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accident, adventure, event


affair, episode, materialisation, materialization, circumstance, go, development

meaning: affair | Genre: noun

interview, soirée, circumstance, amour, problem, case, agency, soiree, appointment, banquet, business, romance, part, event, incident, transaction, visit, ball, talk, fête, concern, scandal, duty, episode, course, gala, stay, social, undertaking, intrigue, interest, eventuality, operation, party, call, fun, matter, liaison, situation, relationship, job, happening, manoeuvre, fete

meaning: appearance | Genre: noun

nature, wan, bloodless, bathing, disorderly, behaviour, frame, resplendence, skin, air, look, seeming, white, chalky, dressing, unkempt, port, build, pretension, grandeur, outside, richness, apparition, carriage, countenance, expression, pallid, peaked, showering, shape, seem, silhouette, splendour, superficies, demeanour, guise, semblance, pale, ashen, grooming, dishevelled, bearing, contour, pomp, surface, brilliance, manner, complexion, set, anaemic, toilet, wild, presence, figure, appear, glory, exterior, magnificence, mien, deportment, attitude

meaning: encountering | Genre: noun

experience, feeling

meaning: event | Genre: noun

discount, spasm, arrive, market, failure, turmoil, affliction, tumult, hit, phenomenon, climacteric, venture, breakage, strategy, exercise, bankruptcy sale, evil, turn up, trial, debacle, expansion, draw, suffrage, click, rise, check, search, flame, therewith, pain, outpouring, struggle, dawdling, reading, opportunity, destruction, alteration, upgrade, danger, jeopardy, exploration, survey, ballot, recitation, conclusion, discontinuity, die, cavalcade, delivery, effect, shiver, trade, traffic, assignation, cause, review, tally, harangue, rite, explosion, fortune, appearance, instant, predicament, wave, seism, face, decease, cessation, skid, program, flash, travel, zenith, conformity, loss, pageant, turn, start, coincidence, bazaar, defeat, storm, set-back, excitement, soaring, pilgrimage, ascendancy, ritual, impairment, charge, preparation, bargain, jump, come about, come, overthrow, strife, mishap, choice, smash, tremble, impact, plan, pause, blaze, at that time, mischief, proclamation, attempt, hesitation, lesson, stalemate, vigil, change, mounting, depression, exposure, pursuit, inferno, voting, address, overflowing, recess, procrastination, parade, issue, outcome, transformation, competition, swap, tryst, inquiry, study, consensus, discourse, custom, suspension, pass away, trick, repeat, mistake, quake, commotion, front, demise, circumstances, slip, presentation, repose, journey, arrival, form, show, moment, opening, exposition, fate, arrest, blow, tea party, flight, jaunt, summit, formality, disadvantage, haste, continuation, reduction, twitch, befall, turn out, beating, hysteria, reverse, uproar, achievement, manifestation, crash, scheme, drill, gap, session, dumping, disaster, cry, endeavour, delay, extension, tie, wake, wow, ascent, chill, hazard, hunt, holocaust, upset, sorrow, discharge, break, delaying, round, juncture, catastrophe, variation, race, liability, research, examination, roster, dissertation, crisis, hiatus, expire, expedition, sending, result, shudder, exchange, commerce, rendezvous, ground, outline, tabulation, sojourn, ceremony, blast, karma, scene, occasion, disturbance, chance, fair, dying, halt, fall, view, display, voyage, acme, liturgy, detriment, progression, revolution, sale, scare, occur, festival, downfall, upheaval, shock, disorder, trajectory, fact, turning point, game, spoil, repetition, special, fit, take place, come to pass, disappointment, diffusion, calamity, election, knockout, ague, damp, plot, interim, conflagration, at that moment, misery, flow, essay, lag, assignment, stand-off, worst, transfer, rising, discouragement, pitfall, chase, combustion, vote, lecture, head, intermission, end, march, emission, consequence, displacement, meet, dealing, engagement, place, inspection, count, sermon, performance, burst, destiny, aspect, affair, accident, shake, convulsion, veneer, doom, position, slide, play, rest, tour, climax, ceremonial, damage, sight, circle, orbit, prospect, exhibition, expiration, standstill, misfortune, stir, flying, junket, extremity, formula, waste, hurry, clearance, jerk, happen, transpire, ruin, violence, trauma, bustle, success, tremor, collision, stratagem, practice, lull, fire, then, harm, announcement, effort, wait, radiation, dead heat, funeral, shift, upsurge, dejection, insecurity, quest, pyre, overturn, speech, emanation, respite, loitering, procession, contingency, cataclysm, substitution, contest, barter, date, investigation, poll, panel, oration, culmination, interruption, depart, hitch, promulgation, mischance, vibration, purchase, death, reason, critique, production, stop, trip, eruption, kismet, spectacle, season, agitation, adventure, exhibit, curtains, termination, stumble, eyesore, ostentation, excursion, pinnacle, convention, wreckage, rush, series

meaning: frequency | Genre: noun

proportion, often, hardly, barely, periodicity, frequently, one time, infrequent, rate, standard, habitually, cycle, daily, alternation, uncommon, limited, fraction, repeatedly, infrequently, seldom, succession, always, rare, sparse, incidence, much, little, rhythm, every day, once, unusual, singular, ratio, regularly, rarely, just, period, all the time, scarce, meagre

meaning: happening | Genre: noun

status, time

meaning: incident | Genre: noun

altercation, materialisation, unison, dispute, wreck, development, combat, bad luck, materialization, passage, encounter, pileup, fluke, conflict, pile-up, go

meaning: indication | Genre: noun

notch, impression, mention, reveal, connote, insinuation, intimation, portent, name, guide, flare, characterise, imply, suggest, concept, score, image, denote, showing, explanation, reference, warning, unfurl, imprint, premonition, betoken, enumerate, signify, refer, symbolize, hint at, inspiration, stroke, evidence, refer to, demonstrate, implication, signal, sign, gesture, dignify, model, beacon, characterize, express, cite, notion, line, abstraction, designate, representation, spell, suspicion, caution, manifest, stamp, index, flag, identify, indicate, allude, idea, ascribe, conception, note, trace, symptom, notice, evince, allusion, mark, caveat, countersign, classify, mean, acclaim, symbolise, bring up, thought

meaning: matter | Genre: noun

verity, infection, chastisement, thesis, cinch, purport, illustration, question, contempt, depravity, fault, slight, hint, opprobrium, admonition, instruct, heart, indicator, body, require, tissue, consideration, core, certainty, pus, retribution, consistency, picnic, intent, instance, shame, ill, debate, injury, advice, infamy, requirement, nucleus, tip-off, gamble, mandate, exhort, kernel, suggestion, bulk, truth, connective tissue, crux, central idea, certitude, maturation, significance, thickness, snap, signification, audit, subject, stigma, badness, accountability, injustice, clue, risk, exhortation, order, gist, inkling, main part, entreaty, membrane, topic, substance, reality, sore, penalty, density, child's play, meaning, example, disgrace, wickedness, deliberation, wrong, tip, ignominy, command, bid, meat, inside information, uncertainty, dictate, essence, proposition, assembly, actuality, muscle, desert, text, truism, import, argument, sure thing, tenor, analysis, thing, dishonour, instruction, blame, outrage, pointer, peril, injunction, demand, pith, motion, majority, appeal, film, point, hull

meaning: rate of occurrence | Genre: noun

scope, frequency, trend, spread, range, direction

meaning: relative numbers | Genre: noun

number, reiteration, recurrence, rotation, regularity


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