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Words similar to glass

  1. 1
    Meaning: vitre
    glace {f}, carreau {m}
  2. 2
    Meaning: terre
    glaise {f}, calamite, kaolin {m}, marne {f}, argile {f}
  3. 3
    Meaning: explication
  4. 4
    Meaning: papier
  5. 5
    Meaning: galeux
  6. 6
    Meaning: langue

Found synonyms glass in other languages

  1. English
    drinking container[drink], chalice[drink], mug[drink], glass[drink], pane[thing], mirror[thing], looking glass[thing], lens[thing], amount of liquid[quantity], libation[quantity], drink[quantity], carton[quantity], glaze[put glass in], reflector[mirror], narrow mouth jar[thing], carafe[thing], bottle[thing]
  2. Swedish
    parfait[frusen efterrätt] (), sorbet[frusen efterrätt] (u), glasspinne[frusen efterrätt] (), glasstrut[frusen efterrätt] (u), glass[frusen efterrätt] (u)