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corrode, oxidise, oxidize, degenerate, tarnish, decompose, decay, erode


reddish-brown, russet, brown, reddish, red, brownish-red

meaning: colour | Genre: adjective

white, ruby, hue, uniform, frosted, maroon, sapphire, saturation, coal black, doughy, blush, bright, whitish, green, lustrous, pinkish, rosy, sallow, brown, dusky, misrepresent, roseate, mahogany, reddish, midnight, deceive, tawny, jade, tinge, yellow, bleached, carmine, azure, grain, raven, colouring, blueness, strong, intensity, sable, silvery, reddening, brownish yellow, fair, grey, sober, salmon, burnished, reddish-brown, neutral, disguise, off-white, mousy, tint, gold, milky, cherry, paint, dull, black, sanguine, turquoise, rich, gay, jet black, wan, crimson, blanched, verdant, shiny, rose, flushed, blond, brownish-red, ashen, distort, ivory, buff, dye, yellow-brown, tan, red, shade, same, frosty, cerise, cerulean, brilliance, ebony, tincture, indigo, vivid, light, swarthy, silver, pink, brownish, pallid, bay, colourless, sombre, light red, russet, ruddy, flesh, corrupt, creamy, sand, tone, flaxen, chalky, scarlet, blue, cast, dark, pigment, bluish, deep, colouration, inky, shimmering, flush, drab, pale, yellow-green, gleaming, rose-coloured, bronze, chestnut, leaden, slant, cream-coloured, dun, stain, fawn

meaning: crumble | Genre: Verb


meaning: decay | Genre: Verb

die, fall, decomposition, moulder, fade, break up, mold, rot, decline, decompose, putrefaction, mould, dwindle, deteriorate, putrefy, molder, spoil, degenerate, crumble, corruption, mildew

meaning: erode | Genre: Verb

etch, gnaw, cut, wear away, fret, reduce

meaning: oxidation | Genre: noun

firing, flaming, combustion, kindling, explosion, burning

meaning: process | Genre: Verb

compose, transmute, learn, scatter, handling, turn to ice, trial, standard, fuse, twist, comprehend, road, indurate, evolve, sustain, restoration, investigate, inflect, passage, retrospection, erosion, eat, repossession, oxidation, normal, tear, judgement, age, waste, mounting, oxidize, set, mode, manufacture, perspire, inquest, flow, approach, cogitate, congeal, progression, produce, convert, alter, run, diffuse, imagine, frost, movement, testing, dissolve, curdle, understand, path, strengthen, educe, hold, return, examine, modify, grow, re-examination, deterioration, weather, results, distil, speed, criticism, worsen, eat away, increase, incrustation, regular, line, investigation, impair, swelter, fire, form, contemplate, thicken, coat, assemble, avert, pass, decay, regard, ice, growth, change, melt, sour, grasp, radiate, treatment, derive, experiment, examination, try, pervert, become, program, anneal, stand, undergo, restitution, refine, diversify, career, retrospect, wearing away, use up, climb, corrosion, routine, operation, inspection, cut down, cure, advancement, erode, harden, polity, create, secrete, inquiry, pour, practice, meditate, jell, advance, fabricate, turn, metamorphose, get, emit, use, freeze, wax, criterion, thaw, ferment, apprehend, route, petrify, determine, bear, recovery, prove, modulate, course, study, dilapidation, continue, proceeds, render, race, analysis, abrade, squander, climbing, oxidise, methodical, policy, make, sweat, wilt, steel, formula, ponder, stiffen, march, build, transform, divert, move, spread, conceive, coat with ice, rise, liquefy, acidify, perceive, strew, usage, conclude, test, proof, check, vary, develop, review, wear, endure, outlast, yield, extract, rush, critique, rubbing off, corrode, ascent, tarnish, orderly, method, survey, fatigue, temper, improvement, think, solidify, procedure, construct, exude, probation, progress, system, consider, cake, development, erect

meaning: stain | Genre: Verb

blot, spot, blemish, brand, discolor, sully, besmear, smear, soil, color, mar, smudge, besmirch, reproach, streak, deface, blur, disgrace, dirty, bleach, blotch, taint, slur, mark, colour


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