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Meaning: thing [n]
wood, plank, lumber, two by four, board
  1. 2
    Meaning: action [v]
  2. 3
    Meaning: accommodation [v]
    lodge, feed (informal), accommodate (formal), put up, house, care for, bed, board
  3. 4
    Meaning: cooking [n]
    fare, meals, mess (informal), victuals (informal), provisions, food, eats, board
  4. 5
    Meaning: people [n]
  5. 6
    Meaning: sea [v]
    embark, put to sea, board
  6. 7
    Meaning: shelf [n]
  7. 8
    Meaning: chamber [n]
  8. 9
    Meaning: room and board [n]
    fare, meals, mess (informal), victuals (informal), provisions, food, board, eats
  9. 10
    Meaning: nourishment [n]
    fare, victuals (informal), food, menu, board, diet, nutrition
  10. 11
    Meaning: council [n]
  11. 12
    Meaning: set sail [v]
  12. 13
    Meaning: strip of wood [n]
  13. 14
    Meaning: lodge [v]
    room and board, feed (informal), accommodate (formal), board, house, care for, bed, put up
  14. 15
    Meaning: cover with boards [v]
  15. 16
    Meaning: committee [n]
  16. 17
    Meaning: food [n]
    meals, board, menu, provisions, rations, fare, victuals (informal)

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