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antiquated, baroque, antique, ancient, archaic, charming, picturesque


curious, extraordinary, odd, strange, uncommon, unique

meaning: characteristic | Genre: adjective

acute, rotten, resistant, confident, diverting, impatient, trim, flowing, polluted, only, peppery, influence, late, odour, novice, profligate, property, cloudy, exact, loftiness, blind, bogus, insipid, finical, cut, composure, youth, frail, lank, overcast, appearance, abrupt, astringent, lush, composed, painted, shrill, rough, ardent, dignified, renown, tangible, extreme, excellent, substance, unwholesome, stimulating, brisk, adverse, enthusiastic, energetic, sunny, sordid, separate, upright, cheerless, behind, current, unexcited, stanch, wicked, supple, unbending, infant, ignorant, ersatz, soul, vigourous, mode, serenity, greenness, sore, ruthless, depressing, bony, vivid, severe, obtuse, weak, illuminated, drear, forceless, sinful, obsession, energy, venerable, square, brand, contemptible, genial, corpulent, unfixed, important, astute, chief, subdued, worthy, sullen, abundant, latest, superior, insincere, corrupt, uniform, correct, love, feature, precarious, break, pagan, evident, caution, clear, highly-strung, blue, blundering, innocent, wooden, especial, near, typical, noteworthy, face, illogical, profoundness, wholeness, might, glaring, perpendicular, deserted, dry, uneducated, glow, satisfactory, prehistoric, facile, principal, charitable, stern, arid, plenteous, dusky, amusing, wildly, wretched, vivacity, rooted, lawful, kind, elaborate, free, wan, compressed, cast, tame, well, lascivious, common, cowed, indigent, cold, everyday, tight, illustrative, noted, countenance, aroma, warm, salt, troublesome, flatter, hopeful, staid, unusual, unembellished, musty, cruel, impervious, antediluvian, stifling, well-known, pliant, indomitable, ethical, truculent, grizzled, guilty, prim, notorious, lightsome, class, sprightly, favoured, expand, unobstructed, cadaverous, established, shape, grown, bovine, stated, clean, dirty, underprivileged, wintry, timid, at rest, lonely, maturing, sensitiveness, suggestion, amicable, piquancy, trying, heighten, improper, plane, delightful, jejune, industrious, heartless, convenient, slim, devoted, beat, pappy, uncivilized, incisive, detailed, tint, derelict, exclusive, consistent, meek, prejudiced, eventful, hard, brave, escaped, impenetrable, chivalrous, comical, eager, meet, shapely, black, brainless, biting, credit, indulgent, tinge, callow, extravagant, quality, vaporous, ill, prominence, flesh, counterfeit, dead, choosy, temperate, hardworking, uncharitable, planetary, slight, constant, fatigued, graceless, bitter, designing, invigorating, tinted, shooting, crude, well-suited, sober, quick, vehement, master, lively, debauched, inebriating, illustrious, unkind, avid, competent, cloudless, amoral, lone, honest, dark, slow, scent, cool, immovable, bad, graceful, scrupulous, juvenile, careless, sham, unsavoury, tough, garb, equanimity, juvenility, feeble, barbarous, sombre, scrawny, stilted, piercing, blunted, placid, tinged, fame, material, ineffective, eminence, corporal, intense, seasoned, sense, whole, solidly, cheerful, fat, importunate, prominent, spotless, leading, torpid, fair, dingy, fertile, contemporary, half hearted, deceptive, base, lissome, accurate, heart, thoughtless, supplementary, blot, hard-line, direct, attention, obvious, tense, ferocious, inept, chaste, weakness, one, fatuous, undefiled, log, great, pointless, emasculate, deepness, health, potential, bare, even, construction, treacherous, unlearned, lustre, valid, eminent, dexterous, front, humane, genuine, anaesthetised, ample, charcoal, humorous, prodigally, tainted, vitality, substantial, impartial, temperament, intricate, crevice, irreligious, simple, pains, palpable, strained, immoral, unhandy, brilliance, ribald, normal, parsimonious, distinctive, celebrated, aspect, unconvincing, desolate, tone, become, promising, steadfast, original, bald, dusty, light, binding, polar, stuffy, recognised, soft, unfeeling, sterile, grim, dirty white, waggish, notability, disgraceful, buoyant, heavy, vivacious, fortunate, prosper, unimpeded, anaemic, inelastic, demeanour, manageable, set, primary, affection, distressed, glacial, coward, comfortable, slothful, immature, sensitivity, hint, amiable, humour, distressing, compliment, erroneous, flat, pleasant, dreary, withered, fiendish, adapted, make-up, confidential, brilliant, yielding, aryan, buried, fell, color, censurable, starched, apt, plebeian, narrow-minded, stirring, prosperous, multiply, full, doltish, bold, absurd, tenuous, fit, distilled, defiled, inane, sharp, impaired, contented, smack, inedible, dissipated, virtue, foggy, unfortunate, elevation, brawn, mistaken, prone, fastidious, uninteresting, diligent, cold-blooded, tellurian, slender, painstaking, bushed, wishy-washy, uncultivated, wise, refreshing, richness, reprehensible, raw, fitting, solemn, opinionated, unrestrained, compact, alert, dishonest, alcoholic, stalwart, capricious, desirous, robust, pacific, contaminated, alone, piquant, credibility, tardy, odor, unsophisticated, reckless, quirk, indistinct, demanding, highness, heedless, forged, stale, finicky, fashion, peace of mind, immaturity, fragile, bloody, dismal, skinny, priggish, keen, stupid, even-tempered, stained, glory, unprepared, passionate, earnest, celebrity, substantive, impassioned, supreme, gist, round, strong, animated, hostile, urgent, intensified, unblemished, pornographic, sole, virtuous, drab, fantastic, attendant, indifferent, loyal, vile, lithe, literal, indicative, indiscriminate, stand-in, flaw, hardened, sort, care, minority, painful, homicidal, gloomy, emaciated, vice, rigourous, backward, impotent, washed, individual, dim, ineffectual, depth, fixation, dynamism, experienced, straight, build, despicable, rude, porcine, unclear, pre-eminent, handy, first, restrained, unadulterated, numb, plentiful, flavor, comic, unreliable, hurtful, life, faithful, idealism, nature, complex, cleft, gentile, prompt, concern, conspicuous, agitated, indecent, bungling, virginal, made of wood, ordinary, miserly, representative, admirable, facade, lame, extent, well-being, power, unconcealed, equal, new, unadorned, untaught, gloss, authoritative, early, scintillating, known, philanthropic, harsh, infertile, idiosyncrasy, ashen, silly, coarse, disreputable, activity, stable, even-handed, constitution, touchy, open, pallid, condensed, mien, tractable, brightness, lewd, quiet, destitute, freezing, domestic, unrelieved, lazy, renowned, map, flavour, gracious, wit, cumbersome, agree, likely, unwavering, unspoiled, boring, fusty, devilish, invulnerable, northerly, sweltering, proverbial, mouldable, white, equitable, cannibalistic, half-tone, blameworthy, ceremonious, scandalous, lowborn, type, blithe, lucky, grow, unrestricted, haggard, confirmed, fundamental, entire, attenuate, settled, sweet, soiled, impecunious, hot, crazy, languid, stark, sappy, taste, air, sympathetic, pungency, listless, augment, specious, smooth, good, tedious, assiduous, callous, global, thin, physical, tired, impressible, uncivilised, abysmal, critical, shade, at fault, particular, apropos, humble, intolerant, loose, solid, courageous, intelligent, unbound, inflexible, hardy, entertaining, anxious, proper, neat, filthy, single, blistering, authority, easygoing, zest, youthful, prodigal, peculiarity, misty, miserable, tallness, meat, artificial, unseasoned, trivial, ascetic, overworked, hardhearted, tender, fine, intent, austere, inelegant, tart, cunning, quickening, dyed, sharpened, natural, befitting, thoughtful, existent, fierce, major, sensitive, disgusting, spirituous, glorious, unkindly, zealous, high, untroubled, smutty, solitary, truthful, pessimistic, dilatory, modern, apathetic, secure, evil, elegant, strict, adolescent, unaware, spurious, vapid, rugged, stamp, poise, prime, childish, murderous, shadowy, gaunt, dazzling, stinging, pedestrian, tranquil, treated, praise, inadequate, abominable, habit, force, adroit, drift, make, mean, gay, obese, lax, distinguished, clever, cardinal, phlegmatic, honourable, frowning, abounding, existing, unconcerned, inconstant, wrong, flush, close, sentiment, earmark, tricky, breach, incorrigible, immediate, alertness, apparent, nervous, inhuman, inapt, celibate, mar, special, foolish, unsullied, oak, notable, colourless, vague, wisdom, soundness, intensity, blunt, true, waste, fraudulent, unrefined, radiance, logical, primeval, witty, main, benevolent, iron, inorganic, productive, colorless, ironic, recklessly, ungodly, vigour, sound, right, qualifications, difficult, defect, pale, unbroken, heedfulness, gentle, neurotic, obscene, tactless, disciplined, glance, icy, customary, stingy, idiosyncratic, famed, kisser, unsatisfactory, forsaken, burdensome, go with, favourable, poised, unused, plain, moth-eaten, features, proof, remote, congested, recognized, malleable, inexorable, decent, impetuous, shaded, farcical, formal, infamous, weightless, manner, gleeful, advantageous, thrive, unfettered, bloodless, rigid, guise, unintelligent, fixed, top, mark, broke, frigid, cowardly, leisurely, indolent, unripe, judgment, spirit, intimate, relish, grievous, enrich, inaccurate, horizontal, agreeable, dull, busy, satanic, becoming, character, trusted, skilled, mushy, wild, abstract, minute, hue, in error, stiff, appropriate, poor, parochial, moving, successful, swell, mature, firm, game, jocular, fluid, just, purified, unsanitary, asinine, acrid, infirm, lenient, tang, inexperienced, dissolute, trait, obscured, disastrous, altitude, muscle, untrue, flavourless, dainty, abstinent, sedulous, unmerciful, terrestrial, narrow, concentrated, worn out, awkward, uninhabited, artful, bracing, colored, cutting, unfinished, opportune, serious, dogmatic, unattached, sedate, discerning, deceitful, intoxicating, bright, unfavourable, fervent, healthy, rainless, lubricious, distinct, pungent, trustworthiness, delayed, fragrance, untrained, adherent, gift, turbid, exacting, childlike, oblivious, phony, tasteless, fussy, form, patience, adolescence, delicate, bloodthirsty, clouded, lanky, constrained, sour, faint, peaceful, stippled, honour, real, torrid, distinction, incarnate, fiery, forgotten, quintessence, finished, firmly, serene, gross, insistent, exalted, immaculate, head, leaden, moral, discouraging, rich, present, lukewarm, profound, sinister, limber, verbatim, significant, unenlightened, substitute, blemish, uncompromising, style, carefulness, patent, ticklish, savage, clumsy, svelte, imperfection, nipping, prosaic, powerless, different, unsharpened, inefficient, profundity, addiction, impetus, practiced, level, structure, repellent, uncultured, shine, unknown, elevated, skilful, foremost, social, pure, deadened, bountiful, gray, funny, extravagantly, foul, animation, precise, reverence, temper, complicated, crack, heathen, personal, prudence, manifest, excited, bawdy, amateurish, modest, carved, licentious, average, niggardly, distinguishing, famous, dial, inconclusive, desert, fitness, strength, undisguised, steady, unaccustomed, naked, untutored, polish, convincing, arctic, oppressive, familiar, altruistic, unyielding, inert, furious, neutral, hilarious, sluggish, dishonourable, effervescence, thick, spirited, happy, boom, unconfined, sickly, dense, semblance, trained, buff, central, domesticated, insolvent, frosty, homespun, easy, idle, green, fancy, essence, friendly, spice, vexatious, suit, false, calm, nice, barren, crumbling, diabolical, specific, mannerism, breathless, accomplished, pliable, fair-skinned, deep, brutal, silvery, culpable, punctilious, shameful, lowly, biased, alive, propitious, flourish, unregulated, deathlike, certain, complete, attenuated, unalterable, refined, soiling, impoverished, spicy, confused, unhurried, savor, young, fast, attribute, attached, bite, height, beef, incorrect, low, inviting, tiresome, fraught, unnatural, earthly, lean, dear, weary, sentimental, barbarian, abstruse, fresh, nuance, chargeable, select, suitable, grave, bigoted, released, adamantine, defiant

meaning: eccentric | Genre: adjective

kinky, nut, goofy, demented, weirdo, nutty, light-hearted, maniac, erratic, lunatic, pixilated, outlandish, oddball, pixyish, unpredictable, fanatic, unconventional, crank, frivolous, zealot

meaning: odd | Genre: adjective

anomalous, wonderful, exotic, aberrant, foreign, whimsical

meaning: old-fashioned | Genre: adjective

old-time, picturesque, passé, obsolescent, archaic, old, bygone, antiquated, baroque, outdated, unfashionable, antique, obsolete, charming, vintage, superannuated, ancient, outmoded, belated, dated

meaning: picturesque | Genre: adjective

interesting, colourful, wacky, off-beat, realistic, colorful

meaning: uncivilized | Genre: adjective

untamed, uncouth, primitive

meaning: unusual | Genre: adjective

obscure, amazing, rare, extraordinary, memorable, bizarre, queer, prodigious, astounding, sporadic, uncommon, singular, irregular, weird, preternatural, scarce, odd, exceptional, peculiar, out-of-the-way, phenomenal, marvellous, curious, unique, abnormal, eccentric, secret, astonishing, infrequent, strange, remarkable, inexplicable


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