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Meaning: lust [n]
greed, fervour, passion, carnality, pleasure, rage, desire
  1. 2
    Meaning: covet [v]
  2. 3
    Meaning: aspiration [n]
    mind, hope, request, want, wish, desire
  3. 4
    Meaning: devotion [n]
    rapture (formal), admiration, desire
  4. 5
    Meaning: request [v]
    ask, seek (formal), solicit, desire
  5. 6
    Meaning: hunger [n]
  6. 7
    Meaning: demand [v]
  7. 8
    Meaning: aspire to [v]
    seek (formal), attempt, endeavour, desire, pursue
  8. 9
    Meaning: expectation [n]
  9. 10
    Meaning: pursue [v]
    seek (formal), attempt, endeavour, desire, aspire to
  10. 11
    Meaning: anticipation [n]
  11. 12
    Meaning: inclination [n]
    bent, desire, will, devices
  12. 13
    Meaning: want badly [v]
    want, desire, covet, drool
  13. 14
    Meaning: emotion [n]
    anger, outburst, ardour, enthusiasm, desire, fire (informal), passion
  14. 15
    Meaning: appeal for [v]
    appeal, request, seek (formal), beg, desire, beseech (formal), entreat, supplicate (formal)
  15. 16
    Meaning: long for [v]
    want, need, desire, pine, hunger, languish
  16. 17
    Meaning: feeling [v]
    long for, crave, want, desire, yearn for (literature), need, miss
  17. 18
    Meaning: behaviour [v]
    appeal, request, seek (formal), ask, desire, beseech (formal), entreat, beg
  18. 19
    Meaning: wish [v]
    appeal for, appeal, request, seek (formal), beg, desire, beseech (formal), entreat, pray
  19. 20
    Meaning: application [v]
    appeal, request, seek (formal), beg, desire, beseech (formal), entreat, ask
  20. 21
    Meaning: yearn [v]
    desire, hunger, long, thirst, pant
  21. 22
    Meaning: long [v]
    crave, desire, hunger, ache, yearn for (literature), yearn
  22. 23
    Meaning: rage [n]
    craze, ardour, desire, mode, vehemence, fad (informal), vogue, fervour
  23. 24
    Meaning: want [v]
    long, desire, covet, lust, hunger for, yearn for (literature), crave
  24. 25
    Meaning: craving for food [n]
  25. 26
    Meaning: inspiration [n]
  26. 27
    Meaning: impulse [n]
  27. 28
    Meaning: preference [n]
  28. 29
    Meaning: craving [n]

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