever, commemorate, doze, churn, roar, anchor, molest, disappear, ablution, derive, soil, swindle, hang, devour, brighten, leak, publish, emit, procreate, dribble, route, cloak, ameliorate, parch, uncover, contemplate, package, invert, cart, intertwine, crystallize, scrape, sting, scan, take off, coin, deliver, cause to fall, particularise, publicize, tuck in, befog, go over, redeem, camp, place, thread, slacken, blueprint, tear, entitle, feast, suppress, compliment, whiten, decide, enjoy, animation, teach, theorise, flop, look around, peel, dispose, give out, pare, empty, incinerate, withhold, seed, label, despoil, hold, cry, sanitise, moil, augment, enshroud, set down, turn in, seek, extinguish, force, satisfy, dissolve, lay waste, lengthen, smear, double, drape, charter, abase, copulate, originate, test, purvey, inundate, quake, veil, mourn, lessen, submit, condense, polish, alternate, spread, contort, participate, fill, infringe on, office, crib, umpire, stick together, pump up, pulverize, break in, bewilder, bid, call on, keep on, demand, front, criticise, formulate, disjoint, clog, bulldoze, uphold, contract, purview, embellish, burden, go into, imbibe, predicate, regress, don, plump, converge, cede, disembowel, hand, bury, roam, darn, battle, blot, remain, howl, wipe clean, examine, be troubled, put together, heed, pad, choose, quicken, cavort, violate, needle, count, amount to, fantasise flash, testify, waver, rely, befit, couch, scent, obtain, demonstrate, grope, dry, scare, crush, eliminate, engross, donate, stash, perform, bear, right, illustrate, girdle, habit, enliven, cut short, impede, update, use up, take up, squash, scrutinize, mislead, cap, sabotage, pine, postulate, belabour, fornicate, climax, punish, scoop, put, stabilize, raze, alarm, accommodate, go after, measure up, swill, rank, fool around, poison, enclose, pluck, scream, design, transmit, requite, cogitation, leer, buffet, enlarge, stick, whine, remove obstructions, record, irritate, desert, tend, litter, select, smite, splash, bottle, bedevil, tale, enact, visualize, heal, deject, loiter, reflect, allot, vaporize, secure, sample, dabble, swab, daze, mollify, corkscrew, involve, mistreat, haggle, rake, manufacture, bomb, personify, proclaim, heap, ignite, contradict, refresh, digress, conclude, infiltrate, cradle, extract, dupe, rain, hurt, vomit, extort, lay bare, wet, pull, chasten, channel, ply, blaze, elevate, flash, render, toy with, decamp, incite, change, ape, contaminate, repeat, dishonour, heave, shape, transformation, harden, peruse, assume, opine, bound, clutch, blubber, overshadow, transcribe, bless, give up, burrow, mess up, exhale, caress, debate, alphabetize, drool, equilibrate, contend with, pilot, disinfect, dust, abuse, fetter, cleave, serve, befriend, beam, bring about, base, parcel out, aggravate, nibble, presuppose, season, rive, occupy, organize, spare, collar, carouse, heat, fish, mix, wash, behold, mark, refine, foment, assemble, joke, crackle, cheapen, sicken, accoutre, phone, hose, trail, reprove, carry out, feel, disengage, hold up, make amends, secede, jump, prosper, overtax, burnish, chaff, civilise, recapitulate, get rid of, engender, excite, vary, ordain, travail, bribe, categorize, enterprise, clinch, spout, prompt, seize, mime, intend, shop, loaf, fabricate, hesitate, discuss, ascertain, discover, warm, disport, tow, garrison, discriminate, hit upon, be astonished, discommode, calibrate, scribble, dump, bore, improve, monopolise, spur, snap, seduce, sun, truncate, calm, react, awaken, match, lift, wrong, implant, swarm, clean up, motivate, mellow, stow, sanctify, sleep, foam, clatter, ravage, attire, decease, bathing, write, palliate, work out, supervise, solidify, alight, vandalize, steam, career, beget, trickle, transport, further, question, mull, display, appropriate, box, substitute, cover with carpet, attune, develop, grind, assiduity, feed in, fleet, varnish, rescue, cast down, itemize, promote, amble, vanquish, comb, release, bath, enumerate, boost, relax, overturn, grab, characterize, sup, suspend, cite, lacquer, determine, savour, nerve, practise, conjecture, blunder, wont, block, reserve, put forth, reap, enslave, oxidize, bankrupt, think, inscribe, plunder, emend, stuff, bowdlerise, drudgery, aggrandise, enfold, drop anchor, nap, hound, abate, tie up, spoil, end, dissipate, attenuate, foul, minister to, decorate, engage, humiliate, sack, come, intensity, nourish, drown, shiver, mask, regenerate, chill, present, rationalize, finish, swap, spew forth, squirm, sculpt, level off, intrude, insert, dim, standardise, receive, fill up, wedge, speak up, obfuscate, court, stop by, join, gawk, loop, lax, draw up, sprain, bog, shove, brace, flatter, bleach, decorate a cake, tang, use, swallow, hypothesize, disappoint, wear, shuck, come near, draw back, hollow out, wrap, round, denude, scatter, chronicle, spot, endure, weeping, clarify, nose, worry, dilate, level, align, launch, inquire, hoof, rape, answer, lapse, irrigate, dream, asseverate, scruple, adhere, hit, let down, smell, triumph, corroborate, gorge, overflow, tremble, crash, reject, copy, volunteer, mill, achieve, commission, reach, trace, surround, attack, inspirit, shorten, bridle, adjudicate, paste, pervade, triturate, survey, chase, blanket, impair, grease, ask for, overlay, cuddle, farce, hole, pass on, elbow, bolster, letter, terrorise, receive guests, tire, equal, suck, calculate, subside, indulge, conceal, cull, rant, model, transfer, reinstate, contemplation, grin, combat, atomize, sustain, sob, extricate, poke, fuss, erect, notice, inventory, pick out, mar, make bold, put up, tease, numerate, strive, conjure up, govern, plunge into water, linger, create, pacify, smoke, gain, tingle, systematize, soak up, jolt, gentle, redress, plot, tighten, cut, torpedo, gross, decorticate, epitomize, signal, rig, burn, cross, hearten, modernise, run through, filter, consist of, sip, deceive, paper, mutilate, brood, command, disclose, fleece, tragedy, berate, spade, quarter, stiffen, recline, flaunt, depict, go for, escape, toast, fare, meddle, fester, remodel, dog, yell, pattern, variation, crust, consideration, simper, comprehend, gild, observe, moan, cloud, enter, glorify, defect, quarry, disarrange, pant, distress, deteriorate, tabulate, spew, equalize, emulate, piece, harmonize, dispirit, energetically, shackle, divide, tranquillise, twine, mop, cause, ground, disjoin, gloss over, chew, denote, rip-off, dissect, adopt, institute, shut, salt, brawl, bestow, enkindle, thwart, whack, contrast, assess, sift, fathom, meet, idle, crack, debase, be nauseated, dress, spread out, bathe, purchase, penalise, partition, wield, relieve, rear, take place, revolt, designate, plaster, punch, buff, kid, perfect, echo, scandalize, jack, dislocate, modulate, make a call, sweat, enter upon, pigeonhole, industry, carry, gush, pommel, capture, parody, project, patronize, delight in, fable, pat on the back, ponder, tell, splutter, whisk, wager, guide, purify, glimpse, marvel, pain, set, familiarize, utilize, occasion, gather, study, perturb, munch, entice, proportion, shave, master, officiate, lay away, fool, revel, devastate, fast, flock together, decontaminate, regard, ripen, amass, respect, glaze, spume, decode, kick, page throughChrIl, outfit, die, refer, frame, mitigate, appear, operate, become solid, get down, shed, smooth clothing, hammer, run a farm, constrain, ship, ease, canvas, cook, report, bring together, encompass, vacillate, appease, time, hire, petition, hard work, input, teem, surface, net, throw off, detail, cogitate, loll, down, influence, fortify, differentiate, advertise, examination, subdue, yank, render precisely, eat, delay, praise, tint, judge, populate, spill, dig, be careful, fall short, behave toward, adumbrate, learn, afford, harvest, tone down, scorch, unclothe, escort, imprint, persecute, repair, jam, expunge, shut off, unravel, chop, solemnise, snooze, hunt, damp, secure with an anchor, assault, cease, squander, infer, pollute, doctor, execute, exercise, lighten, creep, distribute, stress, sire, leap, consign, obscure, revise, parboil, uncloak, analyse, crate, replace, eject, plait, grow, sharpen, pique, indicate, manoeuvre, mint, liberate, bow, particularize, transgress, interject, blur, commit, set free, connect, stare, wind around, loosen, plans, strain, interpret, take a break, restrain, approve, blanch, confirm, sense, hardihood, indoctrinate, theorize, founder, shore, flay, marshal, communicate, prune, pour out, burst, divest, sow, score, waste, continue, lament, sanitize, drudge, amplify, infuse, sublet, shut-eye, investigate, suffocate, overcome, gratify, decay, desolate, pull out, have, fill in for, furnish, lease, depress, tie, win, assay, provide, swamp, quiver, thumb, repine, reduce, pose, load, stain, charge, overtake, type, experience, supply, fire, employment, play false, mediate, cement, replenish, pulverise, include, muddle, attract, tarry, oil, require, veneer, criticize, delineate, pump, perish, impel, prop, pay, panic, mist, encumber, perform data entry, gulp, solve, relapse, get into, fatten, approximate, give over, excavate, bequeath, embed, rove, restore, clash, disperse, maintain, yowl, erase, inspect, care, build, listen, quilt, take, expedite, dare, can, pester, number, attempt, fancy, head, query, rest, touch, assuage, sniff, acquire, affirm, combine, wipe, startle, fracture, jettison, duplicate, contribute, stockpile

meaning: animal | Genre: noun

doe, horse, being from outer space, company, bloodsucker, ray, cur, salmon, primate, puppy, pointer, with child, mandible, dickey, drone, savage, wild, kitty, water fowl, bovine, cannibal, maggot, half-breed, young, flesh, sea creature, one year old animal, adult, grizzly, cat, hog, remains, invertebrate, idler, grown, band, pest, goose, deer, stag, squab, vital, gathering, hunting dog, gravid, beak, donkey, bee, young fox, serpent, baby cat, jackass, black, aborigine, worm, mixture, prey, longhorn, orang-outang, baby bovine, gnat, baby goat, seafood, carcass, organism, rooster, ripe, creature, louse, bird, bestial, buck, pigeon, having life, gang, crustaceans, big, enceinte, bitch, trout, gorilla, whelp, snake, nib, jennet, worker, barbarian, feral, beetle, drake, cow, cattle, parasite, mutt, offspring, turkey, cadaver, living thing, full-grown, beast, family, boar, brutal, vertebrate, baby sheep, alien, body, leech, crow, hind, canine, voting, mortal, clique, bird dog, expecting, projection, ass, flying insect, young wolf, viper, kit, burro, beef, bully, caterpillar, mongrel, sheep, meat, jellyfish, yearling, hawk, lion, pig, corpse, mammal, cock, developed, hulk, mite, chicken, carnal, fawn, dove, breathing, crew, molluscs, pregnant, bill, pup, poultry, chimpanzee, young dog, reptile, kitten, mule, queen, ruffian, untamed, insect, game, bull, livestock, calf, hybrid, youth, lamb, carrion, quadruped, large black bird, grown-up, brute, tick, piglet, beastly

meaning: arise | Genre: Verb

go forth, come forth, result, ensue

meaning: ascend | Genre: Verb

tower, surmount, shoot up, skyrocket, scramble, clamber, rocket

meaning: exclusion | Genre: Verb

omit, shut out, leave out, expulsion, prohibition, limit, anomaly, outlaw, but, elimination, cancellation, repudiation, exemption, forget, boycott, delete, removal, breach, set off, leaving out, exile, except, eradication, preclusion, slighting, deviation, bar, forbid, preclude, dismissal, omission, exception

meaning: have half on each side | Genre: Verb


meaning: horse | Genre: noun

plug, charger, hack, jade, nag, pony

meaning: jump | Genre: Verb

hurdle, boomerang, fly back, bounce, bounce back, glance off

meaning: mountain | Genre: noun


meaning: movement | Genre: noun

passing, budge, halt, unmoved, range, vibration, skate, beat, drift, hop, rock, action, gait, energy, plane, rotation, circumvent, thump, departed, caper, sink, slip, dash, rubbing, emigration, veer, circle, slope, dart, lower, skid, hustle, attrition, swell, wander, ascend, circulate, turn, march, absent, stationary, on, hasten, alive, sway, pitter-patter, go up, draft, gyrate, tramp, do, saunter, along, scale, close in on, cruise, file, progress, petrify, still, track, undulation, at, climbing, narrow, flee, remove, rate, response, hike, pivot, roll, pound, dance, prance, surge, slide, clip, rub, shoot, bend, detour, left, stand up, sortie, dip, slither, haste, stroke, wave, deflect, orbit, drive, angle, go, stride, stumble, celerity, acting, quaver, walk lightly, stand, puff, whirl, step, leave, stroll, onward, bustle, operative, jaunt, ventilation, make motionless, motionless, journey, course, approaching, ascent, draw near, trekking, transmission, move on, stop, unmoving, travel, rhythm, glide on skates, pulsate, sail, skip, wobble, motion, speed, performance, waft, gyration, by-pass, vibrate, gone out, spurt, descend, skim, momentum, massage, voyage, deviate, go around, spin, pitch, fly, droop, totter, dispatch, active, billow, extend, rise, rotate, military walk, pass, quiescent, forward, scoot, motive, tour, patter, air, breeze, gyre, wheel, traverse, sweep, forth, float, approach, peregrinate, passage, advance, paralyse, unruffled, trek, oscillation, moving, mounting, come together, jig, scurry, stir, pace, operation, go through, revolution, skirt, throb, swing, flow, glide, tempo, friction, migration, curve, sidestep, gone, bank, bolt, slump, coast, rush, stroking, undulate, dodge, arise, turn around, run, grade, part, inert, fall, alacrity, mobile, oscillate, scuttle, come up, breath, pirouette, tread, quit, promenade, advancing, get up, close, ramble, move, fix, placid, explore, gesture, proceeding, rising, near, walk, transference, proceed, arrest, activity, backpack, swerve, race, palpitate, free wheel, shuffle, jiggle, transit, velocity, business, spring, cycle, circumnavigate, flutter, split, plunge, decline, slick, hurry, rasping, departure, twist, revolve, ride, incline, depart, go on, drop, quickness, living, fluctuate, tiptoe, climb, wind, twirl, parade, retreat, at rest, ahead, bestir, dynamic, visit, zephyr, freeze, quiet, cover, thrust, toward, soar, come closer, taking a trip

meaning: prepare | Genre: Verb

produce, equip, treat, get, raise, discipline, suit, ready, train, qualify, arrange, make ready, condition, adapt, get ready, fix on, coach, fit, make

meaning: straddle | Genre: Verb



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