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Meaning: prepare [v]
make ready, produce, ready (informal), fix on, raise, mount (arch.)
  1. 2
    Meaning: mountain [n]
    hill, mount (arch.)
  2. 3
    Meaning: ascend [v]
    rise, climb, go up, scale, mount (arch.)
  3. 4
    Meaning: horse [n]
    charger, mount (arch.)
  4. 5
    Meaning: straddle [v]
    mount (arch.), bestride
  5. 6
    Meaning: jump [v]
    hurdle, bound, leap, spring, clear, mount (arch.), vault
  6. 7
    Meaning: arise [v]
    ascend (formal), rise, climb, stand, mount (arch.), come up, go up
  7. 8
    Meaning: go up [v]
    ascend (formal), rise, climb, stand, mount (arch.), arise (formal), come up
  8. 9
    Meaning: exclusion [v]
  9. 10
    Meaning: have half on each side [v]
    bestride, mount (arch.), ride, straddle
  10. 11
    Meaning: activity [v]
    climb, ascend (formal), mount (arch.), progress, surmount, scale
  11. 12
    Meaning: animal [n]
    voting, plug, jade, mount (arch.), nag, hack, pony
  12. 13
    Meaning: movement [v]
    ascend (formal), rise, climb, stand, mount (arch.), come up, go up, arise (formal)

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