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future, afterward, infinity, afterlife, hereafter, millennium

meaning: descendant | Genre: noun

child, heir, scion, offspring, successor

meaning: scion | Genre: noun


meaning: time | Genre: object

afresh, age, former, measure, present, soon, elapse, belated, precise, epoch, budding, quickly, at this time, forthwith, crisp, rapid, pre-eminent, instant, bygone, heretofore, at that moment, ago, sooner, past, afterlife, in front of, vacation, backward, regularly, term, spring, early, flash, dimness, annual, time, span, anew, later, primitive, to, nightfall, now, pass, dilatory, newly, generation, fresh, cycle, nowadays, at once, straight away, quick, above, timely, speedily, formerly, when, quarter, previous, juncture, future, ahead of, liberty, detained, constantly, days of yore, wink, until, absence, classical, continuously, shift, extent, afterward, untimely, trice, dusk, seasonal, fly, twelve p.m., freshly, period, recent, eon, presently, late, right, immediate, date, seasonably, expeditiously, at the moment, right away, raw, session, earlier, moment, old, once, while, delayed, foregoing, antiquity, hereafter, preceding, furlough, retarded, continually, interval, springtime, after, premature, jiffy, gloom, yearly, tour, stage, recently, subsequently, primordial, clock, twilight, today, slip, slow, prompt, era, prime, fast, in a minute, instantly, green, direct, before, prematurely, swiftly, already, at what time, since, prior, long ago, infinity, prior to, holiday, overdue, all the time, spell, season, in advance, minute, year, invariably, turn, stretch, night, following, advanced, twinkling, darkness, anniversary, glide, lately, duration, new, eternity, promptly, tardy, directly, punctual, century, betimes, rapidly, immediately, previously, current, semester, first, point, one-time, erstwhile, during, impeded, always, history, millennium, beforehand, leave, Greek, ceaselessly, interlude, space, behind, precocious, second, dark, each year, hitch, midnight


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