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Meaning: achieve [n]
accomplish, acquire
  1. 2
    Meaning: get [n]
    appropriate, attain, earn, gain, obtain, procure (formal), secure, acquire
  2. 3
    Meaning: purchase [v]
    get, take, pick up, procure (formal), buy, acquire, pay for
  3. 4
    Meaning: arrange [v]
    fix up, machinate, wrest, obtain, procure (formal), secure, acquire, wangle
  4. 5
    Meaning: activity [v]
    obtain, gain, procure (formal), secure, acquire, get
  5. 6
    Meaning: action [v]
    purchase (formal), get, take, pick up, procure (formal), pay for, acquire, buy
  6. 7
    Meaning: be eligible for [v]
  7. 8
    Meaning: stash [v]
    stow, accumulate, save (formal), acquire, hoard
  8. 9
    Meaning: incorporate [v]
  9. 10
    Meaning: hoard [v]
    stow, accumulate, save (formal), acquire, stash
  10. 11
    Meaning: receive [v]
    gain, profit, obtain, acquire, earn, realize
  11. 12
    Meaning: possession [v]
  12. 13
    Meaning: buy [v]
    shop, acquire, get, obtain, procure (formal), purchase (formal)
  13. 14
    Meaning: prosper [v]
  14. 15
    Meaning: obtain [v]
    acquire, gain, get, secure, win, procure (formal)
  15. 16
    Meaning: usurp [v]
  16. 17
    Meaning: obtain by force [v]
  17. 18
    Meaning: earn [v]
    achieve, acquire, attain, gain, get, procure (formal), secure, obtain
  18. 19
    Meaning: grow [v]
  19. 20
    Meaning: perception [v]

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